2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

18 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20078 Most InnovativeMesotherapy Beauty Product 2020: Revitalize & Best Aesthetic Dermal Filler 2020: My Filler Based in Budapest, Hungary, MyMed is a technology driven provider of state-of-the-art aesthetic dermal fillers andmesotherapy products. My Filler is one of the brand’s top selling products, as a revolutionary cross linked filler to create long-lasting results. Now, with their range of fillers continually growing and the firm’s international recognition similarly expanding, we decided to find out more about these award-winning products and the forward- thinking organisation behind it. For several years, My Med has been a manufacturer and supplier of professional aesthetic dermal fillers and mesotherapy products. Technology driven by a team of conscientious and empowered professionals, the Budapest- based company is constantly looking to develop so as to deliver ‘new life to skin’, helping clients to feel beautiful and self-confident. Providing a range of products and services, My Med is this year being recognised for its best- selling dermal filler products. My Filler is a hyaluronic acid-based filler, which uses a special crosslinking technology to boost its performance, facilitating greater longevity and moisture retention in the skin. The professionalism and hard work have made an impact on My Med’s great success helping My Filler achieve the ‘Best Product of the Year’ award in 2019. This year, the My Filler range was expanded even further, beginning with the addition of My Filler ‘Glips’, a filler for lip treatments, My Filler ‘Man Max’, a filler treatment tailored to the unique requirements of men’s skin. And the Revitalize Family has also been expanded with important products firstly with My Filler ‘Revitalize Booster’, a special Epidermal Grow Factor that gives a super boost to mesotherapy treatments. Furthermore, it has also released Revitalize Hair product for the prevention, re-densification, and stimulation of hair follicles on eyebrows and head, and Revitalize White Skin, a skin whitening serum. As a medical device, My Filler have been verified and certified by numerous associations and medical bodies around the world, assuring the authenticity and safety of the range. My Med takes great pride in their certification by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità from Italy (CE 0373), indicating that My Med products are properly tested and inspected, putting them way ahead of other products on the market, particularly poor imitations of the My Filler range. As the aesthetic medicine sector is seeing rapid growth, with new brands of hyaluronic and similar fillers emerging on a daily basis, My Filler is working hard gaining positions and becoming one of the worldwide market top’s brand. Moreover, My Filler has been created with the vision to empower patients, giving new life to the skin so as to inspire self- confidence and self-appreciation. My Med works with clients to build a relationship of trust and to learn how they can improve their offerings. As a result, customers and patients of My Filler boast unrivalled satisfaction with 98% stating that they would only use My Filler products for their next treatment. Meanwhile, aesthetic medical professionals trust My Filler products, choosing to use them on a daily basis in their practices, and not just in response to growing interest and demands of patients. My Med continues to explore new avenues through which it can expand its range of products even further, and their development team is committed to constantly learning, improving, and asking for clients’ and doctors’ feedback so that they can adapt and grow. In addition, the My Med team itself is also growing to support the firm’s expansion, recruiting likeminded individuals who share My Med’s vision for increasing the horizons of aesthetic medicine and spreading the sense of positive wellbeing these cosmetic procedures have the capacity to instil in patients. Roberto Caldeira, CEO of My Med, has been working since day one across the teams and departments to ensure the sustainability and stability of this growth. Whether it be participating in sales processes, making plans and calculations, engaging with consultations with doctors, distributors and the development team, Roberto is personally invested in the smooth running of his company, working closely with his employees to deliver products that they can be proud of.

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