Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 Best Independent Non Commercial Dispensing Pharmacy 2023 – USA With the rising costs in healthcare and the larger need for digital solutions, we’re proud to highlight the work of a non-commercial dispensing pharmacy making a difference. Medvantx is a healthcare firm based in San Diego, CA. Connecting patients with providers and healthcare organizations, Medvantx ensures they receive the medication and the treatment they both need and deserve. Here we talk to Medvantx’s CEO, Prasanna Parthasarathy, as it secures its title in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023 Featuring:

Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 Healthcare-Focused Beverage Packaging Innovator of the Year 2023 - Switzerland The beverage industry needs to change with the times, and demands of its consumers, to make it easier for people to enjoy the drinks they like best. Established in 2006, ViCAP Global AG (ViCAP) is a pioneer with a wealth of experience in the beverage packaging industry. ViCAP has, since its formation, partnered with KA-EX’s fine research team, under ETH pharmacist Pedro Pablo Schmidt, to create the one and only functional drink which will elevate the beverage industry. Here we talk to KA-EX CEO, Pedro Schmidt and to ViCAP’s CEO, Roger Franz Wilfinger, as it cinches its title in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023.

Global Health & Pharma is excited to announce the launch of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023! Returning for the eighth consecutive year, this ever-popular award has become a flagship programme for the GHP brand. For the last seven years, we have been dedicated to recognising the leading companies driving innovation within these sectors, and in 2023 we will delve even deeper into the key trends and industry developments shaping the Health and Pharma market today. Global healthcare expenditure has been steadily growing year-on-year for the past two decades, with the USA and Europe ranking as the world’s top regions for healthcare spending. Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

7. SAJO: Best Antiviral & Antibacterial Molecule R&D Specialists 2023 8. Medvantx: Best Independent Non-Commercial Dispensing Pharmacy 2023 – USA 12. ViCAP Global AG: Healthcare-Focused Beverage Packaging Innovator of the Year 2023 - Switzerland 16. CanaQuest Medical Corp: Best Independent Non- Commercial Dispensing Pharmacy 2023 – USA 18. easyVit Pharmaceuticals BV: Best Family Vitamins & Supplements Brand 2023 - Western Europe 20. Neuro Spine & Pain Clinic: Best Spine & Brain Injury Assessment Clinic 2023 - Mexico 22. MediStart a brand of Unirag Studienplatzvermittlung GmbH & Co.KG: Most Inclusive Medical Education Organisation 2023 - Europe 24. The Whiteley Clinic: Most Innovative Vein Clinic 2023 - UK 26. Zontos Hair & Skin Clinic: Best Hair Transplant Clinic 2023 - Greece 28. Seaford Pharmaceuticals Inc: Healthcare Marketing Specialists of the Year 2023 – Canada & Innovation Award in R&D Excellence 2023 - Canada 30. Scottsdale Hyperbaric Center: Best Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Practice 2023 - Southwest USA & GHP Patient Care Excellence Award 2023 - Southwest USA 32. Stapgen: Leading Pioneers in Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Technology 2023 34. Organa Fuel: Best Immuno-Health Supplement 2023 - USA 36. Clinic to Cloud: Best Practice Management Software Development Company 2023 - Australia 38. CR Clinical: Best Clinical Research Services Provider 2023 - Pennsylvania 40. R.G. Hypnotherapy: Most Uplifting Clinical Hypnotherapist (Australia): Renay Gramberg 42. Standout Medical Careers: Medical Career Management Service of the Year 2023 - Australia 44. Ai Beauty Clinic: Best Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Practice 2023 46. Tees Medical Services Ltd: Best Medical Screening Service Provider 2023 - North East England 48. Orifarm: Best Imported Pharmaceuticals Supplier 2023 – Europe 50. Cannim: Medicinal Cannabis Producer of the Year 2023 52. West Berkshire Injury Clinic: Osteopathy & Sports Therapy Specialists of the Year 2023 – Berkshire 53. ANIMA RES GmbH: Best Medical Animation Studio 2023 - Germany 54. Wellness by Dr Zeltser: Wellness & Integrative Health Innovator of the Year 2023 - Australia 55. Rowallan House: Rowallan House: Best Family-Run Care Home Provider 2023 - Southern England 56. MM411 dba Medical Marijuana 411: Global Leader in Cannabis Education 2023 - USA Contents

Contents 57. Leila Soudah Medical Clinic: Most Innovative Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Infertility Clinic 2023 - UAE 58. Origin Health Group Limited: Best Sports Therapy & Osteopathy Practice 2023 - Cheltenham 59. CoastWide Smiles Dentalcare Pty Ltd: Best Private Dental Practice 2023 - Northeastern Australia 60. Cornerstone Care Solutions: Most Trusted Independent Healthcare Management Consultancy - UK 61. ELR Homecare Ltd: Best Home Care Provider 2023 - West Midlands 62. Aesthetics Medspa: Best Medical Aesthetics Clinic 2023 - Nevada 63. Dental Devices by Jason: Most Innovative Dental Device Development & Production Company 2023 - South Australia 64. Michaela Huber PPT: Best Psychology Education & Training Programs 2023 - Europe 65. Hypnosis and Therapy Centre: Hypnosis Centre of the Year 2023 - ROI 66. Radiologie-Uni-Frankfurt: Best Modern Radiology Institute 2023 - Germany 67. Platinum Glow Aesthetics LTD: Excellence Award for Aesthetic Treatments 2023 - Central London 68. Neuro-Sys: CNS/PNS Outsourcing & CRO of the Year 2023 - Europe 69. KCStrengthsHUB: Pharmaceutical Corporate Coach of the Year 2023 (UK): Sarah Hayes 70. The Leading Care Company: Best Home Care Agency 2023 - Slough 71. Feellife Health Inc.: Best Nebulised Vaccine Equipment Specialists 2023 72. EnPhysion Health: Most Compassionate Physical Therapy & Training Provider 2023 - Northeast USA 73. Dr Suzanne Ravenall & The Ravenall Institute: Most Innovative Human Performance Specialists 2023 - South Africa 74. Clarity Homecare: Best Home Care Service 2023 - Kent 75. Laihin J Cheung, LCSW: Most Dedicated Trauma Therapy Provider 2023 - West Coast USA 76. Mangel Klicks: Best Integrated Healthcare Company 2023 - Ghana 77. AIDS Resource: Most Innovative Healthcare Practice 2023 – Pennsylvania & Leading Provider of HIV Prevention Programs 2023 - Pennsylvania 78. DITTEL Engineering GmbH: Best Clean Room Technology Service Provider 2023 - Germany 79. Children’s Complex Care by Voyage Care: Best Specialist Support Needs Services Provider 2023 80. Crystal Wings Healing Art: Most Transformative Healing Artist 2023 (Florida): Barbara Evans 81. Fleri: Best Medical Insurance Company for Immigrants in the Diaspora 2023 - USA 82. Implantica Trading AG: Most Innovative MedTech Company 2023 - Central Europe

83. Livaware: Most Innovative Personal Healthcare Service 2023 - UK 84. Fabs Domiciliary Home Care: Live-In Care Provider of the Year 2023 - London5. ELR Homecare Ltd: Best Home Care Provider 85. Kinetic Center of Advanced Audiology Ltd: Best Audiology Treatment Center 2023 - Warsaw 86. Spark Biomedical: Best Wearable Neurostimulation Solutions Developer 2023 87. Discovery PR: Most Innovative Life Science PR Specialists 2023 88. MedsMarket: HealthTech & Pharma Innovators 2023 - North West England 89. Manatí Medical Center: Most Dedicated Family Medicine Practice 2023 - Puerto Rico 90. LabFinder GmbH: Best Laboratory Supplies Platform 2023 - Central Europe 91. Vista Technology Support: Best Pharmacy IT Support Company 2023 - UK 92. NatureDoc Clinic: Functional Medicine Expert of the Year 2023 (London): Lucinda Miller 93. Hyssop Health: Best Illness Prevention Product Brand 2023 - Florida 94. Healing Life: Best Holistic Health & Transformation Company 2023 - Florida 95. BRIO Ultrasonics: BRIO Ultrasonics, Best Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer 2023 – Spain 96. AmBience Healthcare Ltd: Best Life-Changing Residential Care Specialists 2023 - Northern England 97. Therm-Oz Showers: Assistive Care Product of the Year 2023: Therm-Oz Thermostatic Shower GHP Safety Innovation Award 2023 98. Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry: Best Boutique Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Practice 2023 - USA 99. Iraq Star Inc., dba Rebuilding America’s Warriors: Best Veteran Healthcare Non-Profit Organization 2023 101. HealthTextiles: Best Healthcare Fabric Provider 2023 - Sweden 102. B Beauty Center: Best Face & Body Treatments Provider 2023 - Fairfax County 103. AscellaHealth: Best Global Specialty Pharmacy & Healthcare Services Organization 2023 104. The Menopause Hub: GHP Excellence Award for Workplace Menopause Training & Education Services 2023 - ROI 105. The Dental SEO Company/Healthcare Marketing Canada: Healthcare SEO Specialists of the Year 2023 - Canada 106. USMCA Pharmaceutical: Best Pharmaceutical Technology Company 2023 107. Smile Concepts Ltd: Best General & Cosmetic Dental Practice 2023 - New Zealand GHP Patient Care Excellence Award 2023 Contents

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 Located in Germany, SAJO is a research-driven enterprise working to prepare the world for the inevitable pandemic threats of the future. To this end, it has created advanced technology that can quickly and accurately identify compounds with strong antiviral activity. This will equip humanity with the tools it needs to defeat the next century of infectious diseases. Best Antiviral & Antibacterial Molecule R&D Specialists 2023 riginally established as a consulting firm focused on infectious disease, SAJO has evolved into an operational business for antiviral drug development. Its core discipline lies in the market of screening for drugs and drug targets for antiviral intervention. SAJO was founded by Dr. Sabine Breun and Dr. Jörg Baumann, two experienced scientists turned entrepreneurs. They are committed to contributing towards the global effort to fight the infectious diseases that threaten mankind. The duo started out in basic research in the 1990s, working in US elite programmes related to infectious diseases, particularly viruses. Eventually, they returned to Germany, where they set up their laboratory in a public research facility and used their established knowledge to move into the field of applied science. In order to achieve their goals, Dr. Breun and Dr. Baumann decided to start their own enterprise: SAJO. There, they invented their groundbreaking technology for the efficient identification and isolation of antiviral molecules. Antivirals will always be in constant demand across the world. There are countless viral pathogens present in the animal kingdom, a significant number of which have the potential to one day overcome the species barrier and infect humans. This has occurred a number of times before, as we have seen with HIV, Influenza, and SARS-CoV-2, and others. In principle, every virus causing disease in humans has an animal origin. Because of this, experts believe that another pandemic is inevitable. In fact, the virus that will cause it has already been given a name by the World Health Organization: Pathogen X. With its proprietary technology, SAJO is able to identify molecules with a broad range of strong antiviral activity in a quick and efficient manner. From this, the company will develop an arsenal of antiviral tools to prepare the world for the pandemic caused by Pathogen X. Whilst it also partners with biotechnology companies, SAJO primarily serves clients in the pharmaceutical industry, who have the assets and expertise to bring a drug to market but have found that many of their pipelines have run dry. SAJO is well-equipped to replenish these. With a clear vision, SAJO sets itself apart from competitors through its groundbreaking and unique technology, an invention based on many years of experience and research. Over the years, it has worked to improve, modify, and fine-tune this invention to result in a high-end tool with superior efficacy. Toxicity is a significant challenge faced by companies that carry out drug screening. Any molecule, once identified, must undergo rigorous toxicity testing, making development time-consuming and costly. SAJO’s invention features a screening system which not only sieves out any non-functional and weak molecules but also actively excludes toxic molecules. This is a strong competitive advantage for the company since it speeds up the development process significantly. Currently, SAJO is working to expand its reach by leveraging the media, conferences, and the internet. The SAJO blog, a pro bono project worked on by Dr. Breun and Dr. Baumann, provides a host of concise scientific information related to infectious diseases, pandemics, and climate change, presented in an easy-tounderstand way. The blog, located on the homepage of the SAJO website, has been receiving increased attention, with its annual visitor count now exceeding 800,000. This is due to the public’s growing interest in scientific facts related to the pandemic and other hot topics. In the coming years, SAJO will continue to search for partners, clients, and investors through internet presentation, B2B contacts, and other channels. Any interested individuals, sectors, clients, and companies are welcome to reach out to SAJO if they wish. For the rest of 2023 and 2024, SAJO will focus on acquiring solid funding to support it in the next decade. In this time, the company will be able to build a large bank of antiviral and antibacterial molecules. These will provide medication to the world for the next century, enabling humans to consistently fight infectious diseases, regardless of re-emerging and new pathogens. In addition to this, it plans to finalise the development of its technology to include antibacterial screening. As a result of its outstanding work, SAJO has been awarded Best Antiviral & Antibacterial Molecule R&D Specialists in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023. We congratulate Dr. Breun and Dr. Baumann on this commendable achievement and look forward to seeing how their ambitious plans unfold. Contact Details Contact: Dr. Sabine Breun, Dr. Jörg Baumann Company: SAJO e-mail: [email protected] Web Address: O Jul23451

8 Jun23700 Businesses can improve the user experience (UX) of their services with the help of technological solutions. These solutions, such as AI driven, easy-to-use platforms – especially those which incorporate modernized analysis and compliance regulations in addition to their base purpose of access to care for all patients – are pushing the boundaries of the healthcare industry as we know it. AI powered algorithms, which help with analysis of purchase patterns, ensure services can be streamlined and perfected – giving providers and manufacturers the chance to understand the demand within their sector, and allowing them to react in good time. In order to adapt to the trends of their industries, providers need the power of analysis behind them so that they can ensure their output matches the needs of their patients. Of course, the healthcare industry – especially health insurance – is complex, and the rising costs don’t make things any easier. With the digital age booming, we see more innovative solutions to simplify every process from sector to sector – and Medvantx’s technology is raising the bar for the healthcare industry in the present and the generations to come. Medvantx was established in 2013 to “bridge the gap between patients and their much needed medications.” Its core mission is to pave the way to patient access, and its work truly demonstrates its passion for helping those who need a better system to rely on. As a non-commercial pharmacy, Medvantx supports large pharmaceutical manufacturers in their endeavours. Its pioneering platform is helping it to address the difficulties that its clients face, and present them with everything they need to have access to the care they need at the time. Due to the transformative nature of the industry, Medvantx strives to deliver the best, and most sophisticated, solutions which are guaranteed to improve experiences of all people alike. Its work is being recognised more than ever, and it’s easy to see why. We all depend on the healthcare industry at some point or another. Whether we need to have access to long-term care or one off care, it’s inevitable that we’ll need to access different types of medication or services in our lives. A plethora of solutions have been created around the world for these moments, but Medvantx’s software has delivered a new dawn for the digital aspect of access to care. Medvantx collaborates with healthcare providers, manufacturers, and organizations in order to battle against the difficulties they face when trying to access the medication they require. The issues experienced could be due to financial constraints or insurance coverage limitations, but Medvantx has created a software that can do it all, for less. Working tirelessly to help a diverse plethora of individuals, Medvantx uses its core values to drive it towards success for the future of healthcare. Prasanna tells us, “Our clients primarily include individuals who find it difficult to afford or access their necessary medications due to financial constraints or insurance coverage limitations. Our specific focus is on creating accessibility for these individuals, leveraging our resources and technology to ensure they receive the medications they need.” Following on from entering the life-impacting medical device segment in 2021, the Medvantx INSIGHTS Platform was launched in 2022 to “further the advancement of access to care.” This platform gives Medvantx an edge over it competitors by helping patients to manage their medication seamlessly and in a timely manner. The innovative mobile and Cloud solutions within Medvantx INSIGHTS platform created a smoother UX. This not only helps to connect patients with their medication, but it also aids a “frictionless” relationship between patient and provider. Medvantx INSIGHTS platform is split into three distinct sections such as “Connect”, “Engage”, and “Analytics”. To start, its “Connect” segment covers the API-based integration of cutting-edge technology which keeps patient’s data safe while connecting them with their provider. The HIPAA compliant data sharing involved ensures safe and secure e-prescriptions can be shared between pharmacies and patients, making their experience of healthcare access run smooth and easy. “Engage” is a tool that both patients and providers can use around the clock, 24/7/365, in a flexible and manageable manner. With regards to manufacturers, “Engage” helps them to integrate digitally with a pharmacy while giving the appropriate amount of time to focus on prescription management, clinical questions, and much more. By managing business continuity in this way, patients can always have their medication delivered to them on time, no matter what kind of insurance they may have. Lastly, “Analytics” guarantees data can be used efficiently and securely for each user. This improves the patient experience by giving them access to the seamless integration of data from different sources, and the algorithms then generate clinical patient access date to digest operational, compliance, and key financial information. With the rising costs in healthcare and the larger need for digital solutions, we’re proud to highlight the work of a noncommercial dispensing pharmacy making a difference. Medvantx is a healthcare firm based in San Diego, CA. Connecting patients with providers and healthcare organizations, Medvantx ensures they receive the medication and the treatment they both need and deserve. Here we talk to Medvantx’s CEO, Prasanna Parthasarathy, as it secures its title in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023 Best Independent Non-Commercial Dispensing Pharmacy 2023 – USA

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023

10 Jun23700 As the healthcare industry is an ever-evolving sphere which is becoming more expensive, Prasanna tells us, “Our primary focus is on providing world-class medications in an efficient and compliant manner, despite these economic pressures. We leverage technology and innovative strategies to streamline our operations and reduce costs wherever possible. Our INSIGHTS Platform, for instance, allows us to better understand patient needs and medication trends, enabling us to optimize our services and manage resources more efficiently. Medvantx works tirelessly to deliver essential medications to everyone, including individuals who may have struggled to have access to care to begin with, people who are underinsured, and over 40 million people living above the federal poverty line. It has established itself as a link between each patient and those who provide their much-needed pharmaceuticals. Its strong ethical conduct has a purpose: to ensure the healthcare industry is led with equity in mind – and its work truly reflects this on a daily and case-by-case basis. Also offering comprehensive business continuity, Medvantx has stayed strong throughout some of the most trying times. As the pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty and issues with manufacturing and delivery, Medvantx stayed ahead of the curve by utilising its well-designed technology to communicate between manufacturers, providers, and patient. This meant that the best was made of a bad situation, people could be safe, and Medvantx could prevail. Its unique offerings such as Cash Pay, also known as Direct-ToPatient (DTP), guarantee access to medication without the need to go through insurance programs. As the payment is handles virtually, via online credit card processing, individuals can be free of stress, and with an uninterrupted service. For the future, Medvantx aims to continuously improve its INSIGHTS platform, in order to improve scalability and consistency. Prassana adds, “We also plan to expand our digital pharmacy footprint, leveraging technology to reach more patients and improve access to care. We’re exploring new ways to streamline our operations and reduce costs, ensuring that our medications remain affordable despite rising healthcare costs. “Additionally, we are investing in advanced safety software to enhance our compliance standards. Driven by our medical affairs team, this initiative aligns in our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of pharmaceutical practice. Our future plans revolve around innovation, accessibility, efficiency, and compliance, aimed at providing world-class care to as many patients as possible.” Providing its solutions to the USA, Medvantx doesn’t simply strive to be the best – it has won an award-winning status as the Best Independent Non-Commercial Dispensing Pharmacy 2023 – USA. Indeed, Medvantx’s commitment to evolution ensures it stays ahead of the curve as well as reacting to the trends within the industry at present. Its strength and foresight guarantees its success, and its success sends a ripple effect out amongst patients with varied needs and requirements – all around the world. With an inclusive, educated, and respectful approach to all parties involved in the access to care process, Medvantx has come up with solutions to all pain points. Whether that’s problems with insurance or affordability, or with the compliance and regulations side of data for providers, its solutions have changed the way we experience the healthcare industry and the way we manage data – all rolled into one platform. If you’re a healthcare provider looking to manage your patients, stock, or compliance, or a patient looking to cultivate a better relationship with your provider, look no further. Head over to Medvantx’s website today for more details. Contact: Prasanna Parthasarathy Company: Medvantx Web Address: “We’ve invested in advanced safety software that helps us ensure the highest standards of pharmaceutical practice. This software allows us to monitor and manage medication safety more effectively, providing an added layer of protection for our clients.”

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023

12 Finding the best drink for our health can be a tough endeavour. As our brains and bodies do the most healing overnight, it’s of utmost importance that we find active ingredients that both encourage healing and strength building overnight in addition to throughout the day. There are plenty of sports/health drinks out there, with vital nutrients, which can improve our health both mentally and physically. However, with their suspension in water, they can have short shelf lives and less effectiveness than if they were stored in a different way. ViCAP is a Swiss-based visionary for the modern development of beverage packaging. With its invention of the world’s first dispenser sports-cap system, ViCAP has exploded into the market and taken it by storm. The company has worked tirelessly to create a solution where precious active ingredients can stay separated from the liquid within the bottle, so that they can be at their most fresh and effective when we’re ready to consume them. ViCAP’s dispenser sports-cap system will make it possible for companies to evolve and expand their already impressive and highly sought-after product lines, in order to thrive and satisfy every consumer with pioneering beverages. ViCAP’s beverage solutions guarantee the best storage and the most innovative way to protect vital ingredients from packaging all the way to consumption. As head of ViCAP, Roger Franz Wilfinger strives to support the company that has been built for the advancement and progression of the industry. From research to the patented product, Roger, and 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Jul23392 the team, ensure that every aspect is taken care of with utmost professionalism and care. He says, “Our goal is to innovate and create the most effective dispenser cap system, founding a new revolution in beverage packaging. The development process was completed, and the technology obtained a patent. ViCAP is set to become a key component in several future successful stories within the functional beverage industry.” ViCAP aims to break down barriers between short shelf life products and the end consumers’ satisfaction and health, ensuring that every bit of the nutrients can be absorbed and used by the individual. Roger shares, “The idea to develop a functional sports cap emerged when Aqua Nova introduced a drink containing Q12. The challenge with this beverage was its limited shelf life due to the gradual loss of effectiveness of vitamins and other sensitive ingredients over time, when mixed with water.” The push-cap technology has been expertly designed to differentiate from ViCAP’s rivals. With separate storage for water and the active ingredients, our healthy and nutritious beverages can have a longer shelf life and better efficiency when we consume them. Furthermore, the cap itself is “air-tight, UV-protected, and helps to protect the acidic from alkaline ingredients which would cancel themselves out otherwise, if dispersed in liquid over a long period of time before consumption.” By segregating active ingredients and water in separate compartments within the bottle, ViCapSystems promises The beverage industry needs to change with the times, and demands of its consumers, to make it easier for people to enjoy the drinks they like best. Established in 2006, ViCAP Global AG (ViCAP) is a pioneer with a wealth of experience in the beverage packaging industry. ViCAP has, since its formation, partnered with KA-EX’s fine research team, under ETH pharmacist Pedro Pablo Schmidt, to create the one and only functional drink which will elevate the beverage industry. Here we talk to KA-EX CEO, Pedro Schmidt and to ViCAP’s CEO, Roger Franz Wilfinger, as it cinches its title in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023. Healthcare-Focused Beverage Packaging Innovator of the Year 2023 - Switzerland “We revolutionise the beverage industry.”

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 freshness and the most nourishing version of sports drinks available on the market. After partnering with KA-EX, developed by pharmacist Pedro Schmidt, the duo underwent a five-year timeline of analysing and researching. Roger tells us, “KA-EX was developed in five years of research and supports dozens of relevant bioprocesses simultaneously and synchronously. The holistic approach, based on 25 natural ingredients, is unique and patent pending worldwide.” Pedro Schmidt says: “There has been a huge amount of qualitative and quantitative research that has gone into sharpening the revolutionary idea. Indeed, the future of the beverage industry is set to grow exponentially with the power and potency of the health drinks. The clinically tested substances shield the body from toxic damage, thereby preventing micro-inflammations. Furthermore, the ingredients reduce hyper-acidity, normalise the stress hormone level, and improve sleep quality. KA-EX was launched without any marketing budget in September 2017, and is today a best-selling dietary supplement in Switzerland, available in all pharmacies, drugstores, supermarket chains, convenience stores, online, and many more.” KA-EX and ViCAP’s partnership has made ViCapSystems possible, and cultivated an environment of progression for the beverage industry as a whole. Roger comments, “In today’s fast-paced world, innovation drives progress and change. and an active lifestyle. KAEX endorses health-conscious, informed choices for quality living. “ Pedro Schmidt says, “Embracing innovation, curiosity ,and science, we strive for providing a top-quality product based on scientific ingredients that create a synergy for optimising the recovery in an active and social

14 lifestyle. Due to these values, we do not compromise in regards of quality, innovation, and scientific backing in order to provide the best functional beverage on the market currently.” KA-EX’s functional beverages made their debut in the autumn of 2017, across 15 pharmacies, and the journey kicked off to a terrific start. The beverages became Switzerland’s top-selling dietary supplements on the market, making the partnership even more valuable to the industry, and, therefore, consumer. The pandemic put a stop to many plans and products however, due to the power of the supplements, KA-EX’s supplement sales continued to skyrocket – proving that health and wellness will always be a top priority within society. Together with KA-EX, ViCAP and its patented product is about to transform the realm of health and fitness. Its USP is rooted in its dedication and commitment to revolutionising the world of healthy drinks, and its devotion has earned itself a pedestal in the spotlight. Roger tells us, “ViCAP and KA-EX represent groundbreaking advancements in their respective fields of functional beverages.” Of course, this is a distinction that has consistently driven both companies to their brilliant success. As a result, together they have created a product that will, ultimately, help people’s healthy lifestyles to flourish better than ever before. This partnership has created a strong, unwavering dedication to quality and health of the end consumer, making ViCAP one to watch within the industry. Its specific, and niche, product is set to change the pace of the nutritional drinks sector, improving everyone’s overall mental and physical health for the years to come. When previously interviewed by another host, Roger explained the key elements of why ViCAP was established, and what he believes ViCAP will bring to the future: Let’s start from the beginning. What were your motivations and inspiration for creating ViCAP? Roger Franz: Embarking on a journey in the business world had always been my dream. At the time when I founded ViCAP, I noticed that the non-alcoholic beverage market held immense growth potential, especially considering evolving consumer preferences and the demand for quality products. This inspired me to establish a company that would offer innovative solutions in this field. What challenges did you face when starting the company? Roger Franz: Like any entrepreneur, I encountered significant challenges. Launching a new business from scratch always involves risks and uncertainties. We had to overcome financial and organisational barriers, as well as convince partners and investors of the potential of our idea. What were the key moments that helped ViCAP achieve success? Roger Franz: Forming a strong team was one of the pivotal moments. I believed that success depended not only on me but on the collective efforts of all team members. We focused on product quality, innovation, and understanding the needs of our customers. This helped us grow into a quality player in the market. How do you envision the future of ViCAP? Roger Franz: I look confidently towards ViCAP’s future. We continue to invest in research and development, seeking new ways to improve our products and create unique solutions. Our goal is not only to remain leaders in the industry but also to inspire innovation throughout the sector. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Roger and Pedro. It was insightful and inspiring. Roger Franz: Thank you very much for the invitation. I hope our experience will assist other entrepreneurs and inspire new achievements. By creating the world’s first sports-cap system, the business has pushed itself to the forefront of the industry. Its work hasn’t gone unnoticed, and we’re sure to see it continue to work its magic for the greater good of the beverage companies and end consumer’s health. This is exactly why it has been awarded with the title of Healthcare-Focused Beverage Packaging Innovator of the Year 2023 – Switzerland. For the future, ViCAP and KA-EX are looking to replicate the success of the product in the USA. Pedro shares, “With the vast potential that the U.S. market offers, there’s an anticipation of great success. KA-EX’s U.S. launch strategy is meticulously planned across three distinct phases.” Phase one consisted of the feasibility study, which was a great success. Pedro says, “Our achievements led us to integrate into the MISTA startup ecosystem, with the backing of food industry giants like Givaudan and Danone. Notably, KA-EX was invited as the sole European startup to the investor meeting of the Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) in San Francisco, a network encompassing prominent corporate venture capitalists in the U.S. food sector, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and other esteemed names. Moreover, we’ve proudly been recognised as the official supplier to the prestigious House of Athletes in Florida, a training facility frequented by NFL and MLB stars.” Phase two entails the initial reveal of the ViCapSystems product with a “modest marketing budget”. This is where ViCAP presents its work to the world, and it is projected to last until around February 2024, when the patented product is predicted to complete the proof of concept phase. Phase three is the final step in the journey as ViCAP plans to take the product to market in March 2024 – where it will surely pick up traction across the market. Pedro adds, “With a goal in mind, we are actively fundraising, and have already secured $2.2 million

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 out of our $5 million target. This capital will drive our dynamic goto-market strategy, ensuring that KA-EX not only enters but thrives in the American market.” Soon after the successful implementation of the product in the USA, we’re confident that the rest of the world will want a slice of the action. If you would like to know more about the final product – soon to be seen on the shelves – please visit https:// In the meantime, Roger leaves us with a few words. “I am delighted to share some insights about the journey of ViCAP, a project that holds a special place in my heart. ViCAP is not just a result of my efforts; it has been a collaborative endeavour that wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and contributions of an exceptional team. “ViCAP represents the culmination of teamwork and innovation. It reflects the collective strength and expertise of a group of individuals who are passionate about creating solutions that matter. I want to emphasise that I didn’t embark on this journey alone. From its inception, ViCAP has been nurtured by a strong and productive team. “I would like to express my gratitude to Engineer Martin Schmid, our longstanding production innovation partner from MONTFORT Kunststoffechnik. His engineering prowess and commitment have played a crucial role in bringing ViCAP to life. Additionally, I extend my thanks to Prof. Florin Baeriswyl from dai-Desion, who has provided his strategic insights to our project. “Furthermore, I would like to sincerely thank Aiste Miliute, the CEO of Birštonas Mineral Water, for her valuable contribution to our Strategic Partnership Development. Her ideas have had a significant impact on the development of our strategic partnership. “Their contributions have been invaluable in shaping the direction of ViCAP. At ViCAP, we believe that a strong team leads to excellent results. Our collaboration is based on mutual respect, shared goals, and a commitment to excellence. Together, we have overcome challenges, harnessed opportunities, and forged a path that aligns with our vision.” Contact Details Contact: Roger Franz Wilfinger Company: ViCAP Global AG Web Address:

16 anxiety, depression, PTSD, schizophrenia, opioid addiction, and inflammation in the brain. Further Clinical Studies for epilepsy were conducted at the Ontario Brain Institute by Dr. W McIntyre Burnham, emeritus professor at the University of Toronto. These studies were designed to compare the company’s ‘Drug Candidate, CQ-001’, to standard CBD. The results demonstrated a 50% increase in reduction of seizures. “If people are taking cannabis – or any medication for medicinal purposes – and their receptors are defective or not working at all - the benefits will either be nominal or there will be no indications at all. We wanted to help innovate that space.” Going back to the algae bioreactor timeframe of the company for a moment, it is important to note that at that time CanaQuest discovered most people have significant deficiencies in essential fatty acids, specifically the omegas known as DHA and EPA. Owing to this, most people’s receptors to omega 3 are not working effectively, if at all. When the company conducted its presentation to Dr. Laviolette, prior to him coming on board, it wanted to focus on the combination of DHA and EPA with cannabinoid molecules. This interesting research perspective from the company precipitated Dr Laviolette joining as a scientific partner . His embrace of the scientific approach rubber stamped the company’s intentions to explore the concepts further. Soon it became clear that CanaQuest’s new partner, Dr Laviolette, and his team had made a breakthrough discovery. This consisted of a new pathway into the brain to address mental health neurological conditions and mental ailments. In the preclinical trials, CBD, DHA, and EPA molecules bonded and began to work synergistically. They also attached to the PPAR receptors, facilitating a pathway to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to access a section of the brain responsible for regulating emotions, such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD, with an effect and efficacy that was amplified. The innovation that allowed this to happen was, of course, the formulation consisting of cannabidiol, or CBD, element combined with essential fatty acids, working synergisticly. It is in effect proving the winning validity of a CBD/omega 3 combination. CBD did not manage to achieve this result by itself, in the pre-clinical trial research. Canadian company CanaQuest is a clinical-stage life sciences enterprise. Its focus is directed towards drug discovery and development of the nextgeneration of targeted therapeutics within the endocannabinoid system and specific brain receptors. Its branded medical cannabis product is known as Mentanine®, and is widely available for sale in the United States. CanaQuest has a strong company focal point to bring innovative products to the market, specifically targeted at treating neurological conditions such as epilepsy, anxiety, depression, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It began life as an algae company, something that is much in demand within the health and beauty industry for its many therapeutic qualities. To this end, it worked professionally alongside a professor at the University of Waterloo, resuling in the construction of an algae bioreactor. This in-depth research led to CanaQuest gaining an understanding about essential fatty acids, often known as omega-3s, which the human body is incapable of producing alone. Despite this, omega-3s are still a necessary component for good health, typically accessed by dietary means such as eating fish, eggs, and/or taking supplements. Following on from its innovative work with algae, CanaQuest was asked if it could extract oils from cannabis. It entered the market with a clear aim to examine cannabis from a scientific perspective. It also wanted to help people, as much as it could. The company had its preclinical trials conducted by the number one neuroscientist in Canada, Dr Steven Laviolette. Dr Laviolette is a professor and neuroscientist at Western University, with decades of experience in the fields of mental health and cannabinoids. Remarkably, the trials demonstrated a decrease in Aug23275 Best Global Medical Cannabinoid Development Company 2023

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 In the Clinical Study, conducted at the Ontario Brain Institute, it was only CQ-001 that demonstrated the statistically significant Clinical Dose and efficacy Study results described above. These results set the stage for substantially smaller dosages of CBD being capable of generating desired results, provided it is combined with essential fatty acids. Another particularly gratifying result is that the drug candidate operates without the negative side effects, and will define a dosage of CQ-001 for a clinical trial. The Phase III, double-blind trial, is now proposed with participation of 60 patients. Furthermore, the regulatory pathways are mapped out and the stage is set to submit applications to Health Canada to go through the process of obtaining approval for a drug as being eligible for Priority Review Status, with a projected approval of timeframe of approximately 18 to 24 months, and the US-FDA to go through the process of obtaining drug eligible for Orphan Drug Status & Priority Review Voucher (PRV), with a projected approval timeframe of approximately 3 years. “The team also found a notable reduction in inflammation in the brain, which could be highly beneficial for other neurological conditions. So, not only did this help innovate the cannabis industry, but the findings can be useful for the universal world of science.” CanaQuest is standing on the brink of a major medical achievement, and not just in the world of medical cannabinoids. It describes it as a transformative, data collection, and growth stage, with a company focus on addressing not just mental health, but potentially other neurological conditions as well. CanaQuest’s future will entail getting sufficient financing in place to conduct the intended clinical studies in 2023 and 2024. It needs these to evaluate the efficacy of Mentanine® on targeted populations, particularly those struggling with transitional issues. It also hopes to conduct a Phase III clinical trial regarding the effects on rare neurological conditions that fall under the umbrella banner of Epilepsy, in 2024. The company is delighted to share that it has recently signed a Master Service Agreement with Neeka Health, which hopefully will allow it to progress its studies into the efficacy of Mentanine® Neeka conducted extensive due diligence on over 90 companies in the cannabinoid research space, before choosing to accept CanaQuest alone. Dr. Hunter Land, the CSO of Neeka, co-led the clinical development of Epidiolex® (FDA-approved prescription CBD) for GW Pharma. He will be leading all the studies for Neeka and CanaQuest. Future goals for CanaQuest involve continuing to build its team and helping to educate people in need. Ultimately, the company is set on improving the quality of life for as many individuals as it can. It has one further note of great importance to impart, which is to explain to potential customers that individual responses to medications can vary, and of course this includes the effects of Mentanine®. The impact may differ from person to person based on factors such as their unique physiology, metabolism, and overall health. It wants to make it clear that as with any formulated product, it’s most important to consult with a medical professional before starting any new medication or supplement. They can provide personalized guidance and dosage recommendations based on your own specific needs and circumstances. The professional way that CanaQuest conducts itself, and the groundbreaking results it is achieving, with its incredible research, are very much respected. It is no wonder it has been awarded the title Best Global Medical Cannabinoid Development Company 2023, in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards. Unreserved congratulations go out to it, who we are sure will only continue onwards and upwards with its outstanding medical developments. Company: CanaQuest Medical Corp Web Address: & Contact Name: Paul Ramsay CEO [email protected]

