Biotechnology Awards 2022

22 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 Jan22357 FAScinate Therapeutics is a biotech company which is responsible for producing a first-in-class drug candidate that could halt the progression of Parkinson’s. We find out more as we speak to CEO and Founder, Kisub Lee, and President Dr. JaeMoon Lee. Founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of Korean Biotech company Kainos Medicine, FAScinate Therapeutics (FAScinate) is a clinical stage company that develops disease-modifying drugs for neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease (PD) and multiple system atrophy (MSA), with a goal is to create a brighter future for the treatment of such conditions. Kisub Lee is an entrepreneur, the Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman of both Kainos Medicine Inc and FAScinate Therapeutics Inc. He originally founded Kainos Medicine in 2007 and successfully turned it into the established biotech company that it is today, which focuses on developing numerous drugs for cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, and others. Kisub has successfully managed the company through its development from start-up to public company by IPO in 2020. Dr. Jae Moon Lee is a President and Board of both Kainos Medicine Inc. and FAScinate Therapeutics Inc. He has been leading the pre-clinical and clinical development of KM-819 for Parkinson’s disease and multiple system atrophy. Prior to Kainos Medicine, Dr. Lee worked at EXELIXIS Pharmaceuticals for ten years, where he was a key contributor in numerous projects. Dr. Lee earned his PhD in biochemistry/genetics at Duke University in 1989, and he was a research assistant professor jointly under Dr. Robert Lefkowitz (2012 Nobel Prize Laureate) and Dr. Marc Caron in cell biology at Duke University. “Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative condition,” explains Kisub. “It progresses gradually, but inevitably, causing the death of dopaminergic neuron cells, which impacts the motor system and continually degrades patients’ quality of life.” Current drugs available help address the symptoms of PD but do nothing to stop its progression. However, that changes with drug candidate KM819 designed by FAScinate. “Our drug candidate slows and even stops the progression of PD by protecting dopaminergic neurons. It accomplishes this by inhibiting the FAF1 proteins that promote cell death—an approach we’ve shown to be effective in animal models and are beginning to test in human proof of concept trials.” Drug candidate KM-819 offers unique opportunities. It is the first disease modifying drug candidate for PD that targets and inhibits FAF1 proteins. Where other PD treatments focus on addressing the symptoms of cell death, KM-819 prevents the cells from dying in the first place, slowing or even stopping progression altogether. Furthermore, KM819 has completed long-term safety toxicology and a phase I clinical study, demonstrating an acceptable safety profile for longterm administration in patients. “With phase I clinical trials and the long-term animal toxicology study completed, KM-819 now moves into phase II trials,” Kisub elaborates. “That brings us one step closer to creating a brighter future for PD patients everywhere.” Recently, FAScinate was recognised in the Global Health & Pharma Biotechnology Awards 2022 and named Most Pioneering Neurodegenerative Disease Drug Development Company for its work dedicated to PD and MSA, and the future for the treatment of these diseases is looking bright. Contact: Kisub Lee Company: FAScinate Therapeutics Web Address: Most Pioneering Neurodegenerative Disease Drug Development Company 2022