2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

82 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Leading Innovators in Bowel Management Solutions 2020 – UK& GHP Excellence Award for Healthcare Professional Support 2020 Established in2015, RenewMedicalUKis amedical devicecompanyspecialising inthedevelopment andsupplyof bowelmovementsproducts. Aswinners inGHP’sHealthcare&PharmaceuticalAwards thisyear,weprofile thefirmto takea lookathowtheir innovationandpassionhavehelped todevelop innovative solutions to improve the livesof people livingwithbowel problems. Bowel care is an essential area of patient care, but unfortunately is frequently overlooked and under-resourced. For someone experiencing problems with bowel management, it’s important to find the right help and support, not only to treat the problem at hand, but to improve the persons quality of life and their physical and mental state. Leading the way in bowel care is Renew Medical UK, a rapidly growing medical device company which specialises in the development and supply of bowel management products. The company was created with the aim of improving the lives of people who suffer with bowel control and management issues and over the last five years Renew Medical UK have helped thousands of people to regain control of their bowel conditions with their range of innovative and easy to use products, which are available on their website and through the NHS. In January of this year Renew Medical UK acquired Aquaflush Medical Limited, a UK based supplier of stoma products and irrigation systems, and in September they launched The Aquaflush Self Retaining Cone (SRC), a trans-anal irrigation Aug20673 solution, which is their most significant and ground-breaking product to date. Renew Medical UK continually invest in research, new product development and commercial partnerships to ensure they provide long-term value for both the patients and healthcare professionals. They also offer a range of services for people looking for advice and guidance on managing their condition as-well as a dedicated team of professionals supporting people as they begin using the Renew products through the Renew Care Programme. This personal approach allows Renew Medical UK to make adaptions to their products to ensure they can be used as effectively as possible and improve the patient’s condition. This year has not been without its challenges, and Covid-19 has caused interruption to their new acquisition of Aquaflush Medical Limited, however Renew Medical Limited continued to focus on ensuring that their patients and healthcare professionals received vital support through this difficult period. They have continued to work closely with the NHS to guarantee their most vulnerable patients received clinical support whether that be face-to-face or virtually. RenewMedical UK Looking ahead to what the future holds, Renew Medical UK have a ton of exciting and significant product and service developments plans for 2021 and 2022, which we will have to wait in anticipation for! Overall, the company are going from strength to strength and their passion, dedication and innovation are at the heart of everything they do, and Renew Medical UK will continue to service their patients and healthcare professionals with the most cutting edge bowel management solutions for many years to come. Contact Details: Contact: Debbie Gordon Company: Renew Medical UK Web Address: www.renew-medical.uk

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