Global Excellence Awards 2022

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 GHP Q2 2022 secured its position as a diamond in the crown of the sector at large. This good repute – largely developed by the glowing reviews its clients leave it and the word-of-mouth referrals that they go on to give to their colleagues, friends, and family – has achieved it notice amongst its peers as well as its market segment, and it now enjoys pre-eminence amongst hair transplant clinics in the UK. Its innovation, commitment, and constant development all work towards allowing it to keep this position, and it is thanks to each of these elements that its client base keeps growing. Critically, since receiving more and more reviews and referrals, and receiving more clients as a result, it has seen an influx of people gaining the confidence to reach out to someone about their hair loss concerns and being pointed towards its services as a result. It is incredibly gratified and humbled by this and wishes to thank each and every client who has pointed people its way, as it is through this that Judiva has been able to help more and more people over the past years. With stress-free service and an in-depth commitment to client satisfaction, the facility has been purpose-built to allow for a spa-like feel. This helps its clients to feel a sense of ease right from the first consultation, treating the experience like a self-care and relaxation experience more than a medical procedure in order to keep the entire process friendly, approachable, and un-intimidating. As another facet of this, it is the Judiva Clinics promise that as more innovations and developments are made in its industry, it will incorporate the best of the best into itself, showing the proof behind one of its most lofty tenants; the drive of its staff to be the best of the best. This is something its clients will directly benefit from, as each new training method and procedure they learn will be brought back to be worked into how they serve the clinic’s visitors, ensuring Juvida stays at the head of the pack when it comes to haircare. Its surgeons are each highly talented, incredibly well-vetted, and dedicated to their craft, creating results that are to the letter of client specifications. Furthermore, Juvida’s belief that one size does, in fact, not fit all, informs the procedures that they implement during this process. With a variety of treatments available to a client, these procedures have each been meticulously designed and developed to fit all manner of budgets and conditions, with the staff ready to adapt any of these packages in order to respond directly to a client’s wants, needs, and queries. Critically, the consultation that kicks all of this off and lets a client get a feel for the team and if Juvida is right for them is free. This lets the client engage in a no-stakes, no-obligation chat with