Biotechnology Awards 2024

8 GHP Q3 2023 As a leading producer of clinical highthroughput gene sequencers, MGI Tech has spent its years exploring the boundless potential of medical imaging, laboratory automation, and gene sequencing itself. One of only a few companies capable of independently developing and mass-producing medium and high throughput clinical gene sequencers from GB to TB, the company has long since distinguished itself as a standout entity. Join us as we explore how it interacts with scientific research institutions, university biology labs, and scientific healthcare institutions to foster further brilliance across the sphere. It’s an unfortunate truth that, within the world of medical advancement, it isn’t always the science that causes the roadblocks, sometimes is instead the money. The cost of gene sequencing is one that collectives have been trying to lower for years, and yet not many have been quite as successful as MGI Tech. As the proud producer of clinical high-throughput gene sequencers, it has managed to play a crucial role in the reduction of gene sequencing costs, cutting it to over half the price as usual. Where the field average is usually $200, MGI Tech has managed to develop a sequencer that dropped per genome sequencing cost down to below $100 – a reduction that certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. Developed in 2023, DNBSEQ-T20 has quickly taken the sequencing sector by storm. Not only is it an innovative product that has become the driving force of the global genetic industry’s expansion, but it has also introduced the potential to rapidly progress the understanding of human genomes, as well as how to extend their usage to medical applications. In addition, the product is capable of fundamentally reshaping the biotech industry’s ecology as a whole. Through lower sequencing costs, both precision medicine and treatment will benefit immensely, with multiple clinical applications possible as a direct result. Stemming from this is, of course, the potential for more clinical disease diagnosis and treatment alternatives, as well as sequencing-based health monitoring. MGI Tech has always had its sights set on elevating human health, and therefore went out of its way to develop cutting edge sequencing technologies that would actively assist the industry in pursuing this goal. Whether this manifests through its aforementioned product, or through its DNBSEQ-T7 and DNBSEQ-G99 – sequencers that compensates for the reduced speed of a lower cost product through unparalleled flexibility – it has managed to support a myriad of customers across the globe. Having already impacted clients in Thailand, Indonesia, and Brazil, MGI Tech has played a critical role in aiding in major national genome projects – a factor that has heavily contributed towards its immense level of recognition. MGI Tech has also been contributing to applications in precision medicine, oncology, rare disease diagnosis, agrigenomics, metagenomics and more. This combination of outstanding technology and costeffectiveness is what has truly placed MGI Tech on the map, with its products ultimately holding the key to the industry’s future. By demonstrating immense levels of aptitude in influencing the sphere as a whole, the company has set itself apart, not just on a national scale, but on a global one. Its impact it being felt far and wide, with a palpability that can’t be overlooked. Regardless of location, MGI Tech’s presence means the gene sequencing sector is ready to take its next large step, with the company’s hand there to guide it forward. Never before has innovation taken such a stark form, and it’s for this very reason that MGI Tech has quickly become such a widely recognised name. Synonymous with excellence, MGI Tech is a key player in what is sure to be a series of revelations across the gene sequencing scene. Its tireless production of revolutionary systems and gene sequencing products proves that it’s entirely possible to foster a better tomorrow for health sectors across the globe, and we can’t wait to see how its impact grows over time. For now, we congratulate MGI Tech on its determination to herald in change, and we hope it continues to achieve greatness throughout the remainder of 2024. Contact: Dada Zhang Company: MGI Tech Web Address: Most Innovative Next-Gen Sequencing Company 2024