Global Excellence Awards 2022

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 22 GHP Q3 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic forced a drop in IT budgets for many businesses, but AI was one of the few areas where investment was on the rise. The technology proved vital for tracking the spread of the virus and facilitating vaccine research and development. For those data scientists fighting against COVID-19, the team at John Snow Labs provided their licensed software free of charge. Empowering scientists to make better decisions is the very reason behind the creation of John Snow Labs. In the future, John Snow Labs will continue to grow, delivering on the promise of providing production-grade NLP for new benchmarks. With upgrades and software releases every two weeks since 2017, and 600 healthcare-specific models on hand, it’s clear there’s a constant turnover of ideas. The team have expanded their solutions to cover oncology, radiology, and social determinants of health, with plans to cover more specialty areas, document types, and data sources. All of this innovative thinking has led to the recent release of Spark NLP 4.0, one of the team’s biggest product upgrades to date. This astonishing release includes new and significant features and performance improvements, such as question answering annotators, support for Apple silicon M1, and over one thousand state-of-the-art models, among others. The release of this latest product from the John Snow Labs team showcases the level of skill and ingenuity that is on offer from this incredible business. When it comes to implementing AI into the healthcare industry, there is no one better. Company: John Snow Labs Website: Email: [email protected] Artificial Intelligence has begun to play an enormous role in every part of our lives, and healthcare is no exception. The use of technology has been championed by the team at John Snow Labs, and has brought them tremendous success over the years. Named ‘Best Healthcare AI Development Company, 2022 – USA’ and ‘Best Healthcare NLP Development Company, 2022 – USA’ in GHP’s Global Excellence Awards, we thought it time to take a closer look at the firm. Technology has revolutionised the way in which those in health and life science work, offering a wealth of exciting new opportunities for development that have never been open to them before. Leading the way forward are the team from John Snow Labs, specialists in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, who have provided state-of-the-art solutions that have led to optimised health outcomes across the industry. The team’s incredible capacity with natural language processing (NLP) has allowed them to develop clinical and biomedical NLP models that can be used to predict healthcare outcomes. Their NLP library, Spark NLP, is the world’s most widely used NLP library, delivering the most accurate, fast and scalable solutions in the industry. This remarkable resource offers more than 10,000 pretrained models in over 375 languages. Updates are released every two weeks to secure the position of the John Snow Labs at the cutting edge of this rapidly moving sector. Such a leading product demands the highest of standards at all times, and Spark NLP was created to align with strict privacy, security, and compliance requirements. As healthcare-targeted cyber threats continue to escalate, the team have ensured that their solutions will run on their client’s own security infrastructure, meshing with their privacy controls. This will ensure that the team is able to comply with a range of data residency regulations. Working in this innovative new sector has meant the team has had to embrace an incredibly diverse pool of people, based in locations around the world. This highly-educated group of people, the majority holding master’s degrees or above and a quarter earning doctorates, are able to offer a unique perspective on this innovative technology. Instead of offering trendy perks such as free food, summer Fridays, or happy hours, they offer the chance to work with like-minded individuals on the most challenging AI- and open-source problems in existence. Healthcare Of The Future May22611