Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

81 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 Barbara Evans, an award-winning author, artist, and spiritual visionary, founded Crystal Wings Healing Art in 2003 to develop, market, and promote energy healing tools that create a deep and profound connection to a client’s true self. The company aims to raise the collective consciousness and wellbeing of humanity by creating tools that nurture an energetically supportive healing environment. For her contributions to the evolution of healthcare, Barbara Evans has been awarded Most Transformative Healing Artist 2023 (Florida). After facing a personal loss, Barbara began her journey from high school teacher to transformational healing artist. The creation of her book, Messages of Universal Wisdom, and channelled paintings, the Image Keys, are the result of her spiritual awakening. Barbara’s journey of self-discovery has been shaped by the understanding that we are so much more than we generally believe. Over the course of two decades, Barbara’s creativity has yielded multiple energy healing tools including prints, books, inspirational card sets, healing discs, and healing scarves/blankets. Her new collection of paintings, Templates of Mastery, will be released soon as prints, card decks, and healing discs. Crystal Wings Healing Art has made a significant breakthrough in the creation of the Art of Raising Frequency, a form of holistic healing that is based on Barbara’s high vibrational art, sacred sound, and crystals. The practice offers clients a new and expansive awareness of self that can assist in manifesting their dreams, desired future, and creating space for insight, love, and joy within their lives. Barbara Evans has also developed The Art of Raising Frequency Certification Program that offers a framework for practitioners to learn new skills and implement the transformational healing approach into their existing practices. The healing system can be applied at personal practitioner level all the way through to healing centres and hospitals with a focus on creating an energetic, recuperative environment. The greatest challenge within the world of regenerative medicine is providing scientific evidence of the effectiveness of energy healing, as its restorative properties are difficult to prove in clinical trials. Barbara has been working with a select group of practitioners to accelerate growth and awareness of the significance of this new practice. This analysis of anecdotal evidence will be presented at conferences and workshops over the coming years. Crystal Wings Healing Art seeks to fulfil the needs of practitioners and healthcare professionals who are yet to discover the health benefits of high vibrational healing art. Barbara’s work is quickly becoming recognised by healing centres and healthcare organisations as performing a vital role in any holistic healing environment. She offers practical tools and solutions to those wishing to explore complimentary approaches to health and wellbeing. For Barbara’s pioneering work as an influential spiritual visionary, she has been awarded Most Transformative Healing Artist 2023 (Florida), and we’re sure to see her work continue to alter the way people heal. Contact: Barbara Evans Company: Crystal Wings Healing Art Web Address: Most Transformative Healing Artist 2023 (Florida): Barbara Evans Jul23233