Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

10 According to Market Data Forecast, the global medical cannabis market size was estimated at USD 16.47 billion in 2022, with numbers expected to reach USD 46.18 billion by 2027. Indeed, there is a visible demand for medical cannabis which – when its benefits are considered – is unsurprising, as medical cannabis products can be used in the treatment of a variety of ailments. As the global use increases, be it as a treatment for pain, seizures, or nausea, to name a few, this market is only going to grow in value. Located in Christchurch, New Zealand, Medical Kiwi is at the heart of the vibrant industry, providing high-quality medical cannabis to institutions across the globe. Driven by its motto ‘better health outcomes, naturally,’ Medical Kiwi utilises a team of experts to grow, manufacture and sell its products, which ensures that its medical cannabis is both high-quality and safe. Such procedures take place at the company’s state of the art facility on New Zealand’s South Island, which is officially named the South Island and Te Waipounamu. With a creative, science-based approach to producing and providing cannabinoid medicines to those that need them most, Medical Kiwi is in the unique position to influence how the world delivers contemporary healthcare. Moreover, the company is equipped to create an abundance of value within the emerging market, not only in New Zealand but also on a global scale. This is, in part, thanks to its solid foundation of research, innovative product development, relationships with leading companies, and agreements for future sales. In essence, Medical Kiwi is devoted to the betterment and expansion of the medical cannabis industry. Playing a significant role in the company’s mission, the Medical Kiwi team – which is comprised of experts in sales, governance, and biochemistry – is committed to offering assurance from seed to sale. They strive to be professional, observant, and imaginative, using such traits to design ground-breaking medical cannabis products. In addition, it is imperative for the team to uphold the company’s ethos. 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Jul22175 The entire process, from cultivation to the development of consumer goods, is all covered by the Medical Kiwi team; however, such sales are currently operating through a B2B system. Whilst Medical Kiwi has accomplished a great amount, it has also had to face several challenges. Most recently, of course, such hurdles came in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. The outbreak exacerbated the current problems surrounding supply chains and logistics, resulting in even greater delays, which have complicated Medical Kiwi’s operations. In addition, in New Zealand, there is a bottleneck surrounding doctors being willing to prescribe medicinal cannabis, which is why Medical Kiwi has established its own medicinal cannabis clinic. Indeed, in March 2022, Medical Kiwi launched the telehealth medicinal cannabis prescription service, The Pain Clinic (TPC). Through the launch of this service, Medical Kiwi hopes to cultivate further accessibility to medicinal cannabis, as it believes that this wellbeing and healthcare revolution will benefit millions of people worldwide. In fact, this is evident through TPC’s work, as many of its clients have exhausted every other course of treatment for their health issues. Consequently, TPC and, as a result, Medical Kiwi have many inspiring tales of how it has helped improve people’s lives. Furthermore, Medical Kiwi has plans to leverage The Pain Clinic to increase education surrounding medicinal cannabis. Speaking on behalf of Medical Kiwi, CEO Moses Nasalo comments, ‘Growing and sharing knowledge is an important part of our business, hence the Virtual GP project. We are unique in that we have licenses for a full range of medicinal cannabis activities, and full vertical integration from seed to sale. We are New Zealand’s leading cannabis and natural wellness products company.’ The service, which Medical Kiwi states is its biggest achievement, is running alongside several other Medical Kiwi projects. For example, the company also has a ‘botanics’ project in the works, for which it has patented a number of natural plant compounds. Medical Kiwi hopes to develop these compounds into products that will topically treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Going forward, Medical Kiwi will continue to evolve these projects, using them to educate both patients and healthcare professionals. It hopes to bring about a future in which patients can make informed decisions surrounding their healthcare and treatment journeys and, as a result, can obtain prescriptions for medicinal cannabis products in a more accessible way. Contact: Moses Nasalo (CEO) Company: Medical Kiwi Web Address: Most Innovative Emerging Medical Cannabis Company 2022 - Australasia Medical cannabis is becoming increasingly prevalent within the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers and patients alike are turning to medical cannabis products for a natural, and often holistic, treatment for dozens of health issues. Medical Kiwi is a company that is leading this wave, creating safe and effective medical cannabis products for clients around the world.