Global Excellence Awards 2022

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 GHP / Q1 2022 19 , Nov21843 DITTEL Engineering, having made itself the ‘Cleanroom Engineering Specialists of the Year’ in 2022 for Europe, is a company that has made itself a cornerstone of the world’s medical industry. Since the start of the pandemic, it has worked hard to secure its place on the front lines as a direct combatant to the Covid-19 virus and its spread, raising awareness for the importance of good cleanliness in medical environments. Within a medical setting, cleanliness has always been an imperative that it champions, but during the past 18 months it has been working harder than ever to support an industry struggling with increased strain on every element of its services, making itself a cornerstone to the entire global medical infrastructure writ large. Following the firm’s award-winning success in the 2021 Technology Awards, we find out more about what it has to offer its clients all over Europe. The Front Runners of Modern Medical Hygiene In a world still grappling with the difficulties of a pandemic, the importance of hygiene – in both medical environments and otherwise – is more critical than ever. With the Covid-19 vaccine having been in full swing for a while now, it is pivotal that the medical industry in the macro scale keep to these standards of increased cleanliness and diligence for the continued success of these immunisation campaigns, each observation of good cleaning standards mitigating risk of infection even further. Companies all over Europe are increasingly more cognisant of the fact that they are relying on the service that is provided by cleanroom companies such as DITTEL Engineering, no matter the industry or sector in which they operate; fundamentally, each and every one of them needs to take care of the safety of their clients and staff in order to keep afloat. The success of DITTEL Engineering in the MedTech Awards 2020, therefore, is in the service of these companies, specifically those involved in medical technology manufacturing, laboratory work, pharmaceutical efforts, and hospital facility upkeep. These organisations all require a hygienic working environment as standard, and this is something that DITTEL Engineering has made reliable, effective, and efficient with its cleanroom technology. In essence, its efforts in creating the right kind of technological ecosystem into which a computer chip can be implemented are complex and many-fold, but for the client, it is as simple as contracting its services and watching it work. It works hard to carefully create each of the cleanroom environments it is contracted to develop to fit every requirement set by the client, and the team at DITTEL Engineering settle for nothing less than perfection every single time. The team work closely with the clients, allowing an empathic and comprehensive understanding of what products each client needs and why, ensuring that each of these is implemented without issue, emboldened by the depth and breadth of the knowledge its staff possess regarding how to implement the best industry standards. Critically, with medical technology moving so fast, DITTEL Engineering has been gaining notoriety and respect amongst its industry due to its incredible ability to keep a finger on the pulse of its sector’s latest trends, challenges, and developments, adapting itself accordingly. Thanks to its experience in creating cleanrooms for some of the most innovative companies working in the world today, it has showcased its professionalism and technological prowess at every turn, allowing customers to rest assured that they have put their faith in the hands of the right company. By eliminating human error, manufacturing the best and most tailor-made cleanroom development technologies, and ensuring that each of these products can reach the professional medical institutes that need them, it is continuing to do its part in the fight against infection, and promises that it will remain a stalwart part of this defence system long into the future. Company: DITTEL Engineering Contact: Sanky Marzouk Web: