Global Excellence Awards 2022

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 35 GHP Q4 2022 more IVF cycles annually. This translates into increased access for more prospective parents. Recognizing the hurdles of introducing a new technology into an established area of healthcare, Fairtility has prioritized gaining trust of practitioners to enable widespread adoption. To meet this goal, Fairtility has focused on establishing CHOLE EQ™ as a front runner in AI-powered IVF tools, investing in publishing over 50 research papers and peer-reviewed articles in the past year and half alone. The company has also taken a leading role of educating the market on the need for AI integration into IVF treatment, ushering IVF into a new era of elevated standardized care across clinics and hospitals. With its exemplary data, something that has gained CHLOE EQ™ critical acclaim in Europe under stringent CE MDR directives, the platform has earned the respect and patronage of IVF clinicians all over the world. The devastating impact of Covid-19 on IVF resulted in delayed treatment for many prospective parents who are up against the clock. Coupled with the global shortage of embryologists to fill the growing need for IVF treatment, Fairtility’s solutions enable streamlined and automated workflows that reduce administration, improve communication between stakeholders and improve IVF outcomes through accurate transparent AI-powered embryo quality assessment. The company has plans to pursue clinical validation in the United States in the coming year, leading the way in regulatorybacked AI-powered IVF solutions. Company: Fairtility Contact: Nicole Grubner Website: 90 million couples around the world – and one in five people (19 percent) with the capacity for pregnancy in the USA – experience fertility challenges. Even with the latest advancements in fertility treatment, only 30 percent of prospective parents are successful in IVF treatment, a number that continues to decrease with age. Fairtility™ delivers unparalleled visibility to both clinicians and embryologists with CHLOE™ (Cultivating Human Life through Optimal Embryos), the first and only transparent AI-based decision support tool providing clinicians and embryologists with a userfriendly interface that enables data review from each IVF cycle and fosters collaboration, also enabling open discussions between patients and clinical teams. Since its establishment in 2019, Fairtility has made itself a cornerstone innovator in the IVF market. As a complex process, IVF treatment demands strategic decisions that clinicians and embryologists must make at countless intervals, opening the doors for potential error. Fairtility is on a mission to transform IVF into a transparent process, providing AI-driven embryo quality assessment, along with the biological data supporting that assessment, to help augment IVF care via its flagship product, CHLOE EQ™. With CHLOE EQ™, clinicians and embryologists alike can access unparalleled visibility into the biology of each embryo culture with trustworthy and comprehensive AI decision support insights. Trained using millions of data points, including patient and embryo data, CHLOE EQ™ interprets subtle visual and developmental attributes that contribute to the understanding of the embryo potential for implantation. As such, CHLOE EQ™ is the first and only transparent AI decision support tool. CHLOE EQ™ offers visibility and explainability of its AI output - providing not just an embryo quality score, but also insights into the data to support its conclusions. CHLOE EQ™ unlocks both the clinical and operational potential of IVF clinics in the service of patients. Research recently presented at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine 2022 found CHLOE reduces embryologist workloads by 33%, which results in improved productivity, enabling each embryologist to support 50% Most Innovative Fertility Technology Company 2022 - Middle East Oct22018