Global Excellence Awards 2022

GHP Global Excellence Awards 2022 38 GHP Q4 2022 Giving people the freedom to be themselves and live their lives to their full potential is arguably the most important thing a business can do for an individual. Not only does Renew Medical guarantee brighter days ahead for individuals who need it, but it promises peace of mind for their loved ones. Here we look to Renew as it wins Best Bowel Management Device Manufacturers 2022 – UK. Renew Medical is on a mission to help as many people as possible in living their lives to the fullest. Established in 2015 and based in London, Renew is a medical device company making a difference to people everywhere. Its medical devices aid those in managing their lives better, with the help from its bowel goods. Its Aquaflush Trans Anal Irrigation, and Renew Insert management products help thousands of people on a daily basis. Breathing new life into them, Renew offers a second wind to those with complex health issues. Renew is embarking on yet another journey after acquiring Aquaflush Medical Ltd, and is doing so by expanding its range to include the Stoma Stopper. By branching out like this, it is clear to see that Renew is a successful and respected company that is altering the industry by investing in, and inventing, new bowel management products. The Aquaflush Irrigation system ensures an active bowel care routine that means individuals can improve their bowel routines every day – for a more predictable routine that allows them to do more with their time around this. With all accessories available for purchase, Renew supplies everything they need to guarantee comfort and ease on a long term basis. Its clinically tested supplies, such as the Renew Insert, have been tested and supplied for many years. Backed by experience, science, and technology, Renew has constructed a foundation of trust upon which to build many sturdy relationships with customers who need its support. The Renew Inserts help to prevent faecal incontinence (accidental bowel leakage) by being discreet, hygienic, and easy to use. Winning awards for their design and function, Renew has gained a lot of recognition for its dedicated work in the industry. These inserts are also available on prescription for ease of reorder. Not only has the Renew Insets caught the eye of many for its other inventions, but the Aquaflush Stoma Stopper is a patented product that attracts individuals to Renew. It maintains stoma sites around the body and can be cut to length for maximum comfort and ease, and they are virtually undetectable under clothing – resulting in higher self-confidence. After reaching out overseas, as well as throughout the UK, Renew is absolutely committed to improving the lives of thousands – if not millions – of people around the world. For people with bowel issues, there are many options on the market – but none as straightforward and helpful as the options at Renew. Its products bring independence and stability for every user, as well as the comfort and satisfaction of their loved ones knowing that they are happy and more able to live their lives. Renew always looks for ways to help people, from its own customers to those being cared for by charities across the UK. It supports trade, improved patient care, and beneficiaries to ensure a better future for everyone. Winning Best Bowel Management Device Manufacturers 2022 – UK is no small feat, and Renew continues to pull out all the stops to make a difference to the globe. We know it will go on to support even more people, with a larger variety of products, and with its wealth of experience to back it up – congratulations Renew Medical, you truly deserve the win! Contact: Debbie Gordon Company: Renew Medical Web Address: Your Life, Renewed Sep22240 “Be confident, be in control, be you!”