Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

50 Cannim operates throughout the cannabis supply chain, operating farms in Jamaica and Canada and exporting EU GMP medical grade cannabis to Australia, Germany and the UK in the forms of flower, oils and vapes. Cannim sources a wide range of flower options in order to meet the diverse and different needs of our many patients. It is often the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes working together in a synergistic effect, which can deliver outstanding outcomes for patients. A patient centric approach is core to everything that Cannim does. We are patient led, not cultivation led, meaning we find the products that can meet the needs of people who are suffering rather than simply try and sell the products we happen to grow. That see’s Cannim partner with a number of other cultivators around the world in order to source unique genetics that can satisfy patients. Education is also fundamentally important in this emerging field of therapeutics. Most doctors have had no formal training in medical cannabis and it is often patients who have heard of the impact it can have. Cannim supports prescribers with in depth education and support as well as supporting patients with a range of after care solutions to help them understand how to take this unique medication. Inhalation delivers the fastest uptake into the body which makes it perfect for dealing with Acute pain, but patients often need support in understanding how best to inhale their medication. There is also a real blurring of the lines in many countries where CBD is legal and readily available. Many people look to use it for medical reasons, but being an on the shelf product there is often little guidance and support to help and reassure people to use it optimally. Cannim has established a 24/7 hotline where people can speak to a trained medical practitioner who can give them appropriate guidance on what to select and how to incorporate it into their wellness regime. 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Aug23047 The core to breaking down the stigma surrounding medical cannabis is research and Cannim is at the forefront of driving deep and structured knowledge in this area. Professor Lumir Hanus discovered Anandamide, the cannabinoid produced by the human body, in the 1970’s and today he sits on Cannim’s medical advisory board continuing to build the worlds understanding of this unique plant. It is after him that Cannim’s main brand – Lumir is named. Cannim has launched the Lumir Mission, a global research study that aims to deliver the kinds of proof points people are looking for in medical cannabis. Our aim is to have 1 million people on our study, covering a range of conditions and a range of product solutions, to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of medical cannabis but also to help practitioners understand what to prescribe to patients to meet their unique issues. Our study will be able to give those answers, giving practitioners confidence and fact based guides to focus on patient needs and deliver outstanding patient health outcomes. To help Cannim reach appropriate patients, Cannim is working with a range of patient advocacy groups, including Veterans groups to demonstrate the facts around support for PTSD and chronic pain in order to reduce the shocking suicide statistics prevalent in the veteran community and women’s health groups, targeting endometriosis, a condition that affects one in ten women that has no known cure. Through the Lumir mission, Cannim will be able to demonstrate the results from around the world, supporting the advancement of science in this field by bringing together data, analysis and researchers to work collaboratively on finding solutions. For many patients, medical cannabis has been freeing. They have found it frees them from suffering, it frees them from a reliance or addiction to harmful prescription medications like opioids, it frees them to return their life to normal and to be able to work, laugh and play and it free’s their families from the stress of dealing with a sick family member, delivering a better quality of life for all involved. It is all of these people that Cannim is proud to serve and we are humbled to be leaders in a field of therapeutics that people are beginning to understand can have positive effects for many years to come. If you are interested in supporting our work, or have patients in need that you would like to discuss, you can reach us at [email protected] or at our website – Thank you for your support. Company: Cannim Web Address: Cannim is at the forefront of treating patients through medical cannabis with its Lumir brand. Medical cannabis is fast gaining recognition as a powerful option for people suffering a range of conditions both physical and mental, shaking the stigma that has persisted since prohibition ended. More formal research is still required to satisfy the questions that many healthcare professionals have and Cannim is filling this need through its massive research project – The Lumir Mission. Medicinal Cannabis Producer of the Year 2023