Global Excellence Awards 2022

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 GHP Q2 2022 Cumberbatch’s treatment, within six months of her first visit, her ankles were almost completely healed. It is clear that Kent Imaging’s SnapshotNIR offers multiple benefits to both its users and their patients. Dr. Duane Cumberbatch’s experience with the product is mirrored within additional expert testimonies, including that of the Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation. The organisation specialises in building awareness around the issues, care requirements and potential complications that can arise from diabetes or PAD-related chronic wounds. The Foundation is now utilising SnapshotNIR in its community outreach screening events. “To be able to use a screening device like Snapshot that can give us information in a short amount of time is invaluable. As we grow our program and do more events around the country and elsewhere, wherever we have technology at our screenings, I think everyone benefits,” summarises Dr. Desmond Bell, a key player, and the creator of the foundation. The SnapshotNIR device is an exciting advancement in wound care technology. There is an increasing amount of evidence that displays the technology’s positive impact on client outcomes and the work clinicians can fulfil. In turn, Kent Imaging is changing the future for wound care, limb preservation, and reconstruction patients. Contact: Sandra Jenks Company: Kent Imaging Inc. Web Address: