2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 35 , Most Innovative Primary Care Patient Booking Solution (UK): Babblevoice Babblevoice is here to disrupt the traditional business phone systemmodels, doing away with onerous and lengthy fixed-term contracts to introduce a flexible, cost-effective system designed to benefit users. Constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-developing needs of the changeable UK health sector, Babblevoice is dedicated to offer the most innovative features tomake the lives of doctors and administrative staff that much easier. Babblevoice is a free-to-use business phone system, created by a small UK-based company dedicated to serving the NHS and primary care patients and staff. Babblevoice offers surgery specific features such as queue management, triage, prescription services, call recording and real-time and historical reporting, and can be integrated with clinical software to offer automated appointment booking, screen popping and click-to-dial. A cloud-based telephone system that is flexible, feature-rich, easy- to-use, cost-effective and, most importantly, has no contracts, Babblevoice has already improved patient access and satisfaction across the country. With a transparent pricing policy and no fixed-term contracts, Babblevoice prides itself on being unlike any other surgery-specific telephone system. While many surgeries are coerced into lengthy and onerous contracts that are poor value, Babblevoice users are able to start and stop using the system whenever they want, without notice, and can add or remove handsets without any costs or penalties. Therefore, Babblevoice users only ever use Babblevoice because they want to and never because they are contractually obliged to, instead charged only for what they use. There are no maintenance, support or license fees and absolutely no hidden charges. In this way, Babblevoice has curated a commercial model that has made the traditional telephone contract model outdated and obsolete, at the same time as dramatically reducing surgery costs overall. The Babblevoice team also takes Sep20035 pride in the sufficient redundancy in their innovative telephone infrastructure, which guarantees outstanding 99.95% availability. Created for surgeries, the Babblevoice team regularly communicates with surgery staff to see how they can improve their services. Having built Babblevoice from scratch and knowing the intricate details of the system, the dynamic team is able to quickly adapt their system, implementing recommendations made by any of their surgeries, and if it is deemed universally beneficial, implementing these changes across all Babblevoice surgeries, free of charge. In what can only be described as a turbulent and taxing period for the NHS, Babblevoice is taking even greater pains than previously thought possible to adapt their systems to serve users as effectively as possible, whilst remaining compliant with the continually evolving political and health landscapes. Fortunately, prior to the global pandemic, Babblevoice was already suited to working from home technology and hot-desking, supporting video consultations that require a patient to use only their smartphone to see and be seen by their doctor. Meanwhile, as clinicians and administrators are now working from home, Babblevoice software can be installed on user laptops and smartphones to turn them into telephone extensions of the surgery phone systems. As the needs of the NHS and primary care patients and staff continue to evolve, Babblevoice is working hard to evolve accordingly. As such, the team is implementing new features to support networks of surgeries (PCNs) and commissioning groups (CCGs), including ‘load balancing’ which is moving calls from one surgery to another at busy times, disaster recovery, business continuity, real-time and historical reporting and modern call centres for prescription requests or appointment booking. With this ground-breaking but easy- to-use technology, Babblevoice is revolutionising the administrative aspects of a vital sector facing unprecedented times. As those on the frontlines of the pandemic continue their lifesaving works, Babblevoice is committing all their efforts to providing them crucial support through innovation and technology. Babblevoice Contact Details: Contact: Antoine Lever Company: Babblevoice Website: www.babblevoice.com

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