Biotechnology Awards 2024

9 GHP Biotechnology Awards 2024 t’s no secret that, among all cancers, breast cancer is by far the most common form seen in women worldwide. In 2020 alone, there were over 2.3 million diagnosed cases, with the vast majority identified in industrialised countries, such as the US and Canada. Though it’s a frightening truth that one in eight women will most likely develop an invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetimes, this isn’t to say that the outlook has to be bleak. Ensuring this is NexPlasmaGen – an award-winning MedTech oncology business whose detailed research into reducing patient reoperation and cancer local recurrence is on the precipice of completely redefining breast cancer care. It achieves this through its ingenious product - the Convertible Plasma Jet. Able to channel the bountiful potential of technology, this product creates a plasma jet that’s only a few centimetres wide, and composed of a mixture of highly reactive gaseous species that are specifically targeted towards killing breast cancer cells. Through this, NexPlasmaGen has demonstrated that, since its inception, it has already made significant progress within the breast conversing therapy market. In fact, it wasn’t long before the business received US and Canada patent on the design of the first version of its technology, with a worldwide patent application submitted soon after Convertible Plasma Jet and granted rapidly in US. This worldwide patent would see that NexPlasmaGen could generate three plasma models in one device. For now, the Convertible Plasma Jet is the only cold plasma device that’s able to precisely – and cost effectively – generate a reactive oxygen species that’s renowned for its role in cancer cell cytotoxicity. Though, at present, the breast conserving therapy market is predominantly occupied by suppliers of electrosurgical cutters, cryosection equipment, conventional radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, NexPlasmaGen hopes to become the face of a more effective, less expensive, and safer mode of destroying breast cancer cells. In doing so, NexPlasmaGen has become a popular talking point within the industry, with its technology even presenting the potential to tackle other cancers such as sarcoma, ovarian, cervical, and melanoma in the future. Having received remarkable interest from the clinical community, with front-line breast cancer researchers and clinicians from the Montreal University Hospital Centre having recently wrapped up a selection of the Convertible Plasma Jet’s clinical trials, it seems as though NexPlasmaGen is well on its way to introducing a new age of breast cancer treatment. With first-in-human clinical trials planned for 2024 – following testing on twelve breast cancer cells Looking to become the global market leader in precision cold plasma technologies for cancer treatment, with its origins centered around breast cancer specifically, NexPlasmaGen has been continuously accomplishing monumental feats within the healthcare industry. As a creative, dynamic spin-off from McGill University – founded by Dr. Valérie Léveillé – the business has spent its years analysing how to reduce cancer local recurrence rates, and leverages its in-depth understanding of technology’s capabilities to reign in a new future for the oncology sphere. Joins us as we explore the details, and how NexPlasmaGen is reshaping what we think we know about breast cancer treatment. Best MedTech Oncology Business 2024 - Canada lines in vitro, on spheroids tumour models, and in vivo on mice – the future certainly looks bright for the healthcare industry as a whole, and NexPlasmaGen will be proudly leading the charge. Though it may not be a straightforward path, the one that NexPlasmaGen has tirelessly worked to be on proves to be a fruitful one indeed. However, we believe Valérie of NexPlasmaGen puts it best – “Every day when I get up, I remind myself … that our Vision is to be recognized worldwide as a provider of novel, precise medical solutions in oncology, enabling our clients to excel in their field. And our purpose is to improve the cancer treatment quality of care and improve patient quality of life using precise cold plasma technology.” We hope that this recent accolade can further help NexPlasmaGen along in its journey towards redefining the future of breast cancer treatment, and we look forward to seeing its continued success in the year ahead. Contact: Valérie Léveillé Company: NexPlasmaGen inc. Web Address: I Feb24417