Global Excellence Awards 2022

28 63 GHP Q2 2022 Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic is an inclusive business which welcomes everyone, from all aspects of life to take advantage of their advanced Semi-Permanent Makeup treatments. As such, it has acquired the title of Manchester’s Leading Semi-Permanent Makeup Clinic, 2022, in recognition of its exceptional standards. Semi-Permanent Ways to Enhance Natural Beauty emi-permanent makeup has captivated societies for centuries, with evidence of the practice being found as far back as 3350 B.C. Altering the appearance is nothing new, people have always strived for the perfect physique, features, and overall aesthetically pleasing appearance. Of course, technology has evolved greatly since then, but at the epicentre of the practice remains an abundance of similarities. Self-confidence and the perception of societal standards have always played an enormous role within this trend, which, in 2022, has perhaps reached an even greater level of importance. To match the influx of demand, aesthetics clinics have appeared in towns and cities across the UK. Manchester is home to one of these clinics – Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic is a leading, cutting edge Semi-Permanent Makeup clinic that strives to improve its clients’ lives in positive ways. Indeed, the company offers a diverse range of Semi-Permanent Micropigmentation services, including Microblading, Ombre brows, Eyeliner, Lip Blush, and Scalp Micropigmentation. In addition, the company boasts Colour Correction and Saline Removal services. Such treatments aid with the improvement of confidence and help to eliminate those small insecurities that everyone experiences on occasion. Therefore, Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic maintains a rather diverse clientele, with customers ranging from 18-year-olds to elderly men and women. In essence, it is a clear representation of the multicultural diversity of Manchester. Further, Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, displaying the Pride and Transgender flags proudly in its Instagram bio. Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic is a place in which people can receive treatments without judgement – no matter their age, gender, or background. It is this that sets the company apart from its cohort. Run solely by Cara Maitland, Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic’s values are a direct reflection of her own personal beliefs and values. Cara is a highly-experienced, qualified Micropigmentation Practitioner, who possesses certifications from the Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattooing, Dermace Training, PhiBrows Academy to mention a few. Moreover, Cara is qualified Semi-Permanent Makeup Trainer and finds joy in watching her students create their own careers, in her training school CTC Academy LTD. It is this that makes the job important to Cara, as she endeavours to create an impact on her client or students, no matter whether the client is undergoing a Lip Blush treatment or a student finally being able to quick their unfulfilling 9-5. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Cara was provided with the time to assess the direction of the business, which has provided an advantage in the long term. However, the pandemic did provide numerous challenges, testing the business’ resilience. This included the closure of Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic’s home, which could not handle the financial burden. Thankfully, Cara was able to move her services into IFace Aesthetics, which enabled her to exceed her prior service standards. Furthermore, the move provided the opportunity for Cara to transition from one-on-one training to groups of four, increasing the company’s turnover and offering more opportunities to keen learners. Henceforth, Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic is looking forward to a busy 2022. This year the company will be opening its online courses, which will allow for individuals to follow along at their own pace whilst being trained by leading practitioners. Yet Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic’s main priority will remain its high-standard of customer care, through which it hopes to continue positively influencing the experiences of its customers. Contact: Cara Maitland Company: Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Web Address: S Apr22152