Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

29 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 The pharmaceutical industry has been at the forefront of many people’s minds over the last few years for various reasons, public scrutiny falling on companies involved to a degree never seen before. In this environment, it is imperative to spotlight firms like Promedis Pharm. This Romanian organisation ensures that healthcare is not seen as a privilege or luxury for the few, it guarantees peace of mind for all. “SANATATEA NU ESTE UN LUX” is the core principle behind the inception of Promedis Pharm in 2017, and it is a principle that continues to act as the firm’s core ethos. Translated to English, Promedis believes that “HEALTH IS NOT A LUXURY” and works to put this belief into practice. Its goal is to prioritise the prevention of maladies and illness all by encouraging transparency and information on the healthcare industry to be better distributed – alongside its carefully selected and highly concentrated formulas for medication. Promedis is a small business that markets, distributes, and researches pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. It focuses on products that alleviate joint and back pain but hosts an in-depth inventory that covers far more. From anxiety and mental fatigue to digestion and improved immune system support, Promedis has made many strides since 2017 to be a medical provider the people of Romania can rely on. Despite its relative youth, it is a company that comprises specialists with over 12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field in the Romanian market. Mainly through its CEO, Maria Roxana Talpan, whose skills and knowledge from 14 years of experience in this field have led Promedis to many advancements and its industry-leading status. For example, it is the leading provider of Hyaluronic Acid (used for joint pains) in Romania, offering competitive prices also. It was made possible partly due to the impressive negotiating talents that forged Promedis’ partnership with a critical player in the pharmaceutical field. This same partner company also supports Promedis in many other projects. This has allowed it to continue developing and distributing products at the superb standard its clients and consumers have come to expect. Promedis is deeply committed to maintaining high standards; the firm has adopted the EU’s values of integrity, openness, and freedom as an integral part of its organisational culture and sticks to them stringently. It celebrates the advantages of the EU, such as the free movement of goods, and operates as a model business within the union at every step. However, its plans are unrelated to the firm’s continued practice within the EU. Its future plans are ambitious. It is currently discussing creating a distribution network for its leading brand and negotiating to expand its business outside of Europe. Though these ideas are in early stages, Promedis is confident that both are not a matter of if but when and where. On a more local level, Promedis is working on opening its first clinic. This will focus strongly on patients suffering from joint and back pain using holistic treatments and alternative medicine based on intraarticular injections and different procedures for recovery. The most significant challenge Promedis faces is to keep moving forward, one it has continued to rise to meet. So many larger firms, even multinational companies, halted their operations and left Romania during the Covid-19 pandemic. Promedis was one of the few that weathered the storm and adapted to the times. It still maintains its field team but has also developed its online division, website, and online marketing team and even offers virtual meetings and presentations with pharmaceutical professionals. The healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry is a contentious but essential industry, having organisations like Promedis looking to ensure its products are at a high standard, that it adheres closely to the regulations. It operates with such a welcoming and forwardthinking ethos that highlights it as a different breed to its competitors. Promedis Pharm isn’t just a credit to the industry – it is a credit to Romania as a whole, and is well worthy of its Best Pharmaceutical Expert Provider award. Contact: Maria Roxana Talpan Company: Promedis Pharm Web Address: Best Pharmaceutical Expert Provider – Romania Jul22403