Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023

GHP Healthcare & Pharma Awards 2023 Anita has seen many obstacles and challenges for the industry over the years she has been running Standout Medical Careers. Currently, she believes that one of the major challenges in the sector is the level of competition for roles, particularly as doctors advance through their careers. The number of training positions offered within medical specialty colleges each year can be far fewer than the number of applicants, and once doctors complete training, competition for fellow or consultant positions can be similarly challenging. “Due to the shortage of doctors in hospital and clinic environments, doctors are under even more pressure and stress so they have less time to spend on themselves. They are so busy that the only time they have to work on their career is between patients. My observation is that the doctors who do get ahead in their careers are the ones who know how to balance professional duties with managing their careers. They understand the benefits they will glean by doing this.” With competition for medical employment and training roles being so strong, it is essential that they have a CV that presents them in the best possible way. Anita helps doctors develop a CV and application documents such as cover letters that demonstrate the value they offer to the organisation they want to enter. Many doctors are now working in different ways to how they worked prior to Covid with many working remotely using telehealth, and with increased workloads adding to demands on their time to complete their CPD requirements. The Standout Career Development Workshop addresses their need to advance their career whilst meeting their CPD requirements to ensure ongoing registration to practice. Anita tells us more about when and why she established the organisation. “I launched Standout Medical Careers in April 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic was limiting everyone’s movements and access to education,” she begins. “I immediately offered free webinars to help doctors prepare for applications and interviews with a range of webinars on CV and interview skills development, career planning, developing a portfolio career with nonclinical roles, and LinkedIn for doctors.” As lockdowns and travel restrictions eased, Anita adapted again by presenting education sessions in hospitals and university clinical schools. Now, she continues to deliver her services using a blended approach so that she can help doctors and support doctors to move forward on their career path. Today, Anita strives to be the number one expert in medical career advice and to help as many doctors as possible to achieve dream roles and overcome their professional challenges. The company’s collaboration with MIGA helped by extending her services to many thousands of doctors Australia-wide in 2022 and 2023. Recently, in recognition of the firm’s commitment to the medical education sector, and for its support of ongoing CPD training, Standout Medical Careers was named Medical Career Management Service of the Year 2023 – Australia in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023. Whilst continuing to provide support to individual clients, the organisation is also continuing to build collaborations with hospitals and medical specialty colleges, as well as subspecialty interest groups. In addition to this, it is preparing to exhibit at the Leadership In Action Conference hosted by the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand and the WONCA 2023 World Conference hosted by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in Sydney (both in October). “These forums will be exciting opportunities to meet doctors and executive leaders in healthcare and to share information about our accredited Career Development Workshop and Executive Leadership Workshops which equip doctors to map their pathway to fulfilment in medicine and beyond!” Anita states passionately. “In 2024, we will be working to extend our reach to countries outside of Australasia, so if readers would like to speak to me about how this can work, don’t hesitate to reach out!” Contact: Anita Fletcher Company: Standout Medical Careers Email: [email protected] Web Address: