Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020

12 GHP / 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards , Best Health Supplements Brand – Scandinavia Renowned for its highqualityproducts, Braingineers is Europe’s number onenootropics provider, withmeticulouslydesigned supplements for cognitive health, andvisual performance.We speak to SashaRadosavljevic tofind outmore about thefirmandwhat it offers. Braingineers is a company in the dietary supplement industry, providing products for cognitive health (nootropics), and visual performance. Founded 2017 in Sweden, a country known for its long tradition in engineering, quality, and sophisticated design, Braingineers is a Swedish pioneer in nootropics and cognitive health. With core values based on these traditions and reflected in its products. The firm’s two innovative creations are made up by high- quality, nootropic ingredients that are safe to use over extended periods of time and are suitable for everyone, however Braingineers has found that its primary demographic is working professionals, students, gamers and adults aged 55 plus. The first product, CLVR®, is a cognitive enhancing formula, or “nootropic”. CLVR® consists of hard-to-get nutrients that work synergistically for different functions in the brain, covering memory, focus, motivation, and creativity, among others. CLVR® contains famous ingredients such as Cognizin®, BaCognize®, and SharpPS® green. The second product is BrightSight - an Omega-3 supplement fortified with lutein, astaxanthin, and vitamin D. The fish oil used by Braingineers is Golden Omega®, which is one of the best fish oil in the world with extraordinary low oxidation levels. One serving of BrightSight contains mostly DHA, the most sensitive and Oct20074 sought-after fatty-acid that works in conjunction with lutein and astaxanthin for the eyes and brain. This product eases the negative effects of spending countless hours in front of the screen. Sasha Radosavljevic, the company founder, tells us more about these supplements and what goes into them. “We are utterly picky when it comes to our products,” she begins. “We work solely with selected high-quality ingredients that are considered safe and are backed by research, but it doesn’t stop there. We also take into consideration how the ingredients work together. For instance, in BrightSight, all ingredients are fat-soluble, maximizing absorption. This is particularly important for lutein, which many times are bound in fibres, making bioavailability poor. Except for quality, we also tend to look for substances and combinations with high bioavailability so the consumer can get the desired effect.” This approach has been successful among its customers, with evidence and feedback suggesting that the products truly make a difference in their lives. Recently, Sasha has noticed a growing demand for transparency, sustainability, and quality and also a need for shopping from a company that consumers trust, especially in a market with endless options that might not be the best, both quality and cost-wise. “Consumers today are not easily tricked anymore, and many times they did their homework. For us, the trend is in line with our values. We have been prepared since day one for the trends that we initially identified, or maybe even helped to form.” Braingineers has so far weathered the Covid-19 storm well, and being situated in Sweden was a definite benefit. Since the transformation in customer behaviour also saw a switch to online shopping and keeping healthy during lockdown, the firm fared well with its range of supplements. Sasha herself has a background in engineering and therefore has a natural aptitude to finding solutions. The curiosity and strive for better health through good supplements has brought attention to some of Europe’s finest product designers, who are now collaborating with Braingineers to helps develop and create its next big thing for the future. “Currently, we are working on improving the current products and further developing new products. Curcumin, along with magnesium are among our top candidates at the moment.” Braingineers AB Contact Details: Contact: Sasha Radosavljevic Company: Braingineers AB Web Address: