2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 41 , Best Generic Pharmaceuticals Exporter – UK HNS Pharma is a leader in Global Pharmaceutical Exports, acting as a sourcing house by utilising a carefully selected portfolio of suppliers and manufacturers of pharmaceutical products across each continent. We speak to the MD about navigating the Covid-19 storm and the bright future that lies ahead. Nilen Patel is the Managing Director of HNS Pharma, based in London. He tells us more about the company and its offering. “At HNS, our role is to supply our export customers with pharmaceutical products that may be unlicensed, unavailable or in shortage, otherwise known as emergency medicines within their market,” he states. “We work to mainly supply governmental organisations such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence, Armed Forces, Governmental Hospitals and Institutions in over 45 countries worldwide.” “We have licenses issued by the UK MHRA and Home Office to supply Branded, Generic and OTCmedicines including cold-chain, vaccines, blood derivatives and controlled narcotics. Ultimately, our goal is to maintain the largest database of pharmaceuticals in order to provide our customers with a complete pharmaceutical purchasing solution.” HNS understands that each market has a different set of requirements, therefore it splits its sales force into sub-teams which focus on individual territories, with each team specialising in the markets in which it operates and understanding the typical category of products required, spending power/budgets, core customer values, export documentation and general market intelligence. “Our greatest success is our reputation. Within the eight years Sep20569 of trading, HNS has grown to be one of the leaders in its field. Our company is known within purchasing departments within government organisations across the globe and is known for its unrivalled sourcing abilities, reliability and speed.” It is the company’s super-fast turnaround that is HNS’s unique selling point and, along with a high-quality customer service and price guarantee, helps set it aside from competitors. “When supplying emergency medicines, we understand that time is of the essence and we are able to fast-track these orders through the supply chain to reach patients in urgent care as quickly as possible. Our strong reputation makes myself and my team extremely proud and the feeling of hearing constant positive feedback regarding the company and its staff is a real buzz.” Despite recent turbulent times, HNS has become an approved supplier to UNICEF which works in more than 190 countries and territories to reach the most disadvantaged children and adolescents. “This is a huge and exciting feat for a young and growing business like ours,” enthuses Nilen. “We will continue to build and develop our relationship with the UN and its individual agencies moving forwards. “However, the past eight months have been a challenge during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic. HNS is fortunate to be poised to aid struggling markets in the supply of emergency medicines to combat the global magnitude of this virus. We are extremely proud to have helped in the supply of PPE and supportive medicines to over 15 countries and continue to support the fight against COVID. We now eagerly await the release of an approved vaccine and will be sure to play an important role in its global distribution.” As important as its customers are to us, Nilen explains that HNS’s suppliers are just as vital to the business and help to ensure its continued success. “Our team is constantly in communication with ground- breaking manufacturers around the world just itching to get their hands on the newest emerging medicines. We help the manufacturers to increase sales and push these drugs into new markets and territories allowing them to focus on what they do best!” “Looking ahead, our future is bright. HNS is currently in discussions with a big-name manufacturer to register several products and become the official distributor within an export market. This partnership will put us on the map within the industry and open new doors with many more like-minded manufacturers.” Contact Details: Contact: Nilen Patel Company: HNS Pharma Limited Website: www.hnspharma.co.uk Arab Health Exhibition – January 2020 – Dubai World Trade Centre HNS Pharma Limited

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