Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

12 network, feeding back all that he has learned during his tenure as a lecturer directly into the company. Recently, his familial dedication to his employees, and the want to pass things from father to son, has been something he wishes to foster in his wider industry, too. With the young generation being the future of all things, it is DITTELS’ philosophy that the preparation of this generation is of the utmost priority. With doors that are always open to the curious, an encouragement of friendship and forming tightly knit bonds between workers, an encouragement of highquality, sustainable workloads, and a wish to promote an attitude that success is a team effort, its small-medium sized business is run with an impeccable people-first culture and a dedication to social commitment. This company has also done all it can to overcome the challenges of Covid-19. With its clean rooms being created and implemented by a litany of motivated and technically impeccably trained employees, the internal driving force behind its team is something that has grained the company significant renown. The focus on technical competence alone is not something that DITTEL is interested in. Indeed, correct training and lab technique can be taught, and education can be gained, but the correct attitude is so much harder to encourage, and so it looks for people who will fit in amongst its ranks and can be taught the various finer points of the business later. As a service provider for cleanrooms that promotes the utmost hygiene and scientific rigour, DITTEL Engineering has made a name for itself for its full package service provisions. From its planning and engineering to its qualifications, metrology, consultancy, project management, and training, its service of the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical engineering, microelectronics, optical mechanics, and plastic industries has made DITTEL an incredibly diligent front-runner when it comes to full-package, turnkey clean rooms. Nominally, DITTEL Engineering’s portfolio of clients is an exemplary slice of the medical and scientific management industry. Serving incredible clientele across Europe, Asia, the USA, and the Middle East, it was founded by Dr Dittel in the year 1993 in Bavaria in order to provide the best cleanroom solutions for the clients that needed it the most. Indeed, the goal has grown and evolved over the years, but its core commitment has remained the same, something that it is positive will remain the case even as Dr. Dittel’s eldest son Florian angles to take over the company after the planned transition phase that is already in progress. Now managed in a partnership between two of the Dittel family – something that began in July of 2020 – the company has been in a period of growth, development, and positive change throughout the onset of the pandemic, despite the difficulties it faced therein. With the cleanroom engineering market’s growth proceeding apace, it has made itself a company at the very forefront of this push towards a brighter future, with DITTEL proudly holding the top spot in its market with over 500 satisfied customers across a huge variety of different sized products over the time it has been in operation. Thus, its cleanroom solutions have been granted several prestigious awards that are worthy of its place at the top of the industry, from the 2016 German innovator award to the 2017 European Innovation prize from S-Lab in London. As the ‘Best Cleanroom Design and Engineering Company’ in Europe, as award by GHP, Dr. Gernod Dittel is incredibly proud of all that his company has accomplished, both under his wing and whilst in the joint care of both him and his son. Being a family company, he has ensured that the commitment to client satisfaction is something that will always remain constant, able to treat each of his employees as part of an extended familial Best Clean Room Technology Service Provider - Germany