Global Excellence Awards 2022

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 GHP / Q1 2022 21 , Nov21844 When it comes to dermatological services, there is nowhere finer in Ireland than Belfast Skin Clinic. The first dedicated centre of excellence in its field in the region, this hub for skincare has secured enormous success. In GHP’s Global Excellence Awards, the Belfast Skin Clinic were named Belfast’s Most Trusted Full-Service Skin Care Clinic – 2022. Their success reflects their ambitious approach. We dig a little deeper to discover more. Confidence In Your Own Skin Dr. Pamela McHenry opened the Belfast Skin Clinic in 2016, and over the last six years has been proud to support patients to feel truly comfortable within their own skins. The foundational mission has been to have the highest quality building, technology and people to provide a seamless service for their patients that is second to none. Those who are looking for medical, surgical or aesthetic skin treatments are able to access optimal streamlined care at the Belfast Skin Clinic. Based out of this astonishing purpose-built clinic, the team is made of over fifty staff, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, allergy specialists, rheumatologists and paediatricians, vascular surgeons, laser specialists and nutritionists. Each has access to incredible diagnostic resources to provide treatment for skin, allergy and joint problems in adults and children. Their comprehensive approach makes them the provider of choice for many within the industry. The unique capacity means that the team is always able to deliver. They were the first people in Northern Ireland to offer a total body mole scanner, allowing for detection of microscopic changes in moles over time, helping with the early detection of skin cancer. The team’s technological leadership has also allowed them to provide laser hair removal with the SPLENDOR X. This impressive device has been carefully designed to offer the team the ultimate in flexibility. Ideal for all skin types, it ensures that the Belfast Skin Centre team get faster results over fewer sessions. Whilst the team leads the way in terms of technological development, their success is a credit to the effort they have put in over the years. Not just made of leading individuals, each takes the time to understand the needs of their colleagues. The Belfast Skin Clinic approach means working collaboratively across every part of the business. This open attitude has ensured an attitude of continuous improvement at all times. Unlike many companies, the Belfast Skin Clinic stayed open throughout all the lockdowns. Their dermatology service was opened up to the NHS dermatology waiting list, relieving 600 patients during lockdown. The COVID-safe measures such as temperature checks when entering the clinic and mask wearing have been key to protecting the health and wellbeing of staff and patients alike. Looking ahead, the team are delighted to be expanding their services thought their new online store Allskin. This new Dermatologist-led company boasts an exciting range of skin products selected carefully by a talented team of dedicated and highly experienced Dermatologists and Aesthetic Practitioners. Having trialled many different products, customers can be certain of finding the best possible options to serve as an essential part of their skincare regime. When it comes to finding the brightest and best that the dermatology industry has to offer, there are none finer than the team at Belfast Skin Clinic. Their tireless efforts to push the boundaries and offer a service that is not only complete, but second to none has earned them enormous loyalty from their clients. This loyalty is the key to their success and the reason behind their exceptionally high standards. Company: Belfast Skin Care Name: Liam Muldoon Email: [email protected]