Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

68 GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 Headquartered in France, Neuro-Sys stands tall as a trailblazing organisation in the domain of pharmacology, specialising in advanced in vitro and in vivo models of neurodegenerative diseases, mode of action research, and drug development in the CNS and PNS fields. We find out more from the firm’s CEO, Yann Jaudouin, as it is named in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023. CNS/PNS Outsourcing & CRO of the Year 2023 - Europe ounded in 2013 to bridge a gap in contract research services targeting the central and peripheral nervous systems, Neuro-Sys’s core is powered by a dynamic ensemble of neuropharmacologists, physicians, and neurologists. With more than two decades of experience, NeuroSys caters to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, offering unparalleled insights into diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to rare diseases like Adrenoleukodystrophy and Lysosomal. The company’s bedrock values encompass relentless commitment to research and development, as it believes that the key to understanding the intricate mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases lies in constant innovation. “These values underscore our unyielding quest to not only comprehend the pharmacological intricacies of these ailments but also to develop pioneering models that reflect the realworld scenarios,” explains Yann Jaudouin, Chief Executive Officer of Neuro-Sys. “Such dedication has catalysed our success, enabling us to foster trust and lasting partnerships with our clientele.” In an industry teeming with competitors, the organisation’s unique blend of expertise and innovation positions it a cut above the rest. For example, its investment in state-of-theart equipment, tailored for its own automated platforms, offers unmatched advanced and consistent services. This, coupled with Neuro-Sys’s distinct platforms, such as in vitro, histology, and drug development, means it can guarantee unparalleled speed, robustness, and reproducibility in its outcomes. The research domain is riddled with challenges, Yann continues to tell us, the foremost being the dynamic nature of neurodegenerative diseases. To this end, Neuro-Sys’s preparation is rooted in its ethos of continual learning and evolution, and it believes in proactively staying abreast of advancements, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of discovery and innovation. “Our journey has been punctuated with constant evolutions,” Yann elaborates. “Recently, our in vitro department rolled out a novel robotic platform custom-made to our specifications, ensuring swiftness and precision. On the other hand, the in vivo department has upped the ante by integrating the best surgical and video tracking technologies, promising high-calibre results.” During this uncommon journey, perhaps Neuro-Sys’s most significant breakthrough has been the amalgamation of cuttingedge technology with scientific acumen. The in-house research initiatives, backed by the Scientific Advisory Board, have granted the firm a profound understanding of pathological pathways, positioning it as the trusted partner for many. To this end, Neuro-Sys recently gained further notable recognition for its dedication to the industry in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023, where it was rewarded with the prestigious accolade of CNS/PNS Outsourcing & CRO of the Year 2023 – Europe. And the future? Well, Neuro-Sys’s success trajectory shows no signs of abating. With a new facility, three times larger than its current one, set to become operational in 2024, the company is poised to amplify its research capabilities. This expansion will not only allow Neuro-Sys to undertake more customer studies concurrently but will also accentuate its R&D endeavours, reinforcing its commitment to spearheading innovations in neurodegenerative disease research. “Neuro-Sys is more than just an organisation; it’s a vision,” states Yann passionately. “A vision to unravel the complexities of neurodegenerative diseases and provide solutions that can change the course of medical history. As we continue our journey, we remain grateful for the trust placed in us by our partners and customers and are committed to maintaining the standard of research excellence that we have set for ourselves.” Contact Details Contact: Yann Jaudouin Company: Neuro-Sys Web Address: F Jul23558