Commercial Cannibis Awards 2020

GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 15 , Located in PalmSprings, 420 Oasis is amedical and recreational adult use cannabis dispensary focused on providing high-quality products in a safe and welcoming environment. Following its well-deserved success in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020, we got in touch with DavidWebb to find out more. Based on its core values of accountability, authenticity, community engagement, compliance, and integrity, 420 Oasis aim to offer premium products which look after the wellbeing and prosperity of the community. To begin, David provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “420 Oasis is unlike any other dispensary in the Coachella Valley. While priding ourselves on delivering a superior service and high-quality products, our interactive screens offer a unique and refreshing experience to leave our customers feeling satisfied and eager to return. Being located directly next to Palm Springs Int’l Airport, the demographic of people we serve varies greatly, therefore, working with professionalism is key in order to deliver an excellent customer service.” When it comes to recruitment, the firm are keen to attract people with a particular set of qualities as David goes on to explain. “Here at 420 Oasis, we identify versatile candidates who can handle any problems they encounter. With the team currently including knowledgeable and caring Dec20476 professionals, we are keen to support them with individuals who can bring similar characteristics to the table.” Operating in the cannabis industry can be a challenging experience, particularly for small business owners. However, as David explains further, the firm has so far managed to cope with everything that has been thrown its way. “As cannabis continues to become more and more legal, larger corporations are beginning to get involved. This of course serves as a major threat to small cannabis businesses, but up until now we have overcome this challenge by deeply rooting ourselves in the local community and expanding within our industry. Due to how fast trends are constantly changing, we find it’s crucial to be a trendsetter in the industry.” Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the firm has managed to prosper during these difficult and uncertain times thanks to its commitment to innovation as David points out. “In the coming years, we expect legal cannabis to transcend borders and become one of the world’s leading industries, and as a result the room for expansion is endless. Fortunately, the impact of COVID-19 on our location has been lessened due to our innovative design. Our system allowed us to better prepare for the new changes by granting customers the option to select their own product in order to adhere with social distancing. By remaining ahead of the curve, our new design made it easier to comply with the restrictions in place.” Finally, David discusses one of the firm’s recent projects before outlining its goals for 2021 and beyond. “Currently, we are working on opening up the 420 Oasis Dab Bar which we will hopefully release more information about soon. With this accolade following our achievement with Palm Springs Life Magazine, where we were voted ‘Best Dispensary in the Coachella Valley’, we hope this recognition acts as a platform to build greater success for the business in the future.” Company: 420 Oasis Contact: David Webb Web: Medical Marijuana Dispensary of the Year 2020 - Southern California