Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 25 , A discreet medical aesthetic clinic inMarlow, Appearance BasedMedicine specialises in bespoke, non-surgical procedures. We find out more about the company and its ethos for providing safe, reliable treatments for consistently excellent results. Clare McLoughlin, Founder of Appearance Based Medicine, focuses on working with older people to make them feel beautiful as they age, and making both women (and men) feel empowered with subtle, yet noticeable, enhancements to their features. As a registered nurse for the last 30 plus years, Clare is committed to maintaining her training and qualifications for the benefit of her patients. On top of the general nurse registration, she has gained industry recognition for her advanced qualifications in the field of medical aesthetics and is a sought-after aesthetic trainer, both in the UK and internationally. “I focus on working with an older clientele,” Clare begins, telling us about her work. “The people who are looking for serious, committed treatment plans where I can spend the time working with them to get the best possible results and a natural-looking, flawless transformation.” Clare also sits on the advisory board of Save Face, the national register of accredited practitioners who provide non- surgical cosmetic treatments. Her extensive medical knowledge and experience means that Appearance Based Medicine Jul21367 can provide a service that goes beyond simple treatments as Clare’s duty of care extends to mental and emotional wellbeing too, all of which begins from the moment a client contacts the clinic. “I maintain a relationship with all of my clients,” she explains. “This is to achieve the best possible results for them and treat their treatment plan as a journey to sustainable results, rather than a pit stop with no longevity.” Over the past few years, the aesthetics industry has grown and continues to grow massively, this has posed a problem for Clare as it means that anyone can get treatments or fillers done on any street corner and it is becoming increasingly dangerous for people who risk having only short-term results, or worse, having bad reactions to treatments due to underqualified practitioners. “It’s so important to know all of the contraindications before undergoing a procedure and knowing where the extra money you’re paying takes you - to a qualified professional who puts your safety and health first. I always make sure I am upfront with my clients and give them honest and reliable advice on what treatments to get - I have no problem saying no to a treatment if I don’t think it will be right for them!” It is Clare honest approach and experience in the industry which has solidified her reputation for excellence, and she has built up an incredible portfolio of clients reflecting how reliable her results really are. She is also committed to staying at the forefront of the latest technological advances within the sector to ensure that she is always up to date with new procedures. “I am always looking at investing in new machines and testing that by asking my clients and followers on social media what THEY want to see in the clinic,” she elaborates. “I am fully committed to renewing my knowledge on aesthetic medicine wherever I can.” Skin Rejuvenation Specialists of the Year - Buckinghamshire Recently, she was awarded the prestigious accolade of Skin Rejuvenation Specialists of the Year – Buckinghamshire, a clear reflection on how her work ethics precede her. Building on the success of her achievements, the future for Clare and Appearance Based Medicine is looking bright. “I’m very excited about a number of partnerships I am taking part in. With my new web shop live as well, I have the opportunity to share the brands I love and can recommend them to my clients.” Contact: Clare McLoughlin Company: Appearance Based Medicine Web Address: