Commercial Cannibis Awards 2020

16 GHP / Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020 , Jan21333 Frequented by legends like Snoop Dogg, 2Chainz and Bill Maher, Jardín PremiumCannabis Dispensary is prized amongst the most eminent retail dispensaries and cannabis brands in Las Vegas and beyond. Offering a luxury shopping experience centered on superlative cannabis products and accessories, Jardín is revolutionizing the cannabis dispensary experience. Highly regarded as one of Las Vegas’ premier cannabis destinations, Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary is so much more than a world-class dispensary – it is an experience. Offering high-quality cannabis products and merchandise for recreational users and medical patients in a high-end, luxury environment, Jardín has managed to create an inclusive, welcoming environment for a diverse clientele that spans locals, tourists, and celebrities. Ultimately, Jardín aims to become a cannabis brand that is iconic as its patrons, scaling it as a multi-market dispensary company, e-commerce platform and lifestyle brand. Although based in Las Vegas, its geographical reach is incredible for a cannabis brand – the result of promoted authenticity and meticulous brand-oriented marketing. Sourcing only the best products from cultivators and manufacturers across Nevada in accordance with state law, Jardín offers a vast collection that includes everything from cannabis flower to pre-rolls, concentrates, vapes, edibles, topicals, and CBD, as well as accessories and apparel. It is a collection that is rapidly expanding with the growing visibility of Jardín. The growth of Jardín comes at a crucial stage in the cannabis industry as a whole, with the ongoing state-by-state legalization continuing across the US, which will undoubtedly be followed by federal re- or de-scheduling that will mark a momentous transformation for the industry and its many brands. In the meantime, dispensaries will be evolving in accordance with the growing relevance and market power of consumer- product brands. The result will see an interesting and increasing bilateral dependence between brands and retail dispensaries that will again mark stark transformations in the industry. For now, however, Jardín, like so many others in and out of the cannabis industry, is working hard to adapt to the effects of Covid-19. With hospitality and entertainment at the center of its economy, Las Vegas was among the worst hit by the pandemic and lockdowns and saw the nation’s highest unemployment rate. The problem was only compounded when, with little warning, the Governor issued an order to close all in-store dispensary operations, sending shockwaves throughout the state’s cannabis industry. Fortunately, Jardín’s prior implementation of an at-home on-demand delivery service meant that the company was able to adapt fast to the sudden surge in demand for deliveries. In a single day, Jardín transformed its entire operating model and workflow processes, allowing the firm to successfully navigate the worst of the crisis and not only retain its team but grow it from 65 employees prior to the pandemic to nearly 200 one year later. As a result, Jardín is now a hub of diverse, customer-centric talent that represents and serves its diverse community exceptionally. With a team that is largely comprised of women (70%) and individuals with various multi-cultural backgrounds (85%), Jardín unites individuals from all over the world to share in a culturally diverse, familial environment that supports one another along their personal and professional development. In turn, this personal excellence translates into award-winning customer service that has been fundamental to the creation of a close-knit community. The launch of Jardín University last year was an exciting step in the company’s progression. All team members, regardless of their position, are required to complete rigorous training on core cannabis knowledge, brand standards, customer service, and regulations and compliance. Additionally, the front-line retail team members – better known as ‘budtenders’ – are able to pursue advanced educational tracks that are intended to set the bar for knowledge-based customer service, akin to the formal training of a sommelier. The firm is now laying plans for Jardín 2.0, the landmark next stage in its evolution. With a focus on expanding into new markets, enhancing technology to become a true e-commerce platform, the continued development of Jardín- branded products, continual improvements to its flagship location in Las Vegas, and exciting strategic transactions and new ventures like the development of the Jardín music studio, the potential for Jardín 2.0 is enormous. At its core, Jardín 2.0 aims to further cultivate the luxury brand experience of Jardín, taking this remarkable enterprise from a brick-and- mortar dispensary to a cultural phenomenon with an enduring legacy. In the wake of its success at the GHP News: Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020, it seems an ambitious feat that will be easily conquered by Jardín. Company: Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary Contact: Adam Denmark Cohen Website: Dispensary of the Year 2020 - Nevada