Biotechnology Awards 2022

GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2022 27 , Feb22655 When it comes to cutting-edge research, there’s little that is more exciting than the field of cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. The teamat MiracleCord are leading the way in this regard. In GHP’s Biotechnology Awards research process, MiracleCord excelled due to their sterling achievements. We dig a little deeper to see what lies at the beating heart of MiracleCord’s tremendous success. Best Cord Blood Bank 2022 - USA Stem cells have long fascinated those who are looking to advance the field of natural sciences. The technology that has grown out of this research has been able to save thousands of lives. The need, however, is to continue research and develop treatment options that are open to everyone in the future. Over the years, MiracleCord has kept a close eye on the many advancements in the field of stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine, adapting quickly to these changes to provide cutting-edge technologies to their customers. Their research has had an enormous impact on the life-saving services offered by medical professionals, pushing the boundaries of what we know, so as many people as possible can benefit. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they have worked hard to keep their laboratory and storage facility fully operational. As such, they have been able to provide their services to families throughout these difficult times. There is no other cord blood bank in the United States that can process cord blood and tissue within 12 hours after collection. Many years of expertise in this sector has gone a long way to providing their team with the skill and knowledge to offer these outstanding services to families in the United States. Their TimeCritical® Processing can result in 67% more stem cells, which is an important part of being able to store the greatest number of viable stem cells. In addition to this, their laboratory uses the advanced AXP II automated processing system, with the proven ability to recover 99% of cells. This result is 20% higher than the processing methods used by most other cord blood banks. With such incredible achievements under their belt, it’s little surprise that their state-of-the-art laboratory and storage facility lies at the heart of MiracleCord’s processes. To guarantee the highest possible standards to their customers, the lab is AABB accredited, CLIA certified and registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Routine and rigorous inspection ensures that the industry’s most stringent standards are maintained when it comes to processing and banking cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. This commitment to quality feeds into the high standards that they display in every aspect of their business. With families continuing to grow around the world, the team at MiracleCord consider it their duty to ensure that affordable cord blood and cord tissue banking is accessible to all. By being able to store stem cells with a likely match to a family member, it’s possible to improve the quality of life for many of those in need of a stem cell transplant to treat a serious disease. What this does require, however, is a concerted effort on all fronts. MiracleCord is always pushing boldly forward into brave new spaces to make this possible. Staff at MiracleCord are expected to uphold the most ethical standards of practice, with a pledge of honesty, corporate and personal accountability, and open communication. Whilst not a traditional medical provider, the same need for care when it comes to treating clients with courtesy, respect and dignity is crucial. Few who have used the services of MiracleCord would disagree with the immense value of their services. This is due in part to their customer focus and the way in which they continue to support their customers through challenging times. Their success is something to be celebrated, now and long into the future. Company: MiracleCord Web Address: FB: MiracleCord IG: cordbloodbank Twitter: MiracleCord Pinterest: MiracleCord Linkedin: miraclecord, inc