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Q1 2020

Welcome to the Q1 issue of Global Health & Pharma Magazine - your source for the latest news and features from across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. I don't think any of us expected to be writing automatic replies that spoke of "pandemics", and its profound impact on day to day affairs. Yet, here we are.

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Fitness, Nutrition & Wellbeing


Keep Sight of Essential Health Concerns During COVID-19

With the battle against coronavirus dominating today’s public discourse, preventing the spread of sickness is everyone’s top concern. Efforts to flatten the curve have entailed drastic lifestyle changes worldwide, and some of these adjustments are having unexpected health impacts completely unrelated to the viral respiratory illness. To avoid losing focus of your wellness, keep these

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Health & Pharma News

healthcare law

Why Healthcare Professionals Need Legal Services

Healthcare professionals must follow policies and procedures to ensure that there is standardization in daily operational activities. Many of these policies exist to remain in compliance with regulatory requirements and legal liabilities. Offering Informed ConsentOne example of a legal policy healthcare professionals must follow is informed consent. Patients have the right to be fully informed

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Innovation & Medtech

health tech

Best Home Tech to Have During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With so many challenges and difficulties Americans face during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital to learn all the essential ways to help protect you and your family. Having all the important supplies available in your home to ensure your health and safety can be critical. There are some critical tech supplies that can be

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Oral Health

Personal Health & Social Care

Research & Development

high throughput screening

Five Facts About the High-Throughput Screening Facility Global Landscape

In an effort to identify potential treatments for the growing number of diseases and syndromes recognized today, pharmaceutical companies and academic research facilities must perform multiple rounds of research and clinical testing. During this process, thousands of samples are tested to identify which compounds affect the various pathways of a disease in order to treat

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