Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

28 GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , STILLE AB: Best Medical Device Company 2019 – Sweden & Best Surgical Imaging Table: STILLE imagiQ2™ STILLE AB is one of the oldest medical device companies in the world, providing high quality products for almost 180 years. As we offer an overview of a selection of this year’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards winners, we felt it was important to showcase the success this dynamic company has achieved since it beganmore than a century ago. Originally founded as a spin-off from Karolinska Institute in 1841, STILLE is now one of the oldest medical device companies in the world with a legacy of excellence behind it that has made it a key player in this competitive market. The firm’s Founder Albert Stille learned his craft from instrument maker C.F. Ponsbach. The Ponsbach family had a tradition of cutlery forging extending back to the 1700s, and from there, had taken the step to becoming skilled surgical instrument makers. Since the firm was founded at Karolinska hospital, it gained rapid recognition and interest from surgeons to collaborate in making better surgical instruments. In 1887 STILLE launched its first surgical table, with the first battery operated table was launched in the 1960s. The firm was a pioneer in the floating technology for mobile surgical tables, with its first true free float mobile table launched in the year 2000. Today, STILLE’s offering consists of a strong brand and products renowned for their superior quality. The firm manages its business in two distinct business areas: Surgical Instruments and Patient Positioning. In its Surgical Instruments business area, STILLE boast a complete offering of handcrafted, forged instrumentation for all fields of open surgery, with a special emphasis on cardiovascular surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. These quality instruments feature delicate design, industry leading durability and a unique feel, which has made STILLE a well-known and highly respected supplier by surgeons throughout the world. The STILLE surgical scissors boast blades can be separated and serviced, which guarantees the perfect cut that only STILLE provides, as opposed to other scissors that cannot be separated, which gather blood and other fluids in between the blades, affecting the quality of the cut. Since STILLE invented the first SuperCut-scissors back in 1982, many have attempted to imitate the design. But after three decades no other brand can measure up to the handmade craftsmanship of the SuperCut. One of the main features is the specially designed cutting surfaces. With one scissor blade and one knife blade the scissors cut smoothly and efficiently through soft tissue. A perfect cut. Every time. These solutions are designed to be used for decades, with many scissors sold in the 1990s still in use today, as testimony to their quality. Through its Patient positioning business area, the firm offers specialty tables for minimally invasive procedures, with pricing, safety and features optimized for both in and outpatient settings. The STILLE imagiQ2 surgical imaging table with its low-dose capabilities, is optimized for advanced mobile Hybrid OR settings as well as peripheral and interventional procedures. The Medstone line of surgical imaging tables, offer reliability and efficiency at affordable prices. In this area the STILLE imagiQ2 is the firm’s flagship product and premium table which has become the golden standard for endovascular and other interventional procedures due to its capabilities of optimizing dose while enhancing image quality and efficiency in the OR. This solution impressed the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards judges thanks to its ingenuity and focus on providing exceptional care for both patients and healthcare providers. The STILLE imagiQ2 surgical imaging table was launched in 2012, with sales starting in 2013. The table set new low-dose standards and started a trend within the mobile surgery business where the focus went from only a mobile C-arm business, to a mobile / flexible “solution” that included a table with better