18 research, we gained an understanding of the issues of parents giving fish oil supplements to children. Ease of use and taste are the primary issues with the common delivery formats. We were able to address all these points when we launched our EasyFishoil range to support parents who only want to best their children. Starting from scratch, we’ve become the number one Omega-3 fish oil for kids in the market. Since then, the market has grown by over 120%.” EasyFishoil is designed to be easy to take, has a dilisious taste and allows for enhanced absorption of EPA/DHA. The combination of Omega-3 with a variety of vitamins and minerals promotes immunity, brain development, and general health in one chewable format not capsule. Of course, ensuring that the supplements we give to our children are safe and of the highest quality is of paramount importance. EasyVit takes the standards of its ingredients and end products seriously. The company’s whole supply chain is a certified member of Friend of the Sea – the leading certification standard for products and services which respect the marine environment. Koen tells us, “Every easyVit supplement undergoes rigorous testing and follows strict quality control measures. This means our products contain only regulated, sustainable fish oil. An external lab analyses batch’s active ingredient content, contaminants, and stability to receive the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) certification.” One of the key differentiators between easyVit and its competitors is the company’s commitment to transparency. Detailed information about ingredients, including sources and scientific Dutch company easyVit Pharmaceuticals B.V. has built a reputation for high-quality, convenient, and affordable vitamins and supplements. Driven by its passion for proper nutrition, easyVit promotes health and wellness for all.With a team of dedicated researchers on board, the company has developed their formulation with a patented technology that makes incorporating effective supplements into our daily routine easy.We take a look at the company’s journey and its products with Chief Marketing Officer, Koen Jacobs & Ilke Balci. In the modern world, obtaining the nutrition our bodies need can often be a challenge. Our dietary choices may gravitate towards processed and convenience foods that are rich in empty calories but lack essential nutrients. Soil depletion has resulted in crops with lower nutritional content and the distance we transport our food can lead to nutrient losses. And that’s all before we mention our busy lifestyles, high stress levels, and erratic eating patterns. Add to that the list of dietary restrictions, food allergies, and sensitivities that limit our options and it’s easy to understand why the risk of dietary deficiencies is so high. easyVit was established in 2010 by a group of health enthusiasts passionate about addressing the nutritional issues of today’s society. The group founded easyVit with the goal of providing highquality vitamins and supplements that are convenient, affordable, and backed by science. Driven by a desire to bridge the nutritional gap, the founders of easyVit embarked on a mission to develop a range of nutritional supplements that would be easy to incorporate into anyone’s daily routine. The patented technology easyVit uses for her products mirrors the way in which humans naturally obtain the nutrients they need. And that starts with chewing. EasyChews offer a unique system of combining both oil-soluble and water-soluble nutrients into a chewable tablet that’s taken without water. Stored in airtight, humidity-proof packaging, the chew combines essential fatty acids with vitamins and minerals in an emulsion format. The emulsion allows for a higher absortion of oil-soluable ingredients like Omega-3 fish oil. From the outset, it was clear to the company that the key market would be children’s supplements. Koen explains, “We launched a brand that focuses on the emotional benefits first. Based on thorough consumer market Aug23176 Best Family Vitamins & Supplements Brand 2023 - Western Europe

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 evidence supporting their efficacy, enables customers to make informed decisions about their health. Koen says, “There have been significant challenges in the nutritional supplement industry around product quality, safety, and accurate labelling. We’ve seen instances of mislabelling, contamination, and the presence of undisclosed or harmful ingredients in some products. This undermines consumer trust and poses potential health risks.” “From the outset, we’ve prioritised rigorous quality control and adherence to regulatory standards. easyVit partners with leading experts in the field of nutrition and employs a team of dedicated researchers and formulators to develop their products. Every easyVit supplement undergoes thorough testing to ensure purity, potency, and safety.” One of the key aspects that sets easyVit apart is its commitment to 2 times tranparency. The company provides detailed information about the ingredients used in their products, including their sources and the scientific evidence supporting their efficacy. This commitment to transparency allows customers to make informed decisions about their health and empowers them to take control of their well-being. As well as its emphasis on quality and transparency, easyVit recognises the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility in its operation. The company seeks eco-friendly packaging solutions and explores ways to reduce its carbon footprint throughout the supply chain. Since it began, easyVit’s operation has undergone significant growth. After developing a full range of products aimed at the children’s market, the company has since developed EasyFishoil for adults, and EasyMom for pregnancy and new mothers. Driven by its core values of accessibility, quality, transparency, and sustainability, easyVit remains dedicated to its original aim and is looking to spread its influence. Ilke explains, “Our approach is user-centric and solution-driven. There are still true unmet needs in the healthcare/nutraceutical/ healthy lifestyle market to solve. With that in mind, we’re looking for new international partners who are ambitious and want to join us bring our solutions to the world. In return, we offer our full support and industry knowledge to help every partner succeed.” Other plans for the future include developing more formulations that focus on areas such as eye health and healthy growth support and the establishment of a central point for the collection and reuse of blister packs. To find out more about easyVit products or to make a partner enquiry, please visit the company website. easyVit will attent CPHI in Barcelona this year (24-26 October 2023). Come and try our free samples at our stand 1H58 and join us. Contact: Koen Jacobs & Ilke Balci Company: easyVit Pharmaceuticals BV Web Address: