2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards 17 g WISDOM in Your Life communities can also be ‘stuck’ in parts of ‘the map’. Facilitating a suicide prevention program, I showed an Aboriginal Elder ‘the map’ who, with tears in his eyes, said ‘how does someone so young have so much Wisdom in their life?”, hence our business name. His nephew, Shaun Nannup came to work with me in 2002, fifteen years later we formalised this relationship and became business partners. ALL our profits go to healing generational trauma, caused through colonisation that has impacted Aboriginal cultures all around the world. Shaun is a leading and sought after story teller/speaker, he speaks several times a week and you can view some of them online, including a TEDx talk on Freedom. In 2005 Dr Beth Jackson undertook a Psychology Doctoral thesis on ‘the map’, she discovered over 30 psychological theories within ‘the map’. The complex was within the simple. I always knew there was an underlaying pattern to the simple visual concepts, but couldn’t explain this. While pursuing a PhD, I discovered this pattern was quantum chaos, an energy pattern that connects everyone and everything, which includes infinite dimensions across time and space. As quantum chaos was so amorphous and complex to understand I developed Realm Theory– a coherent theory of life, derived from philosophy, based on scientific principles and laws of physics, applied and operationalised for human beings which structured and organised quantum chaos. Realm Theory became a framework to teach from. Since 1999, Roslyn continued working with Australian Aboriginals, especially Elders and realised they understood this pattern implicitly, and for 50,000+ years, shared this through story, song, art, dance and language. In addition, Elders minds were developed well beyond what we believe is possible, or they have Quantum Chaotic Consciousness. Our Leaders without Borders program, teaches Quantum Chaotic Consciousness, in seven week-long blocks over three years, an entirely unique and specialised program that requires three paradigm shifts in consciousness: 1. From an independent viewpoint to an embedded experience; 2. From a single frame of reference to three simultaneous frames of reference; and 3. Consideration of the negative space. Imagine leaders having quantum chaotic consciousness, combined with their substantive industry knowledge, what could be achieved for their industry, the wider community and the world. Leaders with an expanded consciousness also have greater insight into how the intangibles impact the culture of the organisation and have the power to see more paths for the evolution of the company, their staff and themselves. Leaders without Borders will commence in late 2021, when our borders are open. Finally, we also teach health professionals how to treat mental illness and teach individuals how to heal their minds, plus we have take-home kits, books and charts all based on Realm Theory. Company: WISDOM in Your Life Contact: Roslyn Snyder Web Address: www.wisdominyourlife.com.au

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