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Q3 2020

It is safe to say these past few months have tested the capabilities of many, especially those working in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. For many companies operating within such a dynamic and ever-changing industries such as healthcare, the pandemic has created a number of opportunities that they could have never predicted.

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What is CBT, and How Can It Treat Drug Addiction?

CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy was founded in the 60s and is now recognised as an effective way to treat drug addiction. There are many treatment options for those suffering from a substance use disorder, and what’s useful for one person may not be for another. CBT has no unfavourable side-effects, is entirely natural, and an excellent option for those struggling with both drug addiction and mental illness, which often go hand in hand.

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How Safe Are CBD Products?

With CBD becoming such a widespread component in a lot of different products, a lot of people are unsure about its safety and viability, especially due to its connection to the recreational drug, cannabis or weed. This article aims to explain what CBD is, how it’s made, and if it’s safe or not.

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