Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022

4 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2022 “We’re all here to have an effect,” Rita Trotter tells us. “Some people look for the grand when it doesn’t need to be. My mission in life is simply to help as many women as I can, however I can.” Now set to act as a keynote speaker at the International Woman’s Congress in Paris on International Woman’s Day next year, it’s clear Rita’s words have helped many women, and are set to help many more. But where did that story begin? It begins, of course, with how we see ourselves. Rita’s career is not as a public speaker, but as a health and fitness coach. The effect of our health on our wellbeing is enormous, but the image of someone who is healthy can be dispiriting. When you think of someone who is fit and healthy, an image will instantly come to mind of someone who has big biceps and shredded abs, who wakes up at five in the morning for a quick gym session, then goes after work for another hour or so to tone up. You think of people who watch every calorie and who track every ounce they gain or lose. Everybody’s ideal person is someone who couldn’t possibly exist. And that’s not a fair image. When Rita Trotter started up The Health and Fitness Coach, she knew that she would be offering something different. “Women have so many energetic pulls on their bodies and minds and so many responsibilities. We wanted to create a company that helped women simplify their health, taking ownership of it and being empowered to never need another weight loss programme or diet again.” Now offering two flagship coaching services in the form of Health Mastery: 1 to 1 Premium Partnership and The Health Collective: Group Coaching, Rita has been able to build up a reputation that is second to none. Also offering annual retreats and business to business wellbeing seminars as well as workshops and events, there’s little that she doesn’t cover when it comes to ensuring enduring health and fitness for women. Every action she takes, every move made by the team at The Health and Fitness Coach, is designed to serve the needs of women. “Our approach is based on one simple phrase,” she says with a smile. “You don’t need to lose weight to be happy, you need to be happy to lose weight.” This eye on wellness in the holistic sense is the driving force for what Rita does. Traditionally, health has been synonymous with fitness, but the mental health revolution has drawn a more nuanced image. “There has always been an idea that fitness is something you look like,” she explains. “There’s been a shift to fitness is something you are as opposed to fitness is something you look like. Health and fitness is a way of being, not a way of doing.” It will come as little surprise, therefore, that Rita is not just a Personal Trainer. She is also a Nutrition Coach, Behaviour Sep22207 Most Empowering Women’s Health & Fitness Company 2022 - UK Women’s health is Rita Trotter’s ultimate priority.With somany pulls on people’s lives, taking ownership of our health is crucial. GHP’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards takes a look at the brightest and best that the industry has to offer – and Rita is a sterling example of excellence!