Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

31 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 TFP Belfast Fertility knows better than anyone how to make families, through a personalised care plan and access to a world of fertility expertise that is second to none. From the very beginning the staff at TFP Belfast Fertility have committed themselves to the health, happiness and care of patients, and share a true passion for helping everyone to have the very best fertility experience. TFP Belfast Fertility is a flagship clinic for an international network, and every 90 minutes a TFP baby is born somewhere in the world -with many here in Belfast.The clinic is proud of its reputation, the families it is has helped and the consistently positive feedback it receives inding that you have difficulties conceiving can be a challenging and emotionally upsetting time. Yet each year many individuals and couples find themselves facing this situation and needing the help of a specialist clinic. TFP Belfast Fertility is one of the region’s leading clinics, with a team of experts dedicated to helping people to achieve the very best fertility experience. It is part of an international network of expert fertility clinics, with more than 30 years of experience leading advances in fertility care. This solid foundation ensures that TFP Belfast Fertility can offer the widest range of fertility treatments, including the latest scientifically backed fertility approaches and techniques for every situation. The clinic is renowned for delivering exceptional care and understanding, together with an individual plan tailored to the needs of every patient – giving everyone the best chance a successful outcome. This includes a full range of fertility treatments from IVF to IUI, ICSI, frozen embryo transfer, vitrification, fertility preservation and surgical sperm retrieval. Patients also have the option to attend one of the well-appointed outreach clinics, so they can receive the same high quality of care as TFP Belfast Fertility, as close to home as possible. These clinics are located in Bally Kelly, Dublin, Letterkenny and Newry; each working in tandem with the main clinic to provide seamless care without compromise. An important benefit of the outreach clinics is to reduce stress and smooth the path of treatment, and this is a cornerstone of the TFP Belfast Fertility philosophy. The close-knit clinical teams work together to help every patient through their fertility journey with the minimum amount of stress, creating the best possible experience and outcome. Every patient is offered counselling and lifestyle support services which are proven to make a difference to outcomes and even-out the emotional ups and downs of a fertility experience. And the team is constantly learning and striving to improve the way they meet the needs of their patients. This was exemplified during the pandemic when TFP Belfast Fertility quickly adapted to virtual consultations, counselling and information events with clinicians, allowing patients to continue to receive uninterrupted care, despite many of them being unable to reach the clinic in person. There are many moments that go into making a family and TFP Belfast Fertility is committed to supporting patients through each one and considering their health and wellbeing well into the future. This is one of the reasons why TFP success rates are consistently above the industry average. TFP Belfast Fertility looks forward to helping many more families in the years to come. TFP Belfast Fertility has a 5/5 inspection rating from the HFEA Company: TFP Belfast Fertility Contact: Matthew Laird Website: F Jul22219 Fertility Clinic of the Year 2022 - Northern Ireland