Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 55 , Future Health Innovations is a unique and dynamic in-person event for the global healthcare industry which takes place at ExCeL in London in partnership with UKIHMA (International HealthManagement Association). It provides the opportunity for professionals from the world of health to connect, meet buyers and partake in cross border purchasing, education and deal making. Future Health Innovations’ award- winning annual conference event has long been the company’s flagship, bringing in more than 4,500 attendees from more than 80 different countries over two days each year. Against the backdrop of more than 20 years of working within the international B2B events industry and building on the contacts made during that time with global government officials, heads of state and ministers, the springboard to the digital age was however a natural progression for Future Health founder and director, Dawn Barclay-Ross. She identified before the COVID-19 pandemic the need to bring together healthcare buyers and VIP sellers, procurement officers, government officials, and ministers of health together, online. The onset of the global pandemic brought those ideas to the fore, and the project was quickly completed, resulting in the launch of Future Health’s unique AI-powered web platform, Future Health 365 in April 2021. Starting in the UK, the conference series has been launched worldwide in all key territories, including Asia, India, Latin America, the CIS, the Middle East and Africa, offering Jul21711 free access to CPD-qualifying education to any healthcare professional anywhere in the world. Perfectly complemented by the Health Week digital conference series, Future Health propelled itself on the world’s stage with rapturous applause. Collaboration with global government officials, the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is proof in itself that the world is ready for online digital collaborations. A unique digital platform powered by AI, it brings buyers and sellers together securely from all corners of the world at the touch of a button and on the go via phone, laptop or smart device. Education, collaboration and deal making at the user’s disposal. Classless transactions, without borders, without the inherent traditional cost and immigration implications of travel. With the flagship event spearheading the penetration into the global medical device and medical technology market, Future Health has also positioned itself as a reliable source for the supply of PPE and vaccines worldwide. Collaboration at the highest level with heads of states, ministers of health, buyer mandates and, on the other hand, manufacturers of medical equipment, medical devices, medical technology and COVID-19 response supplies has become the nucleus of the success of Future Health and its global operations. Health professionals, procurement professionals and government officials who desperately need supplies for their citizens around the world have been unable to trade due to restrictions on international travel. They can now access innovative products digitally, and buyers can meet sellers from the comfort of their smart device. This means that savings that would otherwise be spent on travel can be redirected to budgets better spent on purchasing much-needed health equipment, medical devices, technology, PPE, and vaccines. While Future Health’s digital offering has been very well received, that’s not to say that its flagship event will be replaced by the digital platform and conferences. To date, the company is honoured to have been able to work with many new VIP officials from the government, the World Health Organisation and various blue chip and SMEs. It is delighted to Best Annual International Health Exhibition and Conference 2021 have been able to open up the capacity for health professionals to educate, trade and obtain vital equipment and supplies for citizens. Future Health is extremely unique in its offering. While there are many virtual conferences, both in the UK and around the world, there is much more to offer at Future Health than just one conference. It is also free to attend, free to earn CPD points, and there is no charge for participation on the digital platform. Company: Future Health Innovations Contact: Dawn Barclay-Ross Email: [email protected] Web: