Global Excellence Awards 2022

Contents 67. Breath Of Life 68. Supporting Projects with Advanced Data 69. The Osteopathic Care Experts for Community Health 70. Invaluable Technology for Great Health, On the Go 71. Sport for Everyone 72. Fully Chaperoned Istanbul Hair Transplant Services 73. Advanced Aesthetic Treatments 74. Dignity And Respect 75. Healthcare of The Future 76. AD: Most Innovative Biotech Company - Switzerland & 2022’s Award for Excellence in Innovation 77. Giving Clients Their Confidence Back 78. The Ethical Experts in Hair Rejuvenation 80. Unlock Your Full Potential 81. Most Innovative Fertility Technology Company 2022 - Middle East 82. Delivering Cutting-Edge Healthcare to Those that Need it 83. Best Orthopaedic Footwear & Orthotics Manufacturer 2022 - UK 84. Leading the Way in Skin Health 85. Medical Care for All Events 86. Award Winning Skin Science 87. Breathe Easy With Bedfont Scientific Ltd. 88. Calibration Connoisseurs! 89. Your Life, Renewed 90. Best Client-Specific Sustainable Adhesive Products 2022 – Europe 91. Institute of Health Economics: Seeking Solutions through Evidence and Economics 92. Goring Medical Projects Ltd: Expert Engineers in the Healthcare Sectorechnology 93. Sushvin Consultancy Services: Providing Effective, Efficient and Affordable Solution to Medical Devices Industry