Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 31 , Health Economics and Outcomes Research Ltd. diagnosis to death). For example, the majority of costs associated with diabetes relate to managing the costs of diabetes-related complications – therapy costs are a relatively small component of the whole disease costs. Seeking to disrupt this model, HEOR are developing whole-disease models that capture lifetime costs and health outcomes. This will enable healthcare decision makers to better understand the lifetime burden of diseases and fully appreciate the potential benefits associated with optimal disease management strategies. Looking to the future, this will remain the organisation’s ongoing focus, and there are a number of approaches to data- visualisation that represent real opportunities to communicate the value of whole disease management to a broad range of stakeholders. Whether it relates to the analysis of real-world data, clinical trials or the output from economic models, HEOR is currently working on providing interactive tools that enable complex patterns within data and disease model output to be interrogated in real-time. This will help to bring the firm’s analysis to life and ensure its research output is as impactful and insightful as possible. Ultimately, this will help HEOR to achieve its mission: to provide globally relevant insight into the value associated with optimal disease management strategies. Importantly, value means different things to different stakeholders, and therefore the firm’s research needs to reflect this. For example, national policy makers are interested in strategies that maximise population level health; local decision makers are often focused on managing demand within fixed healthcare budgets; while clinicians and patients seek improved health outcomes with minimal side effects. Consequently, it is important that HEOR continues to present its research output in a way that is meaningful to stakeholders to help ensure the implications of health economic decision making is understood across the continuum of a disease and its management. Every future development for the firm will be focused on achieving this to ensure the company remains a key player in this vital sector moving forward. Company: Health Economics and Outcomes Research Ltd. Contact: Phil McEwan Website: Twitter: @HEOR_Ltd