Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 35 , Medi-Immune Ltd. an immune response, delivering long-term protection alongside that of immediate protection. Throughout the last four years, Medi-Immune has developed prototypes into lightweight, battery-powered, wearable examples. In vitro performance testing, carried out at Public Health England in Porton Down, confirmed performance which matched with predicted results, and the company were able to move on to in vivo trials. The in vivo trials were designed to demonstrate the device’s ability to deliver superior protection from airborne pathogens against existing filtered systems. These trials also confirmed that an immune response was initiated. The use of the device prevents infection from known pathogens and will prove uniquely effective in an environment with an infectious level of currently unknown pathogens. These test results represent a massive and radical shift in the field immunology and protection from as-yet unknown airborne pathogens. Medi-Immune and ProtectivAir® promise to be useful tools in supplementing and complementing existing vaccine developments for years to come, especially with the potential development of a new airborne pathogen. In addition to the instant protection that the device offers against new mutations, the underlying technology can also be utilised in existing stable environments. Where patients with compromised immune systems require protection, ProtectivAir® will also prove an invaluable and important tool. Recently, there has been exciting development, testing and modelling to allow ProtectivAir® to be installed and used within a cabin environment during transportation, initially in automobiles, to enhance existing air handling systems to protect and help prevent transmission of airborne infections amongst those travelling. Future development could help protect against diseases that can travel internationally aboard aircraft, Medi-Immune is always developing the potential for this ground- breaking new technology Ultimately, what makes Medi-Immune a success is their unwavering ability to create new and innovative technology that can protect everyone from an unseen threat. By creating wearable technology that offers both immediate and long-term protection against new and old airborne pathogens alike, this company are changing the way science looks at immunisation and viral protection for good. Company: Medi-Immune Ltd. Contact: John Willcocks Email: [email protected] Website: