Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

28 The renowned company of Seaford Pharmaceuticals focuses on niche healthcare solutions, covering diverse therapeutic areas like women’s health and skincare. Its portfolio includes foremost hospital products such as Seacalphyx, and the well-known clinical strength over-the-counter antiperspirant DRYSOL. It boasts strong business relationships with a diverse array of clients including hospitals, pharmacists, and other specialists, whilst its team offers tailored healthcare solutions that leverage a deep understanding of exactly what physicians need to achieve effective results. The company is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for both its clients, and by extension their customers, through offering products that address distinct healthcare needs. It focuses on specialist physicians such as dermatologists, gastroenterologists, and obstetricians. Seaford Pharmaceuticals prioritises innovation and collaboration, choosing to partner with local institutions for joint projects and technology development whenever it can. It focuses on patient-centric research and development that addresses the needs of Canadian healthcare services, and enhances patient outcomes. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) also strives for equitable access to medicine through its partnerships, enabling global access to its products. Sustainability & ESG is also a prime concern, with the company implementing eco-friendly practices wherever possible, and choosing to engage with local communities for the sake of their betterment. Other priorities the company affirms are strategic growth ambitions, with its product portfolio expanding throughout Canada, and issues of inclusion and diversity, which form a vital component of its outlook. These are encouraged by its determination to foster equal opportunities and diversity within the business, both internally and within the wider health landscape. It is also vital for Seaford Pharmaceuticals to maintain regulatory agility, which it does by always adapting to Health Canada’s regulations promptly and fully. The way that the company works towards being such a successful operation can be summed up in three words: Teamwork, Excellence, and Accountability. A culture respecting teamwork is fundamental to Seaford’s approach, with collaboration amongst employees, partners, and clients essential when it comes to achieving common goals. It believes that by harnessing diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences, its team are able to deliver innovative and superior healthcare solutions. 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments jul23453 When considering excellence, Seaford is proud to hold itself to the highest standards in everything it does. For instance, it is steadfast in meeting rigorous benchmarks in research and development, marketing, and client relationships. Excellence is also extended to customer service and support, with the intention of providing the best possible solutions for clients and end users. Accountability lies at the very cornerstone of Seaford Pharmaceuticals’ values. It believes in taking ownership of actions, decisions, and outcomes. This commitment ensures that it can fulfil its promises to clients, partners, and employees. It maintains transparency and integrity throughout its interactions, building trust and credibility within the industry. There are several goals guiding Seaford Pharmaceuticals. It has an aim to be continuously innovative, and develop cutting edge healthcare solutions that address unmet medical needs in the niche areas it concentrates. Fundamentally, it wants to bring novel products to the market which have a positive impact on patients’ lives. It also strives to strengthen its position as market leader within its specific therapeutic areas by introducing new products, and consistently delivering a quality that healthcare professionals and consumers can trust. Although it is firmly rooted in Canada, the company does envision being able to expand its reach to international markets. That is because it has a further goal to share its specialised products with a broader audience, and help improve healthcare worldwide. Seaford Pharmaceuticals is an organisation with goals that align with its values, creating a cohesive and purpose-driven resolve that propels it to navigate the dynamic and competitive pharmaceutical landscape. Its commitment to teamwork, excellence, and accountability set the very foundations for its achievements and growth within the industry. The key strengths that make it shine are its niche expertise, its family-owned legacy, its collaborative approach and its uncompromising quality. Founded in 1991, family run Canadian company Seaford Pharmaceuticals provides speciality healthcare solutions for Canadian and international markets. Alongside its strategic partners, it crafts, creates, and promotes products within therapeutic areas such as women’s health, iron deficiency treatments, digestive wellness, and skincare. Healthcare Marketing Specialists of the Year 2023 – Canada & Innovation Award in R&D Excellence 2023 - Canada “We have a strong leadership team that has a wealth of knowledge in both the Canadian and global pharmaceutical industry. Combined with our sales force, we are able to leverage our relationships with pharmacists, specialists and family physicians to offer specialty healthcare solutions.”