Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

90 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 Dedicated to providing exemplary care in a humane and inviting environment, Manatí Medical Center stands out from competitors for its commitment to the department of family medicine. We find out more about the hospital and its ethos as the organisation gains notable recognition in the prestigious Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023. Manatí Medical Center is a secondary care hospital in the northern part of Puerto Rico. It was founded in 1984 as a community hospital and over the years has become the benchmark for what is today the Grupo Hospitalario, which includes the Manatí, Mayagüez, and Bayamón Medical Centers, as well as the Puerto Rico Women and Children’s Hospital. The Manatí Medical Center has had a sustained growth period thanks to specialised services such as neurosurgery, interventional cardiology, and women’s health, among many others. It thrives through technological innovation, compassionate patient care, and its superb and modern facilities. One of the strengths of the Manatí Medical Center is the Department of Family Medicine that provides comprehensive care for the entire family, from the youngest to the elderly. Most of the hospital’s Family Medicine specialists have been trained in the prestigious Family Medicine Residency at Manatí Medical Center, which has been training new physicians for the last 31 years. This residency programme has been distinguished with multiple important awards, such as the ACGME and Arnold P. Gold Foundation, a distinction the programme received in February 2023, and recognises residency programmes that promote respect in patient care and support an environment for medical education based on humanism. In fact, Manatí Medical Center was recognised as the most humane hospital in the American nation. “We are more than proud to collaborate with a hospital that not only provides health services to patients, but also ensures that these services are offered respecting them as human beings and their diversity,” said Vielka Cintrón, MD, Corporate Director of Medical Education at the Hospital Group. She added that the humanist approach is an integral part of the training of Family Medicine specialists which has a direct impact on a patient’s care at the institution. The Manatí Medical Center is not only a community hospital, and now receives patients from all over Puerto Rico, as explained by Dr. Aracelis Nieves, Medical Director of the hospital: “Our fundamental pillar is the commitment to Puerto Rican families to offer excellent care based on the best medical practices.” Recently, in recognition of its commitment and dedication to its patients, Manatí Medical Center was awarded with the prestigious accolade of Most Dedicated Family Medicine Practice 2023 - Puerto Rico in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023. “Manatí Medical Center has achieved success and support from the community,” elaborates Vielka. “At Manatí Medical Center we ensure that our workforce is nourished by the best qualified professionals, with a great sense of responsibility and human warmth.” Contact Details Contact: Vielka Cintrón Company: Manatí Medical Center Web Address: Most Dedicated Family Medicine Practice 2023 - Puerto Rico Jul23651