Returning to GHP News for a seventh instalment, the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2023 have arrived! Each year we offer reverence to the invaluable efforts of Dental and Oral Health industry professionals.

Cutting-edge dental care is a hallmark of modern civilisation and is a result of the combined efforts of countless brilliant minds. GHP News is dedicated to highlighting the best and most innovative contributors to the Oral Health and Dentistry industries. Our readers are active in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sectors and are keen to learn about the leading professionals from all areas of these sectors.

Eligible candidates for the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2023 will cover a broad spectrum of businesses and professionals from these industries. Those nominated will include everything from local dental practices renowned for their exceptional client care, to innovators bringing dental technology and oral care products to market. Any business facilitating or assisting the Oral Health and Dentistry industries will be eligible for nomination.

The Oral Health and Dentistry industries are evolving rapidly, with new challenges, trends and technologies emerging each year. Expectations are held high by consumers, bringing an increasing importance to online consumer feedback. Success in pleasing the consumer is dependent on factors such as how well a practice can adopt new technology and increase efficiency, or their ability to adapt to developing patient requirements. GHP News is looking for candidates who rise to these challenges.

The Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2023 are merit driven. Our Research and Judging team will not decide winners based upon company size, turnover or number of votes received.
Should you impress our judging panel enough to win, you will be presented with an unmissable opportunity to promote your achievements by taking advantage of the GHP News platform’s global circulation of 110,000 industry professionals. In addition to benefitting from the reputation boost provided by our free-of-charge complimentary accolades, you will have access to a selection of optional promotional resources to truly capitalise on your moment of recognition. These accolades serve to inform your employees, stakeholders, and clients that you are firmly ahead of your peers.

So, if you believe that your business or a business you know of is worthy of recognition, please do not hesitate to submit a nomination by clicking the “VOTE NOW” link below. If you would like any further information regarding the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2023, you can contact us at [email protected].