Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

36 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21494 NANDIKA8 is a company with a long-standing family tradition. Engaged in the development, preparation, production and sale of 100%natural and vibrational energy certified products intended for the natural strengthening of the immune system. NANDIKA8 holistic food preparations are excellent support for the regeneration and recovery of our bodies. Most Innovative Holistic Nutrition Supplements Producer - Europe Du š an Portatis-Kova č , founder and owner of NANDIKA8, is a researcher, innovator and great nature admirer. Ten years ago, he embarked on a special mission where he combined his basic profession and passion for culinary perfection, a love of herbs and a heritage entrusted to him by spiritual masters from East and West. The result of his research was special herbal blends that offered people something new - food that acts as a medicine and a medicine that acts as food - known as NANDIKA8 holistic nutritional preparations. NANDIKA8 preparations are a real living food for every cell in the body, for all people and at all stages of life. They contain 100% natural extracts of wild herbs, medicinal mushrooms, fruits and vegetables and combine knowledge with the latest findings in pharmacy, herbalism, Western medicine, quantum physics, traditional discoveries of Persian alchemists and Eastern approach to healing, with confidential recipes of Dean Ivan Mozet. famous Slovenian herbalist father A šič. “At NANDIKA8, we are the first and only in the world to use the latest technology and a unique method of preparation to combine medically recognised medicinal mushrooms, Ayurvedic herbs and indigenous Slovenian and European herbs into unique preparations rich in active ingredients and nutrients at the same time,’’ Du š an - the founder of the company - explains. NANDIKA8 products are unique, top-quality natural nutritional preparations that have been processed with a special procedure of quantum live food information. Those contain unique and rich proportions of medicinal ingredients, flavours and nutrients unmatched by any other combination in the world, designed to comprehensively support and promote physical and mental health, promote self- healing of the organism and raise the overall level of vitality. Being 100% natural food supplements means NANDIKA8 products contain pure concentrates of wild herbs, spices, medicinal mushrooms, fruits and vegetables that are completely free of unnecessary additives to prolong shelf life, no added colours, no added fillers, no genetically modified ingredients, no added flavour enhancers and are equipped with pure energy vibration and captured in a unique MIRON violetglass packaging. The top-quality biophotonic violetglass not only preserves everything that is good in NANDIKA8 unique products, but also prolongs their usefulness and preserves and enhances the energy vibration of each of the products. The strong energy effect of NANDIKA8 products was also confirmed by the world-renowned BION Institute which, as the only manufacturer of food supplements in the world, awarded NANDIKA8 with certificate of the energy impact of its products on the human body with information of pure consciousness – Energy nutrient. At NANDIKA8, we believe that with regular consuming of our products you can increase your own energy level in a completely natural way. In natural food preparations NANDIKA8, you will feel the secret of carefully preserved records thousands of years old, about the preparation of selected nutrients that strengthen the soul, heart and body. Our ancestors passed on the tradition of preparing 100% natural holistic nutrition food preparations to dedicated people from generation to generation. Such a tradition was also received by Du š an-Portatis Kova č and includes carefully guarded ancient wisdom of preparation. Now, the company has a global vision as well as the potential to take on a leading position, creating a totally new category in the field of food supplements with high vibration which enables users of its unique products to raise their own body energy on a higher level in a holistic and natural way. NANDIKA8 is a company with the main purpose of contributing to make it possible a more just and safer access to natural healthy holistic food preparations with the energy impact on the human body with information of pure consciousness – Energy nutrient for more people in more places. NANDIKA8 warmly say hello to our future partners who are close to our values of love, truth, justice, respect, non-violence, 100% natural, locally sourced, vegetarian an vegan friendly and no animal origin ingredients, without any additives (free of), sustainable, zero waste… to become a part of the NANDIKA8 global successful story. NANDIKA8 is initiating a change in nutritional and food supplements to make their holistic nutritional products available anywhere, to anybody. Great challenges take time and we invite all interested agents, distributors and affiliate partners- who wants to help people, animals, plants, environment and whole planet Earth to join us directly through our affiliate marketing platform Nine Sun Dimensions Club on following link: index.php?route=account/login or contact us at [email protected] NANDIKA8 will continue its successful global story of the EXPO 2020 international exhibition in Dubai in February 2022. You are invited to visit from 7th to 13th February 2022 at their exhibition booth in the Slovenian pavilion. Contact: Du š an Portatis-Kova č Company: NANDIKA8 Web Address: Nine Sun Dimensions Club for Affiliated Partners: index.php?route=account/login Contact for Affiliate Partners: [email protected]