Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022

11 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 The body needs a small amount of sodium to function, however most Americans consume too much, and most of this is consumed in the form of salt. High sodium consumption can raise blood pressure, and high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and stroke. MicroSalt is a natural alternative which contains up to 50% less sodium and still delivers full flavour. It is the great taste of natural salt – because that’s what it is. eople are not willing to sacrifice the taste of their food if they have to reduce sodium – But with MicroSalt’s solution, they don’t have to. MicroSalt is saving lives, one bite at a time, with its solution for reducing sodium intake, which doesn’t compromise taste. It is a revolutionary patented technology that delivers natural salt in the form of nano-sized crystals which contain 50% less sodium. The tastebuds recognise these MicroSalt crystals as over twice as salty as table salt, so people can use a lot less. This is because, being so small, the particles are able to dissolve almost immediately when they touch the tongue, delivering an explosion in saltiness, while regular table salt dissolves much slower and makes the body consume salt that isn’t even tasted. Salt is the primary sodium ingredient used in processed food and it makes the greatest contribution to sodium consumption in the United States. As much as 70% of the average American’s salt intake comes from processed and restaurant foods, not salt that is added at the table. As a result, they consume an average of 3,400mg of sodium per day – 50% more than the 2,300mg voluntary limit recommended by federal guidelines. Consequently, one in three US adults (116 million) have high blood pressure, and in the UK, one in three adults (16 million) have high blood pressure. According to the FDA, reducing sodium intake by 33% will reduce an estimated 28,000 to 50,000 premature deaths per year. As high blood pressure is one of the biggest killers, it is very important to take figures seriously when it comes to lowering sodium intake. By decreasing sodium intake, people will be able to take better care of their bodies and promote better wellbeing for themselves and their loved ones. MicroSalt CEO, Rick Guiney says, “MicroSalt is truly revolutionary. There are tens of millions of Americans that suffer from high blood pressure and other cardiovascular related diseases that would certainly enjoy the full saltiness of a potato chip, nut, or other snack – but with half the sodium. We are enabling food manufacturers the ability to extend their product offerings to include reduced sodium items that deliver full salt flavour.” Indeed, MicroSalt is the future of salt as reducing sodium intake becomes a more prominent issue. People get to enjoy their food the same way but without the worry when it comes to their health. The company aspires to and is on the road to becoming the leading provider of low sodium salt in the world. Company: MicroSalt Inc Email: [email protected] Website: P Sep22184 Sodium Reduction Technology Provider of the Year 2022