Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

60 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 Cornerstone Care Solutions is a reputable care home management company with a distinctive focus on providing expert care home turnaround services. Its primary mission is to revitalise struggling care homes, enabling them to overcome financial and operational difficulties and ensure longterm success. We learn a little more about the company and its success. Cornerstone Care Solutions stands out in an industry where care homes are facing financial distress and operational challenges. This UKbased consultancy firm has carved a niche in the healthcare industry by specialising in care home turnaround services, helping insolvency firms, banks, and care home operators to navigate the complexities of a demanding sector. The core strength of Cornerstone Care Solutions lies in its team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the care home industry. Their wealth of expertise uniquely positions them to understand and address care homes’ multifaceted challenges. Collaborating closely with insolvency firms and banks, Cornerstone Care Solutions conducts in-depth assessments to identify the root causes of a care home’s financial challenges. The goal is to develop comprehensive turnaround plans to enhance financial performance and operational efficiency. In addition to turnaround services, Cornerstone Care Solutions conducts Mock CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspections. These simulated inspections mirror the official CQC process, aiding care homes in identifying areas requiring improvement in care standards, compliance, and overall quality of service. Regarding its offering, Cornerstone Care Solutions’ clientele primarily comprises insolvency firms, banks, and care home operators. Its dedicated involvement in these three key areas underscores its commitment to industry transformation. The firm collaborates closely with insolvency practitioners and firms overseeing financially distressed care homes, aiming to devise strategies that rescue such homes from insolvency and guide them towards financial stability. Partnering with banks allows Cornerstone Care Solutions to assist care homes facing financial difficulties. Its mission is to help these care homes regain financial health and ensure long-term sustainability. Additionally, it works directly with care home providers to streamline and enhance operational efficiency, primarily when owners cannot provide the requisite level of support. The ultimate goal is to revitalise financially distressed care homes, guiding them toward long-term financial stability and operational success. Cornerstone Care Solutions is dedicated to enhancing the quality of care provided to residents in care homes, creating nurturing environments where residents feel safe, respected, and cared for. It aspires to build enduring relationships with insolvency firms, banks, and care home operators, contributing to the growth and success of the care home industry. By setting industry standards and best practices through innovation and exceptional services, Cornerstone Care Solutions aims to be recognised as a leader in care home management and turnaround solutions. Interestingly, Cornerstone Care Solutions is actively engaged in a project involving many care homes spanning the entire UK. This ambitious endeavour focuses on streamlining and standardising processes across the group. Notably, it has managed to elevate the ratings of four care homes from “Inadequate” to “Good” within six months. Meanwhile, the healthcare industry presents several significant challenges for care homes. The demographic shift toward an ageing population pressures care home operators to meet the growing needs and expectations of elderly residents. Maintaining a high standard of care is paramount, requiring consistent, compassionate, and person-centred services. Ongoing staffing shortages necessitate effective recruitment and retention strategies to maintain quality care. Frequent regulatory changes necessitate staying updated and adhering to new guidelines. Economic downturns or financial distress can create financial constraints for care homes. Moreover, Cornerstone Care Solutions is prepared to tackle these challenges through continuous training, recruitment and retention efforts, technology integration, specialised services, collaboration, and a client-centric approach. It is these factors which have contributed to the company being recognised as the Most Trusted Independent Healthcare Management Consultancy – UK. Ultimately, Cornerstone Care Solutions has successfully turned around care units on the brink of closure financially and in terms of care quality and regulation. Notable among these achievements is a project that saw a care home’s valuation skyrocket from £900,000 to £4,250,000 within 11 weeks. This astounding transformation garnered recognition from the Local Authority, resulting in direct commissioning for further work. Looking towards the future, the horizon for Cornerstone Care Solutions is one of growth, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in the care home management industry. As the remainder of 2023 and 2024 unfold, the firm will continue to focus on growth, innovation, and its mission to elevate care standards for vulnerable individuals in care homes across the UK and beyond. Contact Details Name: Lucy Corner Email: [email protected] Web Address: Telephone: 0117 374 1118 Most Trusted Independent Healthcare Management Consultancy - UK Jun23715