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Global Health & Pharma Magazine (GHP) eagerly returns with our sixth annual instalment of the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2023! Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 The global Fitness and Nutrition industries are constantly evolving, growing both in consumer awareness and popularity each year. Driven partially by pandemic restrictions, personal fitness and nutrition are now more accessible and important to the average consumer. Virtually provided fitness services and online nutritional consultants have created a boom in public health engagement. Now it is far easier to access fitness and health services in an environment that is comfortable. This coupled with rising health and insurance costs means that more consumers than ever are seeing value in improving and maintaining their health. When combined, the value of the Fitness & Nutrition markets is estimated at approximately $400 billion! Considering that both are incredibly lucrative as well as essential for us to live long and healthy lives, it is clear that these industries are irreplaceable. With the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2023, Global Health & Pharma Magazine (GHP) aims to recognise and reward all integral players in both industries. It is imperative that we celebrate the hard work and ingenuity of the indispensable professionals who enable modern standards of health to be maintained. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. Lexter Microelectronic Engineering Systems: Best Muscle Building Technology Company 2023 - Spain 6. Stable Yoga: Local Yoga Studio of the Year 2023 - Berkshire 7. Royal Oak Health Ltd: Best Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturers 2023 - London 8. Vivere Fortis: Best Sports Performance & Tennis Coaching 2023 9. Sri Chess Academy: Chess Coaching Organisation of the Year 2023 (USA): Sridhar Seshadri 10. Health Tribe: Best Holistic Health Supplement Manufacturer 2023 - Netherlands 11. Egg Innovations, LLC: Most Sustainable Egg Farming Business 2023 - USA 12. Accelerate People Solutions Ltd: Best Fitness Training Centre 2023 - South Yorkshire 13. Tikiboo Ltd: Most Unique Women’s Activewear eTailer 2023 - UK 14. Fitkitpro International Ltd: Best Suspension Training Equipment Brand 2023 - UK 15. Booster Transform: Functional Training Fitness Studio 2023 – Zurich & Lagree Method Venue of the Year 2023 - Zurich 16. Pilates and Tara: Best Strength Training & Dance Cardio Class Provider 2023 - Southeast London 17. MicroSalt INC.: Most Innovative Sodium Reduction Technology Company 2023 18. Yoga Hub: Best Multidisciplinary Yoga Trainer 2023 (Queensland): Janine Luck

4 Created in 2016, Lexter Microelectronic is one of the only engineering companies that wholly specialises in improving fitness and increasing muscle, and has been behind many of the industry’s most important innovations. Through developing and manufacturing the most effective devices for enhancing results in both athletics and injury recovery, Lexter Microelectronic has completely revolutionised the world of fitness. Join us as we delve into how, following its roaring success in the elite sports field, Lexter Microelectronic set out to share its genius with a broader audience. Let’s rewind to 2016. The fitness sphere is in need of a dire upgrade, and yet it seems as though nobody is willing to take up the mantle. The innovation front is lacking inspiration, resulting in a severe demand for something completely new to enter the scene. And what was this ‘something completely new’ if not Lexter Microelectronic? Though it didn’t know it at the time, Lexter Microelectronic was destined to completely transform the fitness and sports industry, and has since gone on to represent some of the sector’s biggest advancements in decades. Initially, Lexter Microelectronic specialised in enhancing fitness and muscle alike, but after three years of continued success, it allowed its ambition to guide it towards a new frontier. In 2019, Lexter Microelectronic took what was once a piece of technology exclusively reserved for elite sports and fitness experts, and made the decision to present it to the general public. The reasoning behind this decision was simple - Lexter Microelectronic wished to grant anyone the means to benefit from its technological advances, whether they were looking to build or recover muscle. Lexter Microelectronic’s astounding technology holds the potential for individuals to recover strength, resistance, flexibility, and balance in an incredibly short amount of time, whilst also managing to assist in the loss of excess fat. Lexter Microelectronic heard the call for such technology, and wasted no time in answering. It’s from this dream that Wonder aesthetic technology came to be, and it has since triumphed the bodybuilding market. Now, it’s present in even the most prestigious clinics, making an appearance in over 60 countries across the world. Lexter Microelectronic knew that it had developed something that had never been seen before, and therefore needed a name to express this new fitness marvel. As such, Lexter Microelectronic’s engineers settled on ‘Aesthetic Muscle Building’. This technique centres around obtaining the rewards of several hours of physical training within the span of a 25 minute session – a feat that may sound impossible, but has been brought into reality by the brilliant minds behind Lexter Microelectronic. As expressed by Lexter Microelectronic itself – “The importance of the musculature, not only from the point of view of aesthetics, but also of health, is already prevailing in the beauty sector. To develop muscles safely and effectively, it is necessary to combine different types of emissions.”. In the pursuit of achieving this for its customers, Lexter Microelectronic’s engineers went above and beyond to create and launch something that was once thought to be impossible – a machine that emits neuromuscular signals in the six main muscle groups to create a magnetic field of HIFEM waves, each supported by a localised radio frequency emission. In doing so, Lexter Microelectronic broke the boundary between high-level athletes and the general public. Truly, Lexter Microelectronic represents a perseverance that has served it exceptionally well throughout its lifespan. Its technology stands as a testament to the lengths it’s willing to go to in order to realise its dream, but this unwavering commitment to its cause is further highlighted through its journey during COVID-19. It was the restrictions that were imposed in response to the pandemic that truly cemented the popularisation of Wonder’s muscle building and fat burning technology. Those who were confined were given the chance to once again regain mobility and body strength, and are now the ones who have helped Lexter Microelectronic to help others. When we queried Lexter Microelectronic on what it believed to be its proudest moment to date, it had this to say – “We can be proud to have been a game changer in the beauty industry. We are eradicating the false concept of “localized fat treatment”, and educating professionals on the importance of musculature as a source of beauty and health. This crusade that we carry around the world, so that people start taking care of their bodies and exercising, is radically changing the way we interpret what we understand about beauty.”. Lexter Microelectronic Best Muscle Building Technology Company 2023 - Spain

GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 is in the business of redefining harmful, pre-conceived notions, and it has successfully done so at every turn. We believe that Lexter Microelectronic has attained such greatness as a direct result of the core values that it has adhered to since its inception in 2016. It’s these values that have driven it to forge the most revolutionary pieces of technology that the fitness and sports industry has seen in recent years, and they’re what have granted it the opportunity to assist those who are most in need. Throughout 2023, Lexter Microelectronic decreed that it would leverage its technological capabilities to develop a machine capable of enhancing muscle mass within those who truly need it. People such as the elderly, those with reduced mobility, individuals with disabilities, and people who suffer from atrophy muscle due to long periods of immobility are just a few among those who Lexter Microelectronic has its sights set on helping next. At its heart, Lexter Microelectronic is a company that aimed high, and reached even higher than it had ever anticipated. However, it’s taken every step of the journey in its stride, until it reached the point that it finds itself at today. Now equipped with the knowledge, experience, and technology to develop life-changing machinery, it’s clear that Lexter Microelectronic simply can’t be stopped in its pursuit of greatness. As such, there’s nobody more deserving of recognition within the sphere than this fantastic collective. Its technology has already made such an incredible impact, and we’re sure that it’ll only continue to do so as it approaches new audiences and challenges in the near future. Contact Details Contact: Alexander Perez Roldan Company: Lexter Microelectronic Engineering Systems Web Address:

6 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 units, including weekly classes at a secure psychiatric hospital. Lucy appreciates that none of these students can make it to studio classes, but is heartened by the experience of teaching something so freeing to some of society’s least free individuals. Consequently, she has found these experiences have further enhanced her teaching methods in the studio, promoting greater empathy, patience and understanding of the challenges and burdens people shoulder in their lives on and off the yoga mat. Stable Yoga has grown to a team of 7 expert teachers, all of whom live and breathe their yoga. They are authentic, kind, and supportive people, who always do their best to teach great classes. There is never any sense of competition between the teaching staff, which is hopefully reflected back to students, who are openly encouraged to try other yoga styles and classes whenever possible. Of course, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic everyone had to adapt to teaching classes via Zoom, but luckily both teachers and students rose to this challenge admirably. The result of which is that Stable Yoga still offers hybrid (both online and in person) classes a couple of times a week, for those who are further away and appreciate still being able to attend a live yoga class from home. A few years ago, as the business grew, and being aware that the world has become much more tech savvy, Stable Yoga introduced an app-based booking system. This enables students to buy class credits and/or book into class from their laptops or smartphones. A new feature the studio is planning to introduce is Youth Yoga classes, which it feels will be hugely beneficial to the physical and mental health of secondary school-age students and other young people in the area. Having been awarded Local Yoga Studio of the Year 2023 – Berkshire, we have the greatest surety the fantastic Stable Yoga will achieve this ambition with ease, plus undoubtedly so much more. Contact Details Company: Stable Yoga Web Address: Contact Name: Lucy Makin Yoga teacher Lucy Makin founded Stable Yoga in 2006, opening the studio in a converted brick stable in a quiet north Hampshire village before moving in 2016 a few miles further west to the beautiful village of Kintbury in West Berkshire. The peaceful haven it offers is home to a variety of styles of yoga such as Hatha yoga,Yin yoga, Chair yoga, Forrest Yoga, Pregnancy yoga, and its unique ‘Mostly for Men’ class. Practising yoga can provide a range of health benefits, for example strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, alleviating common aches and pains, and enhancing mental alertness. The beauty of practising yoga is its ability to centre you in the present moment, pushing aside any anxieties or worries you might be carrying in the wider world. Stable Yoga celebrates the concept of being “where you are, not where you think you should be”, using ancient practices that provide modern-day benefits. The yogic system of postures and movement, combined with breathing practices and meditation, has endured for many thousands of years, with many people drawn to yoga because of its reputation as a more holistic health and fitness option. Stable Yoga operates 6 days a week, with classes of 12-15 students taking place in its warm and welcoming oak-floored studio with beams spanning the ceiling. The space boasts a log fire for cosy comfort during the winter and terrace doors that, on warm days, open up to glorious views of open countryside across the garden. It is a beautiful, tranquil place, with a stone path leading past a trickling fountain on the approach. Revelling in an atmosphere of equality and inclusivity, Stable Yoga welcomes students of all backgrounds and socio-economic groups to come and enjoy the benefits yoga provides. The majority of students are UK-based, but the studio has welcomed students to livestreamed classes from as far afield as Portugal, Switzerland, the USA, Dubai and New Zealand. Stable Yoga also host visiting teachers who conduct weekend workshops, and holds popular monthly Gong Baths/sound meditation evenings. The quality of classes on offer is consistently high, but most of all the studio prides itself on offering teaching that is affordable to all, in a non-competitive, friendly environment that people love. Founder Lucy initially trained in the USA, and is registered by the Yoga Alliance. She has a strong belief that yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, income, or ability. This conviction is emphasized in her 2019 book, ‘Yoga off the Mat - Fitting Yoga Postures & Breathing into Everyday Life’. She also holds a qualification with the Prison Phoenix Trust, and teaches yoga and meditation in prisons and other secure Local Yoga Studio of the Year 2023 - Berkshire

7 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 itled with the permission of the Cabinet Office’s Royal Names Team, Royal Oak Health is a dynamic and innovative company that specialises in providing locally manufactured vitamins and food supplements to an international customer base. People can explore the company’s excellent products on its easy-to-use website or at its central London store. There, a team of experts awaits, equipped with the knowledge to provide trustworthy guidance. Royal Oak Health’s product range is broad, featuring core offerings such as Organic Ashwagandha with Organic Black Pepper, Super Quercetin Complex, MYO and D-Chiro Inositol with Folate, Traditional Formula for Men, and more. Striving to deliver unparalleled value to its customers, the company ensures that each product is meticulously designed to address a specific set of needs. Traditionally, food supplements and vitamins have been designed for and marketed towards the older generation. Royal Oak Health takes pride in working with clients of all ages, targeting the younger consumer as well as its traditional audience. The company is committed to understanding the needs of each customer group, specially tailoring its solutions to meet their needs. Operating in the increasingly dynamic and competitive landscape of food supplements and vitamins, it is essential for Royal Oak Health to remain agile and prepared to adapt to change. The company firmly believes in the power of turning challenges into opportunities and takes a number of steps to ensure its ability to do so. Royal Oak Health views challenges as significant opportunities for learning and growth. Often, they bring to light the need to refine internal processes, enhance skills, or adopt new technologies to prevent similar challenges from arising in the future. Like many businesses, Royal Oak Health faced a multitude of challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, as a dynamic and agile company, it was able to streamline its operations by adopting a direct approach to these challenges. The company effectively mitigated the effects of the pandemic by introducing two new products, designed to help fight the virus. These products, the Super Quercetin Complex and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), quickly became best sellers and significantly enhanced the customer experience. Royal Oak Health considers its staff and team to be the driving force behind its success. Since its establishment, it has effectively leveraged their strengths, abilities, and experience, which have played a pivotal role in shaping the business. In recruitment, the company seeks team members who will bring fresh perspectives Founded in 1999, Royal Oak Health is a leading manufacturer of food supplements, creating and delivering products that are safe, effective, and backed by scientific evidence. The company proudly provides its customers with supplements that greatly enhance their sense of wellbeing by making them feel healthier and more energetic, whilst addressing any of their specific health concerns. Best Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturers 2023 - London to the table, challenge the status quo, and contribute creative ideas that will drive its product range forward. As a result of its outstanding offerings, Royal Oak Health has been awarded Best Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturers, London, in the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2023. The company looks towards a bright future as it plans the upcoming launch of four new products. These new additions will target the younger generation and are expected to be well-received. Contact: Martin Zahra Company: Royal Oak Health Ltd Web Address: T Aug23536

8 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 Oct23121 Heralded as an expert in sports performance coaching, nutrition, fitness, wellbeing, strength, and conditioning, Vivere Fortis presents a results-driven approach towards enhancing an individual’s undiscovered abilities. Not only does it educate, guide, train, and support existing athletes, but it prides itself on its ability to adapt to a multitude of students. As such, Vivere Fortis is inarguably the best coaching service available for anyone looking to reinvent their lifestyle. Since its inception, Vivere Fortis has leveraged its immense understanding of the sports and fitness sphere to deliver encouraging coaching services to a variety of individuals. From skilled athletes to complete newcomers, it has mastered the art of devising specialty advice that’s best suited to the capabilities of each student, regardless of limitations. At its core, Vivere Fortis seeks to help people recognise the benefits of being active, and is ready to go above and beyond to support students in planning, change management, training plan optimisation, and wellbeing development. With Vivere Fortis, individuals can expect a friendly, inviting atmosphere that’s simply filled to the brim with empowerment. After all, it holds an incredible desire to see its students succeed, be it in a fitness sense, or in terms of their nutrition. As for how it approaches these factors, Vivere Fortis adopts a comprehensive approach that’s both in depth and accessible. Its commitment to assisting those who need it the most is unparalleled, resulting in a variety of readily available services. So, whether students are looking to increase strength, flexibility, power, injury prevention, postural balance capabilities, speed, agility, and coordination, or are simply wanting to rework their nutritional habits, Vivere Fortis is on-hand to help. In addition to these impressive qualities, Vivere Fortis also has its sights set on tackling issues that are directly tied to physical health. It has a resolute focus on promoting a sustainable wellbeing and healthy habits, allowing its students to adapt their lifestyles to better serve their overall health. Partner this with a desire to help individuals build their confidence in sport, fitness, and nutrition, and you’ve got a thoughtful coaching business that truly reflects the desire of its founder, Jimmy Tournois – to provide every possible means to give people access to a better version of themselves. However, general sports and nutrition coaching isn’t where Vivere Fortis’s expertise ends. On the contrary, Vivere Fortis prides itself on its ability to work with both young and experienced athletes within tennis, be it at school, county, regional, national, or international levels. Vivere Fortis is all about support, and this clearly shines through its tennis coaching sessions – it manages to strike the perfect balance between improving skills, inspiring confidence, and optimising training in accordance with the most up to date scientific guidelines. Regardless of the method, the outcome is always the same – Vivere Fortis will see that every student under its care reaches the end goal of their own personal journey. As a mobile coaching service that consistently works to the highest standards with all students, regardless of their skill level, Vivere Fortis has established itself as a reliable means of enhancing your sports capabilities. Its training programs are bespoke, packed with expert advice, and have proven time and time again to drastically improve the lives of any who undertake them. Whether it’s assisting post-natal women in need of specific guidance on safe exercising and nutrition, or honing the skills of a multitude of athletes, Vivere Fortis is devoted to helping people traverse the bridge between fitness and mental wellbeing. Its entire ethos centres around results, making it a go-to for any seeking out a healthier lifestyle. Contact Details Contact: Jimmy Tournois Company: Vivere Fortis Web Address: Best Sports Performance & Tennis Coaching 2023

9 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 Sridhar has also recently collaborated with USCF and to create a tournament designed to give quick ratings for all players, as well as being the Chief TD for the United States Chess Federation. Moreover, Sridhar is currently in the process of trying to set-up a FIDE chess tournament, which will serve to further his client base and bring new eyes to the Academy. Sridhar is confident that any child in the world either four or five years old has a fantastic opportunity to become a Grandmaster by the time they turn fifteen, encouraging online chess classes to anyone who fits this criterion. Thanks to a combination of patience and expertise, Sridhar has amassed an incredible portfolio of students and a fantastic reputation within the chess community, with an ability to teach young and old to master a craft that could ultimately change their life forever, through the brilliance of the Sri Chess Academy. Finally, Sridhar has an extensive list of people he would like to thank for their support. Viswanathan Anand GM – India, Maurice Ashley GM – USA, Gary Kasparov, Jerry and Frank, Josh Sininan, Gunnar, Gawain Jones GM – England, Luke James McShane from England, Wesley So, Fabiano Caruana, and Sagar Shah, as well as the USCF,, and FIDE Presidents, all of whom have provided the best outlets to play chess around the globe. Contact: Sridhar Seshadri Company: Sri Chess Academy Web Address: lthough there are many people coaching chess within Washington State, it is Sri Chess Academy’s commitment to teach the grass roots and history of chess that ensures success for its pupils. Even today, many Grandmasters in the chess world are unable to explain why pieces move in the direction that they do, instead putting this down to merely just the way the rules work, which ultimately shows a lack of understanding. It is this unique knowledge of the fundamentals, combined with great patience, that enables the quality coaching Sridhar is available to provide. Many in the field of chess coaching teach Caro-Kann and Sicilian openings, but the Sri Chess Academy teaches more than 200 of the former and 20 of the latter, underpinning a commitment to securing continuous reading, knowledge, and understanding to create some of the best players in the world. Sridhar’s experience in the field is extensive, with him having recently defeated two Grandmasters and challenged a plethora in simul. This is in addition to being awarded ‘Legend’ status at, which one can only achieve after overcoming eight previous tiers. Sridhar is also a three-time Washington State Champion in the I Love Chess Too Tournament, held in Spokane and Tacoma in 2015, 2016, and 2017, and was the third Larry Evans Western State Champion for 1800 rating category held in Nevada in 2014. In October 2022, he drew with GM Enrico Savilano, FM Michael Lee, and GM Wesley So at the 39th Western State Championship in Reno. Despite his commitment to the game, life is challenging for Sridhar, who not only runs his own chess academy, but also has a job in the world of technology. It is difficult for us all to achieve a healthy work/life balance and Sridhar is no exception, but chess has helped him with his planning, strategizing, thinking, and patience, resulting in him being able to maintain his discipline and stay healthy. This dedication is channelled through to his students and likely contributed a great deal to more than 100 of them being awarded the Summa Cum Laude National Award after qualifying for the Washington State Elementary Championship. In addition to Sridhar, the team is comprised of Victor Michalevski GM from Israel, Nick Matta Super FM from USA, and Nikilesh Kumar Kunche Super from USA, all of whom joined as guest faculties in order to impart their expert chess skills to students. Many students have excelled as a result, with Sridhar also providing his expert knowledge on the importance of drinking protein-based juices and eating Threptin, a protein-based cookie, to stay healthy while playing. Sridhar Seshadri is the Founder and President of Sri Chess Academy, an institute based in Washington State that has been nurturing cognitive abilities and intelligence in school children and company employees since 2014. What draws people to the institute is the unique way the game is taught, this being through a meticulous combination of storytelling and a key understanding of chess down to its core. The results speak for themselves, with children not even of kindergarten age having the won the State Elementary Championship under the tutelage of Sridhar and the Academy. We speak with Sridhar to find out more about his passion for the game and how he imparts his wisdom on to others. Chess Coaching Organisation of the Year 2023 (USA): Sridhar Seshadri A

10 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 Specialising in bringing Clean Label nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to the market, Health Tribe is a company that ultimately has its sights sets on a greater purpose. Not only does it seek to imbue the industry with some of the most accessible and effective health supplements, but it avidly utilises its platform to spread much needed awareness that the community has been lacking. Below, we venture through Global Director and CEO Sandra Deira’s hopes for Health Tribe, and how her vision has manifested in recent years. Throughout its lifetime, Health Tribe has been encouraging people from across the globe to actively review their wellbeing, and provides a means for them to improve their lifestyle. By monitoring global social aspects and developments that have been prone to causing a multitude of lifestyle issues throughout the years, Health Tribe managed to identify where the pitfalls of the industry were, and more so how to fill said gaps. Now, it plays a significant role in the lives of athletes and the everyday person alike – through its health supplements, it’s able to incorporate much needed nutrients into an individual’s diet in order to help maintain balance within the body. Health Tribe accomplishes this through leveraging its twelve years of experience in products sales and customer guidance, whilst also relying on the expertise of specialists and analysts with over 40 years of experience in coaching and training athletes. As such, it has garnered an intrinsic understanding of what it takes for individuals to perform at their highest levels, through which it managed to develop its renowned health supplements. Its vision and mission go hand in hand – Health Tribe exists to introduce a holistic approach to the fitness and nutrition industry in the form of high end, Clean Label products. This approach has been a mandatory quality that Health Tribe has upheld since its inception. However, there is far more to Health Tribe than its products. What truly allows Health Tribe to shine is its avid dedication to spreading awareness of devastating conditions that aren’t typically spoken of within the industry. One issue, in particular, is the event of sudden cardiac arrest amongst sporters and athletes. Despite the lack of talk about the phenomenon, it’s a frequent occurrence within the world of sports – one that plagues young and older athletes alike. It seems as though we only learn of such issues when they occur on a higher sports level – such as the incident with Damar Hamlin, a widely known NFL player – but Health Tribe is utilising its platform to bring attention to this dangerous and pressing matter within the sports community. And with personal experience following the sudden, and incredibly tragic, cardiac arrest of Sandra’s eldest son in 2008, this mission to raise awareness is one that Health Tribe holds close to its heart. Whether it’s spreading the word, or organising workshops and seminars to help educate individual athletes, teams, coaches, personal trainers, and club board members, Health Tribe is steadfast in its resolve to get the message out. Holistic and tissue specific nutrients could well and truly save lives, and the sharing of fairly unknown knowledge could mean the difference between losing a cherished sporter, and helping to drastically lower the potential of sudden cardiac arrest within athletes from happening whatsoever. Truly, Health Tribe’s passion lies in this subject, and its determination to share its findings with as many people as possible is a beyond admirable part of this wonderful collective. Despite its inclusion in our fitness and nutrition awards supplement, Health Tribe is undeniably a holistic company that believes in creating products that are readily available for anyone, athlete or not, young or elderly. It holds an immense commitment to accessibility, hence its adherence to bringing exclusively Clean Label products. Free from synthetic fillers, caffeine, artificial sugars, slaughter house waste, and pesticides, Health Tribe’s products are comprised of 100% pure ingredients, each formed from unique compositions. As such, there are no limitations – regardless of age, lifestyle, religion, or dietary preference, Health Tribe is here to introduce a better way of living. Contact: Sandra Deira Company: Health Tribe Web Address: Instagram: @wearehealthtribe Best Holistic Health Supplement Manufacturer 2023 - Netherlands

11 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 sustainability and benefiting the environment, which allows Egg Innovations to bring its regeneratively farmed eggs to consumers across the US. As the first company to market premium eggs through this process of regenerative farming, Helpful Hens™ promotes soil health, carbon sequestration, and diverse pastures as its hens lead the efforts in eco-farming, thus minimising the business’ carbon footprint. High quality animal care is also of the upmost priority for the business, and Egg Innovations boasts has third-party verification through both American Humane Certification and Certified Humane. Additionally, they are third-party certification for its regenerative agriculture farming endeavours. Both of the company’s egg brands are also proud to offer USDA organic certified, Project Non-GMO verified, and kosher certified products, as well cartons which benefit the planet, as they are made from previously recycled paper cartons and eco-conscious water-based soy plant-derived inks. 2023 saw a surge in growth for the Helpful Hens brand, and at present it is the fastest growing egg brand in the business. It is the conditions from which the eggs are sourced that makes them taste so good. “This enriched environment is the secret ingredient […] with nourishing yolks as invigorating, energizing, and vibrant as the awakening sunrise.” With a fantastic taste and a commitment to animal wellbeing and regenerative farming, Egg Innovations is more than deserving of being celebrated for its sustainable business approach. Contact: John Brunnquell, Ph.D. Company: Egg Innovations, LLC Web Address: or artnering with more than 50 family-owned farms, Egg Innovations provides premium eggs to consumers across the US through its brands Blue Sky Family Farms and Helpful Hens™. Founded in 1999, it has always been the company’s mission to raise hens in ethical environments as nature intended, while simultaneously operating as a successful business. The organisation is built upon three pillars which form the company’s wider mission and ultimately laid its foundation. These are, “Chickens. People. Planet.” With these three elements in mind, every decision is made with the upmost care taken in how it will impact the chickens, the talented team of staff, the family farmer caregivers, and the longevity of our environment. It was this commitment which resulted in the debut of the Helpful Hens brand, which provides delicious eggs that are at one with nature. Thanks to the brand’s regenerative farms, all hens are free to scratch, fertilise, and roam across the land, which ultimately results in the tastiest eggs through exclusively natural methods. Most importantly, the hens help farmers to regenerate topsoil, foster vibrant eco-systems, fight climate change, and create a happier, healthier future for all. This journey is rooted in a desire to leave the Earth in a better condition for forthcoming generations, and the company is succeeding in this mission, one egg at a time. Regenerative farming processes carried out by the company are inclusive of the planting of cover crops and trees, as well as diversifying the foliage of the pastures to provide an environment that allows pollinators to thrive and chickens to be protected. With a diverse range of plants, the air is purified through plants absorbing carbon through photosynthesis and naturally enriching the landscape - Decarbonizing the air while enriching the soil. These regenerative processes are carried out by family farmers across the Heartland, with thousands of acres of pastureland cared for with the upmost attention to detail. As a result of these processes, Egg Innovations is continuing to pioneer the industry, innovating the way that eggs are produced in the US. The company is the first producer of eggs to commercialise the regenerative farming of hens on this scale, an approach it is committed to not only for the business implications, but because they know it is the right thing to do. Moreover, the company works with an array of like-minded retail partners, and they too possess a commitment and dedication to Egg Innovations is committed in its mission to bring free-range, pasture-raised, and organic eggs to consumers on a national scale, and is proud to be the premium alternative to the cagefree market.The company’s CEO John Brunnquell Ph.D, is a third-generation family farmer, and provides a wealth of experience on and off the farm, having pioneered a better way to house and care for hens, which ultimately produces a better egg. These innovative endeavours are rooted in a true passion for finding solutions that benefit all, a core value that the wider company has been quick to adopt. As we learn from their team their mission to chickens, people, and planet drive them to deliver a more sustainable approach. The business embodies their mission in every decision being made with consideration to the animals, farmers, and the environment. Most Sustainable Egg Farming Business 2023 - USA P

12 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 Sep23090 Determined to provide the best personal trainers, equipment, and experience possible, Accelerate People Solutions is a private fitness centre that will stop at nothing to help everyone achieve their goals. Having already helped thousands of individuals in accomplishing their fitness, health, and wellbeing targets, Accelerate People Solutions promises to be South Yorkshire’s go-to for personal training and sports performance. Join us as we explore how Accelerate People Solutions utilises its wealth of talent, expertise, and equipment to indefinitely improve the lives of its clients. Representing a collection of the most educated and diverse physical training, coaching, and sport experts, Accelerate People Solutions is Doncaster’s award-winning, premier personal training and sports performance centre. Equipped with the means to offer one-to-one personal training services within its exclusive fitness studio, small group personal training classes, sport specific fitness coaching, sports injury therapy, personal nutrition programs, and corporate health and wellness sessions, Accelerate People Solutions encourages each individual to ‘train like an athlete’. As experts with a wealth of experience within the sports and fitness field, the team behind Accelerate People Solutions has long since pieced together how to carefully craft training regimes and sessions to truly help clients thrive. It’s able to recognise the capacity of each individual, and will progress to create a program that’s perfectly suited to them, their needs, and their overall goals. Once such a program has been forged, its trainers carry out methods that are reinforced by solid, evidence-based research, all in the pursuit of helping their clients excel towards their desired outcomes. When exploring the depth of Accelerate People Solutions’ drive, we discovered a statement from its founder, David Cooke, that perfectly captures the very meaning of the centre. David detailed - “We pride ourselves on our ‘Train Like an Athlete’ philosophy, where we provide elite level coaching for everyone. We apply the same training principles to our pro-athletes that we do to our ‘every day athletes’.”. To Accelerate People Solutions, there is no discrimination – whether you’re a seasoned fitness expert, or a complete newcomer wanting to maximise the potential that personal training has to offer, it has every intention of capitalising on its clients’ strengths, whilst helping them to build up their weaknesses. This has undoubtedly played a large role in Accelerate People Solutions’ success. It recognises the nuances of the profession, and has applied every necessary adjustment to forge an environment in which everyone feels welcome. There’s no fear of judgement or failure – its trainers are on-hand to uplift each and every individual, regardless of skill level. Achieving goals is important, but the experience is even more so. As such, Accelerate People Solutions stands as the most inviting, empowering fitness environment within South Yorkshire, courtesy of its tightly knit team of highly experienced coaches. Without them, there would be no Accelerate People Solutions, after all. Whether a client is looking to build up their strength, maximise their endurance, or partake in physiotherapy to recover from a sports injury, Accelerate People Solutions is at the ready to help in whatever they may require. Its facilities are state-of-the-art, and offer a private atmosphere in which customers can truly thrive. Every piece of equipment is readily available, carefully maintained, and updated frequently in order to uphold the high standard of quality that the centre so strictly adheres to. All of this, of course, is in service of its clients – helping them achieve their fitness desires is what Accelerate People Solutions specialises in. It’s this quality that has truly defined it as South Yorkshire’s penultimate sports and fitness centre. Contact: David Cooke Company: Accelerate People Solutions Ltd Web Address: Best Fitness Training Centre 2023 - South Yorkshire

13 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 Over the past year, Tikiboo has committed to sustainability initiatives by incorporating eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing into the business. The company aims to reduce waste and promote responsible sourcing wherever possible. Tikiboo has also focused its efforts on building a loyal community through social media engagement, virtual events, and collaborations with fitness influencers. Actively engaging with customers’ feedback has allowed Tikiboo to evolve to meet clients’ ever-changing needs and expectations. In its highly competitive industry, Tikiboo aims to approach challenges with proactive thinking and adapt to the changing activewear landscape. The company continuously monitors competitors and market trends to discover new opportunities for innovation. Recent supply chain disruptions have encouraged Tikiboo to diversify its sourcing and production methods. The brand has strengthened its relationships with trusted suppliers and explored local sourcing options to develop a robust supply chain. Driven by technological advancement and consumer preferences, Tikiboo has invested in digital infrastructure to create a seamless, enjoyable shopping experience. The brand has actively embraced industry trends to expand its presence in international markets. Tikiboo has been able to utilise social media to build and engage with its growing community. By improving its website and mobile app, the business has evolved to stay ahead in the global e-commerce landscape. For the remainder of 2023, Tikiboo plans to expand its brand with an exciting lineup of projects. The company has several new activewear collections in development with fresh designs and styles to delight its devoted customers. Tikiboo will further its commitment to sustainability by introducing activewear lines made from eco-friendly materials and increasing its recycling efforts. The brand’s website and app will also continue to be updated to improve usability and grow its international customer base. Tikiboo is an innovative company dedicated to empowering individuals to express their individuality and confidence through vibrant and high-quality apparel. The company’s client-centric values and innovative approach to digital marketing have awarded Tikiboo a loyal community of dedicated customers. The brand is committed to further establishing itself as a leading brand in the activewear industry and continuing to inspire individuals with beautiful designs and premium products. Tikiboo has been honoured with this year’s award for Most Unique Women’s Activewear eTailer – UK. Contact Details Contact: Faye Jobbins Company: Tikiboo Ltd Web Address: reated in 2014, Tikiboo’s original concept derived from founder Faye Jobbins’s difficulties sourcing fun and exciting activewear. Faye began working with partner Daniel Jobbins to create their own range of vibrant leggings. The brand now encompasses a wide range of high-quality apparel, including sports bras, tops, swimwear, and accessories. Inspired by the founder’s daughter, Tikiboo has further expanded its collection to include colourful children’s leggings. The company prides itself on offering activewear for individuals of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Tikiboo remains steadfast in its core values of inclusivity, creativity, and customer-centricity. Tikiboo offers unique designs with bold prints to promote customers’ self-expression. The business prioritises the use of high-quality materials to ensure its products are comfortable and durable for fitness activities. Tikiboo has customisation options to allow clients to create their own personalised activewear for sports teams, events, or businesses wishing to promote their brand. Its user-friendly online store provides a convenient shopping experience and international shipping for customers worldwide. Tikiboo Ltd. is a unique UK clothing brand specialising in athletic and leisurewear for women and children. With fun and vibrant designs, it is the company’s mission to empower clients to express individuality, confidence, and positivity.Tikiboo Ltd. has established itself as a leader in the activewear industry and is committed to fulfilling the evolving needs of its diverse clientele. Most Unique Women’s Activewear eTailer 2023 - UK C

14 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 The FKPro is a double strap suspended bodyweight system designed to facilitate weight loss and enhance core stability, flexibility, power, balance, stamina, and strength. Suitable for people of all ability levels, from beginner to elite athlete, it is widely used for personal suspension training across the UK. The FKPro system was invented by Peter Faulkner, Owner and Founder of Fitkitpro International Ltd., who is an experienced professional with an impressive career in sports and fitness. The term ‘suspension training’ refers to a form of resistance training involving bodyweight exercises, performed whilst wearing straps, cords, rings, ropes, or chains that are suspended from vertical anchor points. People engage in suspension training with the goal of increasing their strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability. Founded 15 years ago, FKPro is a renowned fitness company with roots in elite sports, sports medicine, and the elite military. Today, its products and services are used by the international teams of several NGBs, including everything from premier football to rugby teams. As well as this, its offerings are profoundly beneficial to people with disabilities. The FKPro system stands out from others on the market because of its various attachments and accessories, including handles, carabiners, and more. For example, the FKPro in-line force gauge allows customers to measure the peak force developed through a range of exercises. Moreover, its patented vibration delivery system is a world first in suspension training, enabling users to free up tightness across the whole body, from feet to neck. Having started his career in professional sports with Bristol F.C. in 1999, Peter Faulkner has been coaching athletes for many years. He has worked with a number of British, European, World, and Olympic/ Paralympic Champions, and has trained coaches at organisations like the FA’s National Football Centre, Lee Valley Athletics, and more. In 2008, Peter invented the FKPro suspended bodyweight training system and was inspired to establish his own company to share it with the world. This venture has provided him with many opportunities, including collaborating with World Rugby on their global education programme, working in association with the GB Equestrian World Class programme, and running workshops for the UKA, the FA, the RFU, and others. Having worked with several GB Teams before 2012, FKPro went on to become the official supplier to the English Institute of Sport (EIS). Together with the EIS, the company has put together 25 useful training courses for all the Olympic sports the institute oversees. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in discourse surrounding the effects of concussions, especially in contact sports like rugby. It has been shown that strengthening the neck can help it tense in preparation for impact, potentially reducing the likelihood of concussion or at least mitigating the associated effects. Recognised by World Rugby, FKPro’s neck harness allows users to train specific muscle groups in the neck and back like no other system. Research has shown that the company’s neck training can serve as a safe and effective method of reducing the risk of concussion in sports. In fact, FKPro’s research in this area was presented at the IOC’s International Conference on illness and injury prevention. Currently, FKPro is launching its neck training programme across 52 rugby clubs in and around Bristol. This initiative is likely to help many players benefit from reduced risk of concussion and is only possible thanks to the support and sponsorship of Bounty Energy, a renewable energy company. As a result of its innovative offerings, FKPro has been named Best Suspension Training Equipment Brand, UK, in the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2023. On the future, Peter comments, “In a time when so many are focusing on treatment, we are focused on the prevention of injury. Our training is being used in research across several universities in the UK to add to our current research.” Contact: Peter Faulkner Company: Fitkitpro International Ltd Web Address: Best Suspension Training Equipment Brand 2023 - UK

15 GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 ooster Transform was founded by the husband-and-wife duo of Damien and Sandrine, who decided to launch the studios for a few reasons. First of all, they were unable to find a place they liked for their own fitness needs upon their arrival in Zurich, as the couple love Lagree and needed somewhere to train with what they believe to be the best workout in the world. Also, Damien was interested in developing a company that would prove different to his experiences in large multinational organisations, wanting instead to adopt a personal approach to his work that would lead to 100% client and staff satisfaction. Today, Booster Transform is proud to offer three key workouts, including their signature, Lagree workout. Developed in LA, this approach to fullbody conditioning is one of the most innovative, with various exercises undertaken with one unique piece of equipment that provides both men and women with an intense full-body cardio workout. Following on from this, the second available method is Lagree Ramp, which introduces new technology for the purposes of adding incline to the machine which enables us to recruit different muscle groups and boosts the heart rate. The third workout offered is Barre Intensity, a class comprised of a unique technique which brings together ballet, Pilates, high intensity and low impact moves to strengthen the body in ways that few other workouts can. The team possesses a dual focus, with an emphasis on workouts that are not only ultra-effective, but safe for the body, and designed to help a whole community grow stronger and healthier. Secondly, there is strong focus on the team, who not only uphold the studio values, but make sure that everyone in each class has a good time. Trainers are constantly given opportunities for development, with regular workshops and training opportunities on offer, including a recent voice coaching course. It is perhaps as a result of these levels of engagement that the team are known as ‘The Booster family,’ and when the team look to hire new members, there is a keen emphasis on friendliness and an ability to motivate and engage. Although the team is comprised of highly talented, technically skilled individuals, it is important for Damien that the company remains, “simple, accessible, and authentic.” 2020 and 2021 were incredibly difficult for the studios as a result of the pandemic, but through making changes to sanitation and unveiling an online platform to adhere to restrictions, the company was able to continue operating. The Booster team were similarly looked after, Booster Transform is a boutique fitness studio based in three locations across Zurich’s city centre, offering clients specialised high-intensity and low-impact workouts, inclusive of the Lagree Method and Barre Intensity. With an average capacity of nine people per class across the studios, a personalised approach is available to clients, and with more than 25 classes available per day across the studios, choice and flexibility is key. People of all ages visit the studios, and thanks to the effectiveness of the classes, attending just once or twice per week can quickly yield results, and this is all available in a safe, friendly environment. We speak with Co-Founder and CEO Damien Dupond, to learn more about the studios and the fantastic experience they provide clients. Functional Training Fitness Studio 2023 – Zurich & Lagree Method Venue of the Year 2023 - Zurich with salary continuation and the option to earn more through the online channels introduced. Since the pandemic, Booster Transform is noticing some positive shifts in patterns, with an increase in the number of clients who bring family and friends, as well as more men being present in classes. Booster Transform is also determined to improve continuously and is excited to announce a new corporate initiative which aims to plant 100,000 trees over the next ten years, in partnership with One Tree Planted. Back at their studios, the team have also been improving the booking experience they offer, having introduced push notifications that keep customers in the loop, as well as a feature that allows clients to purchase or book for a friend. Equipment is also being renewed and the functionality of the studios improved, ensuring clients at the studio can exercise in comfortable and spacious conditions. With a fantastic team of experts to guide customers through the Lagree Method and Barre Intensity, a commitment to constantly improving and innovating, and an incredibly personal approach to managing workouts, Booster Transform offers a perfect solution for those in Zurich looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Contact: Damien Dupond Company: Booster Transform Web Address: B