Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 risk-based pricing; a turn-key digital solution focused on results; reduces trial costs and delays caused by inefficient data management, staffing, and software systems; and allows users to gain visibility, control, and confidence from trial design through database lock. Differentiation in such an industry is key, and Dr RodgersGamble and the team work to ensure they stay ahead at all times. Just a few of the firm’s unique selling points include: being proven to provide clinical trial services effectively; being a trusted source to meet clinical trial timelines; providing customised services unique to each client; collaborating with clients to develop innovative clinical trials; and offering educational opportunities to learn about clinical research. Recently, for its dedication to the sector of clinical research, Dr Rodgers-Gamble and CR Clinical gained notable recognition in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023, being named Best Clinical Research Services Provider 2023 – Pennsylvania. Understandably thrilled by this prestigious accolade, Dr RodgersGamble is committed to continuing to provide exceptional customised services to the clinical research industry. Client Reviews “The instructor is excellent and gives you a focused and detailed look into the day and the life of a CRA. Once you have completed this programme, not only will you be a fully competent entry level CRA, but you will also have an instructor that will work tirelessly to help you find a job in the field.” “CR Clinical is a clinical research education programme that I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking to pursue a career as a clinical research associate. The instructor is excellent and gives you a focused and detailed look into the day and the life of a CRA.” Contact: Dr Chardae Rodgers-Gamble Company: CR Clinical Web Address: