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14 Blissiree, an education and wellness company running one of the most innovative wellness apps and outstanding brick-and-mortar wellness spas for mental health services, has been created by founder Terri Bowman to change how mental health treatment is delivered. After a couple of years of studying in the UK and Germany, Terri realised that there was a real need to tackle how behavioural regression was triggered by external variables – potentially undoing months of progress. In this, Terri found her new calling. She has since dedicated herself to finding a new technique to help with this relapse, as she felt that her duty of care as a practitioner wasn’t fulfilled by the provision of kinesiology alone. Ultimately, Terri wishes to break the cycle for ‘revolving door’ patients, having seen the frustration and distress that such patients experience when their mental health becomes a significant issue, thanks to an external trigger. With that goal in mind, Terri has turned her attention towards studying the conscious and unconscious, cracking the code of using unconscious behavioural patterns and how they influence intended behaviour. She has used theories such as genetic memory, unconscious drivers, and natural versus nurtured response research to develop ideas of how deeply entrenched ‘instinctive’ reactions are created and carried out. It was after experiencing mental illness first hand – and the shortfall of public services on offer to those dealing with such difficulties – that Terri created the positive auditory stimuli technique. In short, her dream was one day to have something to offer people suffering from mental health issues that ultimately turn the experience of a psychiatric ward on its head. Terri aimed to create something client-focused, and empathetic that focused on the healing process rather than just the suppression of symptoms. Opening two mental health-focused ‘brain wellness spas’ both north and south of the river and launching the Blissiree app, Blissiree has made itself a cornerstone of the wellness industry, the dedication and determination of its founder forming the core principles that keep it striving for greatness. Thus, many of its clients show impressive improvement after 14 sessions – to 19 sessions for those suffering from more profound 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Jul22298 issues. Working to influence the unconscious part of our brains to change behaviour, Terri and Blissiree teach and heal in equal measure, with the Blissiree app allowing patients to access help from the comfort of their own home without having to rush to appointments or share the deep and dark thoughts that they may be struggling with. Critically, this is especially helpful for those who work with toxic shame and how much such a thing can impact their ability to seek effective treatment. Blissiree allows patients to work at their own pace through the most distressing symptoms, changing their brains through their drive and will to get better, all the while aided by a supportive company that genuinely cares about their wellbeing. Indeed, the founder also hasn’t stopped here. She has made two documentaries: “Taboo of the Broken Brain” and “Blue Rain, PTSD, The Silent Suffering” both of which can be found on YouTube and contain invaluable advice for families and sufferers. Indeed, the biggest challenge facing mental health today is a system in crisis – under-resourced to deal with the number of patients and the severity of ailments. Too many people lose their lives to suicide, thinking they have no other options because there are not enough people to listen to them. The current mental health system is characterised by overworked staff members and consequently, very few receiving the proper training and support. Blissiree seeks to change that. By being a linchpin supporter of a mental health infrastructure in desperate need of it, it is helping people to cope with the continued mounting pressures of the world, from COVID-19 to global socio-economic stress. In this, it has tirelessly improved its clients’ lives, giving them actionable help and guidance to allow 94% of them to reach a point in their recovery where they can effectively manage their symptoms. Continually developing, improving, and innovating, Blissiree’s founder develops at least two new bodies of work a year to help its clients, and it plans to launch in the USA and Canada by early 2023. Terri hopes to expand to the UK and Europe shortly after and, by 2027, she hopes to be active all over the world. Blissiree’s approach is evidence-based and was recently published in the European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences. The peer-reviewed study examined data from 535 patients who underwent the Emotional Empowerment Program. Using well-validated and widely used psychometric tools, like the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and the Penn State Worry Questionnaire, Terri found that patients who completed the program with 12-14 subliminal programming sessions exhibited increases in self-esteem and state of being. Likewise, patients reported significant reductions in anxiety, depression, stress, and worry. Importantly, in-person and virtual patients both reaped the benefits of the program. Company: Blissiree Contact: Terri Bowman Website: Most Innovative Natural Mental Health Service 2022 - WA Terri Bowman began her business, Brain Wellness Spa, in Perth, Western Australia, with the ongoing mission of helping people to escape the trap of falling back into the habits of sabotaging beliefs and perceptions. Now, Terri has become a crucial driver on the greater psychological landscape for tackling regressive behaviour through her extraordinary mental health app, Blissiree.