Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022

33 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2022 Providing outstanding care for the elderly that is holistic, compassionate, and discrete, Steady Care Services prizes getting to know each of its patients as people as well as service users. Nominally, it delivers its care in its client’s own home, allowing them to remain living in the environment they are most comfortable in and receive an extraordinary quality of care without the distress and upheaval of being moved into assisted living in a home. With a motto of ‘gentle hands that care’ and a deep dedication to making its service users feel heard, seen, and valued, Steady Care Services delivers home care solutions that offer not just better care, but a better experience. Nominally, its personal and empathic carers work hard to treat everyone with the care, dedication, and respect they deserve, delivering bespoke care that is perfectly tailored to fit even the most profound needs, and trained to meeting and exceeding expectations. Exemplary care is its cornerstone philosophy, after all, and it takes every necessary step and beyond in order to ensure the safety and happiness of the service user is its core concern. No matter a person’s religion, culture, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, background, disability, or impairment, Steady Care Services will serve them with the same level of tenacity and commitment as anyone else; in this way, its incredible workers each go above and beyond to ensure their needs are seen to. Fundamentally, this care extends to so much more than just medications or exercises. It helps with everything from meal preparation to cleaning the house, as well as just companionship or providing a shoulder to cry on, with its carers becoming a friend to the service user who truly wants what’s best for them and is happy to help. In this way, the excellent service it delivers to its patients is only possible thanks to the diligence and dedication of its staff. Its impeccable internal culture of accomplishment, accountability, great training, great pay, and excellent support ensure that each carer feels appropriately confident in going out and delivering the best support to an elderly person in need. Indeed, it extends its thanks to every one of them for their hard work, and delivers a role that is rewarding, satisfying, and flexible that ensures low turnover rates and has resulted in a great internal support system. With a CQC rating of Good, this Dorset based company is proud to be offering the best of dementia care, palliative care, and supported living to its senior service users, and promises that it will be continuing to deliver these impeccable standards long into the future as it continues to grow. Company: Steady Care Services Contact: Rebecca Agaba Website: Most Client-Focused Full Care Services Company 2022 - UK Jul22379