Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

105 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 Simply put, Healthcare Marketing Canada (also known as The Dental SEO Company) focuses on what search engines care about to get their clients ranking at the top. Through the creation of operational efficiencies and internal processes, The Dental SEO Company delivers superior results at competitive prices. We find out more from Owner, Nash Kassam, as the company is celebrated in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023. The Dental SEO Company/Healthcare Marketing Canada is a niche boutique search engine marketing agency which helps healthcare professionals, such as dentists, chiropractors, and plastic surgeons, get in front of prospective patients via Google using both organic and paid strategies. Owned and operated by Nash Kassam, Healthcare Marketing came to fruition when he helped his parents (both of whom are dentists) acquire hundreds of new patients by getting their practice found on Google. “I grew their practice by more than $400,000 in the first year,” explains Nash. “Realizing I could help other dentists, just like my parents, I started my own dental marketing firm, Healthcare Marketing which we are now in the process of rebranding to The Dental SEO Company.” Before Nash starts working with a dentist or any new healthcare client, he asks himself one simple question: “If this were my parent’s practice, what would I do?” He claims that this approach has helped him to ensure that he only provides ROI-focused services to practices who need his help. With core values centred around loyalty (Nash will only ever work with two clients in any given area to avoid a conflict), being results-oriented, and being upfront and honest, Healthcare Marketing has emerged as one of the premiere search engine marketing agencies for dentists and plastic surgeons. Healthcare Marketing now helps over 100 dental practices across North America. Today, Nash works with smaller single location practices and bigger multilocation practices within the dental, rehab, and plastic surgery verticals. His favourite practices to work with are those based in cities with a big population and more competition. Nash knows that even though it takes a bit longer to see results, the ROI is higher and he can have a bigger impact on the practice’s success. He highlights some of the benefits of working with him and how he differentiates from competitors. “I don’t lock you into any contracts!” he begins. “We want to earn your business every month. Get rid of us anytime if you aren’t happy! If you aren’t seeing a positive return on investment after the first year, we’ll work for free until you do. If you aren’t in the top three on Google Healthcare SEO Specialists of the Year 2023 - Canada Aug23195 organically or locally for top keywords after the first year, we’ll work for free until you are!” Nash also tells us that he offers a KPI guarantee whereby if he hasn’t improved a company’s impressions, traffic, leads, or new patients by at least 50% after the first year, he’ll work for free until this happens. Plus, he has no hidden charges, such as setup or cancellation fees, meaning that Healthcare Marketing will shoulder the risk of getting things started. With so much happening regarding artificial intelligence (AI) lately, it is not surprising that Nash is curious about how this type of technology will affect things. Not only could this pose a significant challenge within the industry, it could also offer opportunities. “It’s a bit too early to tell how we should adapt,” Nash explains. “But our position is that we want to help dentists and healthcare professionals get found where people are searching, and we will adapt accordingly.” Recently, for his incredible expertise in the SEO market, Nash and his team at Healthcare Marketing and The Dental SEO Company was recently recognised in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Healthcare SEO Specialists of the Year 2023 – Canada. Understandably delighted by this accolade, Nash looks forward to a bright future of helping more healthcare professionals get in front of prospective patients looking for care. “We have basically mastered dental and plastic surgery marketing,” he enthuses proudly. “Our average customer generates around $500,000 of additional revenue each year from online marketing and sees an average of $12 back for every $1 invested.” Contact Details Contact: Nash Kassam Company: The Dental SEO Company/Healthcare Marketing Canada Web Address: Email: [email protected]