GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018

GHP / 2018 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 33 , Based in Burton upon Trent also with a newly open clinic in Derby the Unicare Group is a privately run medical centre aiming to offer its clients a one-stop shop for all their medical and aesthetic needs. Offering a range of solutions including private GP appointments, medicals and minor surgery as well as aesthetic and laser services, the team aims to provide high quality and customer focussed services ensuring all our services are affordability to all, as Tim emphasises in his initial comments. “In this existing complex health industry, our main focus is to ensure we provide best quality service. Dr Bammidi is able to give more time to our patients and clients and practice evidence based medical care. Our previous experiences suggested dealing with complex problems within 10 minutes in NHS is quite challenging. We sympathise with pressures within the health industry and aim to complement them by giving our clients as a minimum 30 minutes time slots with our doctors, which is more than they would receive normally, as well as easy appointments bookings at a time to suit our clients including late nights and Saturday mornings and all at affordable prices. Best Private GP Services 2018 – Staffordshire & Best Aesthetic Treatment Clinic 2018 – Staffordshire The Unicare Group is The Brainchild of Dr Vamsee Bammidi (Clinical Director) & TimBriers (MD) a privately run medical centre aiming to fulfil medical and cosmetic health needs of a range of clients. Having recently recognised the firm in our Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, we spoke to TimBriers to learnmore about the services it has to offer. “This service offering is in line with our mission: to provide customer focused, high quality service affordable to all, that is where our strap line ‘IT’S ALL ABOUT ‘U’’ came from. We ensure we have well trained efficient staff who are customer focussed and follow evidence based medical practice, and follow safe practice. The clinics are run efficiently and in a caring, empathetic manor. We cater services to all age groups and are a well led team, and as such we are able to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of almost everyone we have the privilege of supporting.” To ensure that clients receive the highest possible standards of service and cutting-edge treatments, the business aims to remain at the forefront of emerging healthcare market developments, as Tim is keen to highlight. “Operating in the fast-paced, ever evolving healthcare industry, at the Unicare Group we are constantly seeking to enhance our knowledge by researching new techniques and treatments, investing in courses and technology and ensuring that our practice continues to use up-to-date, evidence-based techniques, all enabling us to maintain our high standards. Time is of the essence in healthcare, and teaches the value of life. We want to make efficient use of the time of our patients and clients in this busy and competitive world and ensure their problems are addressed thoroughly and help them get back to their daily routine as quickly as possible. “As a small focussed management team, we are very adaptable to change and find a way forward through any new development. We are always open to evidence based new and innovative technology. Going forward, we aim to liaise with CCG and Consortia in the local area and hope to undertake enhanced services as NHS is forced to limit the treatments it offers, while the private sector is able to offer more aesthetic and innovative treatments that patients are willing to pay for. We are on par with NHS standards providing high quality medical care and other treatments, regulated by the Care Quality Commission.” As he looks to the future, Tim is optimistic that the Unicare Group can build upon its current success and enhance this, as he is proud to conclude. “Ultimately, we offer a unique solution, as there are very limited one stop shop services providing a wide variety of services in one place. The Unicare Group is the only businesses fulfilling that criteria currently, making us truly revolutionary. We have a successful model, which is not only being accepted by the local population but also by the local NHS GP services. Following the recent very successful opening of our second branch in Derby, our team is aiming to achieve further expansion into other midlands Towns & Cities and who knows maybe even further afield and we look forward to the opportunities and challenges this will offer us moving forward.” HP180030 Company: The Unicare Group Contact: Tim Briers Address: All Saints Court, 76 Branston Road, Burton on Trent, Staffs, DE14 3GP, UK Phone: 01283 260270 Email: [email protected] Website: