Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 35 , Based in Leipzig, the municipal company Städtische Altenpflegeheime Leipzig is committed to providing a caring and supportive environment for both its residents and its employees. We speak to Steven Kloß and find out more about the company’s unique approach. With its 10 facilities across the city of Leipzig, the Städtische Altenpflegeheime Leipzig gemeinnützige GmbH (Städtische Altenpflegeheime Leipzig) is not only a home for more than 1,100 seniors, but also offers jobs for roughly 1,200 employees and trainees. As a 100% subsidiary of Leipzig, Städtische Altenpflegeheime Leipzig is committed to the citizens of the city. Profits that it achieves through its workflow directly into charitable projects and thus back to all Leipzigers. “Our offers are always geared to regional needs,” explains Head of IT and Occupancy, Steven Kloß. “Some of the history of our facilities dates back to the 12th century. Since then, our houses have undergone many social changes, but one thing that has always been preserved for the city of Leipzig, the care of those in need. The fact that we have been guaranteeing caring care for 800 years now makes us one of the most historic carriers in Germany. However, we never rested and will never rest, but continue to strive to further develop the care in the future with our experience in the sense of the seniors entrusted to us and to spare neither costs nor efforts.” The facilities of Städtische Altenpflegeheime Leipzig are firmly entwined within the community and there are many joint activities which take place with its neighbours, including schools, daycare centres, Jul21491 churches, senior citizens’ offices, pharmacies and much more, and the company offers regular excursions, events and seasonal parties. However, the health of its employees is also of utmost importance to Städtische Altenpflegeheime Leipzig. “With the same essential importance, we also see the satisfaction of our employees,” elaborates Steven. “That is why we offer our employees various opportunities to qualify professionally and to take on a specialist role within their field.” The company fully supports its employees with numerous measures to ensure positive wellbeing, such as massages at the workplace, fitness rooms, free fruit and water, comprehensive cooperation with various sports clubs and our therapy practices. In addition, it also stands by their sides in personal life crises. Another important pillar for its sovereignty is to present the greatest possible transparency of all of its corporate activities, in order to instil trust. Not only does Städtische Altenpflegeheime Leipzig publish its annual reports online so they are available for the outside world to see, but it also publishes its own company newspaper, “LebenSnAH”, which all seniors and their relatives receive free of charge. Internally, the employees receive regular printed newsletters from the management and are therefore also informed directly and at any time about the company’s activities. “As part of their participation, our employees, seniors and their relatives can then discuss decisions with us in a targeted manner and influence our development.” Städtische Altenpflegeheime Leipzig is all for giving people chances and, having recently experienced a downturn in the availability of skilled workers, it annually offers around 40 young people the opportunity to start an apprenticeship with the company and then switch to permanent employment with it afterwards. “For us, this is an important investment in the future, which we deliberately reward with good training salaries. Wherever possible, we try to use our own forces, whether in our care or therapy areas, kitchens, technical services or in cleaning.” The company has set many standards that have helped it gain notoriety throughout Germany, for example its houses are built, renovated and equipped according to the latest, most up-to-date facilities. In the nursing process, too, it implements current scientific findings within its care and care concepts and multiplies them into the daily work of various internal groups. “Our internal quality management strives to advance the development scientifically and evaluably. By centralizing our administrative processes at one location, we create an efficient and narrow bureaucracy, bundle the experience of our locations and support the Most Dedicated Elderly Care Service - Saxony management of everyday processes from our central administration. We implement large innovation projects with experience and thus continue to develop the overall quality of all areas of the company continuously, comprehensibly and unerringly.” Recently the firm was bestowed with the title of Most Dedicated Elderly Care Service – Saxony in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021, and with such dedication to the cause, it’s easy to see why. Regarding the future, Städtische Altenpflegeheime Leipzig is working on many promising projects, including the construction of a village for the elderly which will create a ‘village- lifestyle’ with a safe framework for those living with dementia. “Through this innovative and needs-based care option in the care landscape, we would like to meet the ever-increasing need for a dignified and well-cared for life.” Contact: Steven Kloß Company: Städtische Altenpflegeheime Leipzig gGmbH Web Address: